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  1. The users who stay at a chat regardless of whether or not it's dead... those are the real ones. That's true dedication. They're one of a kind.

    1. Bau


      Not always, some are here because they have nothing to do, others are sitting because they now have more possibilities to be what they were not when they were out of chance, a lot of people were fighting for one goal.

      I always worked and I had time for xat.com, now I work harder and I have a school, it is very difficult to get in. (anyway, I always come in when I can).

      Your words are true, and you are right, it's good when I go to xat.com and see everyone I know.

    2. miaa


      Hehe I agree with Bau, but there are those who do actually stay in hopes of bringing the chat back to life for a little while. Like myself, whenever I stay at a dead chat and a user randomly says hi, I’d say hi back and try to spark up a conversation. 


      BTW Hi Nate! : ) 

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