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  1. dark2-


    At the beginning of a new month, someone from the Contributor group will post a topic providing a summary for discussions that were discussed in the Contributor section during the previous month. This is to allow the community to be more informed and have a better understanding of the Contributor group. If you have any concerns or suggestions that you would like to be brought to the attention of the Contributor group, feel free to message any of the Contributors.


    You can find our previous logs here.


    Concluded Discussions

    These topics are concluded and are no longer being discussed. If you have any concerns about the conclusion of these topics, feel free to send a message and I'll see what I can do to help you.


    Appeal against decisions to block xat access in Turkey


    xat.com is currently blocked in Turkey due to their government's social media laws. A member of the group suggested xat admins try to appeal the block via the Turkish legal process. This may help boost the number of Turkish users on the website. xat Admins have now been contacted, but as we thought the process is likely to be too risky and costly, so it is very doubtful the idea will proceed further.


    Ongoing Discussions

    These topics are currently ongoing. If you would like to offer feedback and/or suggestions, feel free to send me a message, and I'd be happy to convey it to the rest of the group. You can also post a comment if you would like to offer feedback and/or suggestions.


    Annual xat Feedback form


    A discussion has been opened in the Contributors group about user feedback, following xLaming's recent topic in the Suggestions section. Initial ideas at this stage include creating a survey to obtain general comments about xat, and then creating a balance sheet and analyzing statistics from the results. Currently, there is a Google Form on Feedback chat linked within their bot's autowelcome message for users to provide constructive feedback or suggestions, but this new survey could be much more expanded and ask for general opinions as well as ideas to improve xat. This survey could be open for a trial period of time and eventually be closed if it does not work as intended. A key message would be that users' responses will be used to help Contributors better represent xat communities and eventually will be transferred to xat Admins upon positive review by Contributors.


    Adding new audies to xat


    Last month, a member of the group suggested we add more audies to the xat audies list. Audies are sound effects on the chat that can be added to messages, e.g. #explosion. The current list of audies has not changed for a long time, and new audies could freshen things up. It was also suggested to add a sounds tab to the user dialogue menu (opened via the 8-ball icon on chats), which allows previews for sounds. The discussion is continuing.


    Help chats on auto-promotion


    It was proposed that either all help chats should be eligible for auto-promotion, provided they are active and well managed, or all help chats should be removed from auto-promotion. This change would be for fairness reasons, although one Contributor suggested communities should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis rather than making a broad decision for all. The possibility of banner advertisements to promote specific chats was also raised, thanks to Bob_'s idea in April's Monthly Log. Our discussion is ongoing.


  2. 12 hours ago, Dallas said:

    Please consider making the bot name stay true to the "Game" name. I'd suggest: CPU as it's an actual bot/CPU. You can do a coding type avatar, or anything really to do with games, doesn't even have to be technical. It's just weird to see a tiktok person as a bot.

    Every month, a humorous display status is added to the bot, and listed in the history page, and after it's used for the month, it's generally never used again. In the past, a similar status, "Command Prompt" was used in a similar fashion that you suggested, and I really like your suggestion "CPU" with the specifics you provided, and will be happy to use it for the month of July! As for the current display, that was what I had decided to use for the month of June, and a couple months prior, "Loren Gray" was the display of the bot for the month of April 2021.

  3. Hi guys! So as I was doing some schoolwork, I noticed that in the discussion posts, that I cannot see other students' replies to the discussion prompt until after I have posted at least 1 reply. And that is what I am suggesting here!


    Suggestion: To hide replies from other users until you have posted a reply to the forum topic.

    Follow-up suggestion: To disable editing your own reply and limit editing to forum staff.


    How it would work: 



    In the topic creator's point of view, there would be a third tab next to "Content" and "Poll" labelled "Discussion" to indicate that this is a discussion post. Checking the "Discussion post?" box would hide all replies to the topic until the viewer makes at least 1 reply to the topic. By default, this box would remain unchecked. Alternatively, this could be labelled "Hide replies?"


    There would also be a second option, "Allow replies to be edited?" to enable users to edit their replies to a topic after they have posted one. Since users can normally edit their replies to a forum topic, this box would be automatically checked by default from the topic creator's view. If the "Allow replies to be edited?" box is unchecked, then the user who posted a reply to the topic cannot edit their own reply, and the power would be limited to forum staff, or a forum club admin (if posted in a club).


    How the viewer would see the opened topic:

    http://prntscr.com/10psckg http://prntscr.com/10pt3jx


    In the screenshots above, pretend that I am another user who wants to reply to HelperNate's topic. Before I (the outside user) clicked on the topic, I could see from the surface the number of replies the topic has, and the number of views it has. If the "Discussion post?" box was checked when HelperNate created the topic, I would not see who last replied to the topic, and when. Now when I open the topic, I can see the initial post that HelperNate has posted, and I wonder to myself "This topic has x replies. Where are they?" then right above the typing box at the bottom, I would be greeted with a message saying that this is a discussion post and that replies were only visible if I posted at least 1 reply to the topic. When I post a reply, then all of the other replies from other users becomes visible. Depending on how HelperNate set the topic, I want to edit my reply, but the edit button is not there. This is because HelperNate unchecked the "Allow replies to be edited?" checkbox upon creation of the topic.


    How would this be relevant to the forum?

    In the words of one of my professors, "You cannot see other student responses until after your reply. This is done to help support original student work." If this feature were added to the forum, this would be most relevant to discussion-type posts, background contests, and other topics in which you want the viewers to provide originality in their reply/work!


    For instance, let's say a Main Owner of a chat I am a staff member at created a forum post that prompts the staff members to provide their feedback on the rules and how they can be improved. To combat plagiarism from other users responses and have original thoughts, the topic creator would go to the "Discussion" tab in the content creation menu and check the "Discussion post?" box. If they didn't want the staff to edit their responses after submitting their replies, the topic creator would uncheck the "Allow replies to be edited?" box in the "Discussion" tab of the content creation menu. This would encourage the staff to provide original feedback and potentially be careful with what they type before submitting.


    Another example could apply to a background contest, poem contest, or any type of contest that allows users to submit original work on the forum without seeing others' replies beforehand! For a background contest, the topic creator could leave both boxes "Discussion post?" and "Allow replies to be edited?" checked in the content creation menu upon creating the contest. This would allow the participant not to see the entries of other participants before they post a reply, but because "Allow replies to be edited?" was checked, the user would be able to edit their reply after submitting. This could be used if a mistake was made, or the user wants to add/remove a background. The contest host could provide a sample background in the initial post and explain the specifications when making the contest a discussion post, and they can also instruct that any new backgrounds must be submitted as an additional reply by unchecking the "Allow replies to be edited?" checkbox in the content creation menu.

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  4. This was one of the top 3 things that bug me about HTML5 xat.


    1. Chat sounds not playing when I am navigated away from the browsing tab (even if the sounds are on).

    2. Not all gamebans built yet, as well as any of the gameraces not working.

    3. Some group powers not working (such as lang power).

  5. I like the idea of a casino on xat, but there isn't going to be any gambling/betting is there? I've heard that goes against the Terms of Service. I think a simple "spin and win" may be acceptable though, though I'm not completely sure.

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  6. Goku and I have come up with 3 completely different users! For this reason, I have made 3 random drawings based on where we rank our different users.


    Conversation: https://prnt.sc/vrohbe

    Drawings: https://prnt.sc/vroh4d


    Based on the results of the drawings, the following users will be awarded prizes:


    1) @Parth 5000 xats - Claimed http://prntscr.com/vrotje

    2) @India 2000 xats - Claimed http://prntscr.com/vs1unf

    3) @Dazer 1000 xats - Claimed http://prntscr.com/vvgf21


    Congratulations! And thanks to everyone who participated in the contest! I am looking forward to using all of your backgrounds! As for the winners, come see me @ Game chat to claim your prize and reply back here once you have received it!

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  7. Adobe's statement regarding "end-of-life" for Flash: https://www.adobe.com/products/flashplayer/end-of-life.html


    Well, this is it. Flash will officially be discontinued starting in year 2021. It was nice to use while it lasted. How will the discontinuation of Flash affect you? Meaning, what will you miss, or you can no longer use when Flash is forced away?


    Me personally, the discontinuation of Flash will affect me by not being able to use Flash xat, and I would also miss playing the old Flash games, as I think they would forcibly die as well. I grew up playing the old Flash games, so I will miss the Flash version of xat + the old Flash games.

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  8. This post will list uploading instructions if there is ever a contest where participants will have to upload whatever is around them away from the computer such as taking a picture of something in their house like a game that uses their television, or submitting a picture of artwork they have drawn on paper.


    This tutorial begins by using your mobile device.


    Step 1:

    On your mobile device, go to imgur.com. The URL will take you to m.imgur.com (Android), or imgurinc.com (iPhone) but that's normal, as you are uploading from a mobile device.


     Figure 1


    https://prnt.sc/vb3at4 When you access imgur.com on your mobile device, you should see near the top of the webpage a link to download the app.



    Step 2:

    Near the top of the webpage, you will see next to the Imgur logo a link to download the app. Click this, and download the app from the app store. If you already have the Imgur app, then you may skip these first 2 steps, and proceed to step 3.


    Figure 2


    https://prnt.sc/vb3abt The link from the imgur webpage should take you to where you can download the app from your local app store. Download Imgur from the app store to proceed.


    Step 3:

    Once you are in the Imgur app, you will have to create an account. If you already have an account, sign in with your credentials.


    • Step 3B: If it asks you which tags you want to follow, check at least 3 tags, doesn't matter which, then press "Continue" at the bottom.


    Step 4:

    On the lower menu with the icons, click the Camera icon. (Television icon for iPhone users) It is located at the center of the menu between the magnifying glass and the bell.


    Figure 3


    https://prnt.sc/vb3c93 The icon is found on the lower menu, center button. Camera icon for Android users, Television icon for iPhone users.


    Step 5:

    Allow Imgur to access the images in your gallery when prompted.


    Figure 4


    https://prnt.sc/vb3ckc You can choose to take a live photo by clicking "Camera" or allow Imgur to access your past photos by clicking "Allow photos access." The interface may look different for Android users.


    Step 6:

    In the images menu, you can choose to take a live photo, or if you have already taken one, select the picture you want to upload, and hit "Next" on the upper right.


    Step 7:

    Come up with a title for your upload. On the menu directly below the title, set it to "Hidden" and then press "Upload" on the upper right.


    Figure 5


    https://prnt.sc/vb3hny This is what the page should look like when you are preparing your image for upload. Come up with a post title, and change the drop down box directly below it from "Public" to "Hidden"


    Step 8:

    After the image uploads, the "Next" button changes to "View." Click this button. Alternatively, if you get a push notification saying that the upload is complete, press the notification to view your recently uploaded post.


    The next part of this tutorial continues by using your computer.


    Step 9:

    On your computer, go to imgur.com and sign into your account.


    Step 10:

    On the top right, click your name. A menu will appear. Click "Posts." http://prntscr.com/vb3kjy


    Step 11:

    Find your post in the menu and click it to view your image. 


    Step 12:

    Hover over the picture. Near the top of the image, you will see a link to copy which is different than the one you are already on. Press "Copy link." http://prntscr.com/vb3lf6


    Step 13:

    Once the link is copied to your clipboard, open a new tab and paste the link and add .png or .jpg to the end of the link. It may not be possible to know for certain whether or not the image you uploaded is a png or jpg so try adding .png or .jpg to the end of the link to see which one works. (Example: https://i.imgur.com/NEeZPOL.png )


    Step 14:

    You will see that the entire webpage is nothing but your uploaded picture. Copy the link WITH .png or .jpg added from the web address bar. http://prntscr.com/vb3lzk


    Step 15:

    Paste the link on your reply to the contest thread and caption it that you are uploading your picture for entry. xat will automatically paste it as an image. You have the option to display as a link instead if you prefer.


    Visuals from the mobile portion of this tutorial came from @cry! Thank you for your help! I originally wrote this guide as a way to upload images to imgur and use them as a reply to a xat forum thread, but I never realized the interface was different for iPhone users. I personally have an Android device. 


    An alternative way to upload images within a forum post:


    Scroll down to the bottom of the typing box and click "choose files..." to upload an image directly to the post. The maximum total size is 1.95 MB, and unfortunately you cannot edit the placement of the photo other than the bottom of the post if you choose this method.


    (Examples: http://prntscr.com/w1h554 & http://prntscr.com/w1h5ak )



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  9. Went right to sleep after the contest. Here are the results from yesterday's event! Thank you to all who participated!


    CoooLingman (1535333508) - 7500 xats

    Sezenry (84065237) - 6000 xats
    Lemona (220341852) - 5000 xats

    CriminaL35 (60329639) - 2500 xats

    NenoMihajLovic (1482747648) - 2500 xats
    Jham (39521423) - 1000 xats
    xRavennn (544545627) - 1000 xats

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  10. 34 minutes ago, Mafia1 said:

    Halloween wallpapers have nothing to do with games in order to have good models.

    I saw your Halloween background. Unfortunately it won't be fitting for a general purpose. I mentioned above I am looking for a background to use each month for the chat, as I usually rotate backgrounds on a monthly basis.

  11. I was recently asked about what kind of backgrounds I prefer, whether it be xat game theme, or any other games (such as Mario, Fortnite, Among Us, etc.). I would LIKE the backgrounds to have xat-related game themes, but submitting backgrounds of other game themes, or any mix of games is acceptable as well.

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  12. I just found out that I have a huge report due on October 18, and I will have to push the event to next week. However, I am in a time conflict. I usually host during the afternoon in my timezone, but in Press Your Luck, I had plenty of users when I hosted in the night time.


    So given my timezone, and that it's likely later for just about everyone else, I will open up a poll as to when I should host the event. Keep in mind that when I say a day like "Saturday night" that also means it drags into mid-morning of the next day (12AM, 1AM, 2AM, etc.). When is a good time for me to host this event? The first part of the answer will be in my timezone, and in parentheses will be the likelihood of how much later it will be for other users' timezones.


    For context, my timezone is Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).

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