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Status Updates posted by HelperNate

  1. Crazy 8s contest Session 2 resumed @ Game chat starting at the top of the hour! Up to 10 players can win xats given they do not leave midgame!

  2. Crazy 8s contest @ Game starting at the top of the hour!

  3. The power of social media may bring us together, but it may also uncover horrifying and traumatizing truths as well...

  4. NOOOOO! Flash xat! (swt)

  5. Happy Quarantine Thanksgiving!

    1. DUYGU


      Happy Quarantine Thanksgiving for you

  6. 4 hours until Outnumbered contest starts @ Game chat!

  7. Fun fact about myself: Transcribing music by ear is a special talent of mine!

    1. Stif


      That's really nice!

  8. I have a new contest idea for xat that is almost complete after I run few more test runs.


    It is a game called Outnumbered and is a game of puzzle, mystery, and luck involving gamebans.

    1. VaLsteiN


       i m waiting for an improved version i hope you can do it without any problems thanks!

  9. I have cleared my friends list and organized my FEXMail and forum messages.

  10. Thinking about hosting Deal or No Deal again.

    1. DUYGU


      This is good

  11. Finals complete! Got a full work day tomorrow, but my xat activity should start going back to normal starting Thursday morning (for most timezones).

    1. Abrahan


      xat is waiting for you!

  12. Should be back on xat chat patrol throughout the week next week. Got a heavy work schedule for the rest of this week + some finals for some of next week.

  13. Please do NOT message me directly on my main xat account while I am offline.


    In my case, "Available" means offline. I will only receive your messages next time I sign in-chat on my computer.

  14. Wolves vs. Villagers will start in 1 hour @ RoundTwo chat! The prizefund will be 2500 xats with 100 xats per winner, and NO win1 skip1!

  15. FEXBot Uno Contest starting @ Game chat in 50 minutes! 1,500 xats for the first person to win 3 games, and 1,000 xats for 2nd place + 500 xats for 3rd place!

  16. I will be hosting a PokeBot contest @ Game chat in 12 hours! See the post on Contests subforum for more info!

  17. It's official. If I change IDs, I'm going to have to become a completely new name!

    1. Dallas



    2. HelperNate


      Wow that actually works! :o

  18. Happy birthday.

    1. VaLsteiN


      Thanks brother!

  19. Happy birthday.

    1. Nathan


      Thanks man!

  20. is feeling decluttered and organized! :d


    Man that feels good! I encourage you all to do this at least once every other month!

  21. 5-1-19 - Decluttering Day. A day where I clear out my friends list, sort out my FEXMail, forum message inbox, and my emails.

  22. Easter hide-and-seek will start in 45 minutes! Come to xat.com/Game to win xats! There is also GameBot!

  23. Want to win some xats? Come over to xat.com/Game to play GameBot xat games!

  24. I am going through some personal issues, so I will be unavailable in all forms of contact from Wednesday through Friday, returning Saturday.


    For my giveaway, this means I will not announce the winners until I return on Saturday.

    1. wwvvuu


      I hope it's nothing serious and that everything will be fine. My best wishes @HelperNate, see you soon. (hug)

  25. Happy birthday Chelly! We miss you over @ Game chat!


    https://game.xat.chat/oath/ I mentioned you in my acceptance speech!

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