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  1. Thinking about hosting Deal or No Deal again.

    1. DUYGU


      This is good

  2. Finals complete! Got a full work day tomorrow, but my xat activity should start going back to normal starting Thursday morning (for most timezones).

    1. Abrahan


      xat is waiting for you!

  3. Should be back on xat chat patrol throughout the week next week. Got a heavy work schedule for the rest of this week + some finals for some of next week.

  4. Xat2 977646c6 fe36a6c1 570594f4 0b0218f6 e788080e 511ef607 7dadc490 051b1189 6db4ddcf 68312278 051b1189 6db4ddcf 68312278 xat_test 8dc9e2b0 bf2eb25b a986f7eb a51b0ab8 b16d6c07 0c61eb2b 129db768 df4bd56d c5bfea63 6bb9077a a26025e4 47108fc1 245fc56a 540c5e4d 5728bffc 29307468 20f85398 c5bfea63 a7ef72e4 bdc9db93 bf80acd9
  5. Following up on your suggested function, maybe this can be done by clicking a user and having a button called "NoAdd." That way, for the other user, the option to "Add as Friend" or "Un-friend" towards you cannot be used.
  6. GuyOfVaryingNames (902980817)
  7. GuyOfVaryingNames (902980817)
  8. voai herceraver aguadio fanoapm popefaore afifate agu fanoapam avisegalaiovnaoraire niete


  9. Please do NOT message me directly on my main xat account while I am offline.


    In my case, "Available" means offline. I will only receive your messages next time I sign in-chat on my computer.

  10. As I was too tired to post this after the contest ending, here are the final results: 1st place: @Rui 50,000 xats 2nd place: @Coolingman 2,000 xats 3rd place: @DjDanny24 1,000 xats Since the maximum amount of xats were given away, another contest of this game will likely not be planned in the future. Thanks to all who came out to play, even the backup players who filled in for those who had to leave mid-game!
  11. Final announcement! Press Your Luck event starts in 2 hours @ Game chat! Will you go home rich, or lose it all to Whammy? Hope to see you there! Update: For those who were not selected in the drawing, I will allow up to 5 backup players to fill in for those who leave or lose connection mid-game. Remember, this game requires everyone's full participation, and you may get called on at any time! You will be bumped when it is your turn on the final round. Edit: Due to some complications at work, there may be a small chance I'll be running a bit late. ):
  12. It sounds to me like you can't even HAVE 2 bots in the same room if OceanProject no longer bypasses bot power.
  13. You haven't even test ran a full game with me so how would you know?
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