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  1. Happy birthday Chelly! We miss you over @ Game chat!


    https://game.xat.chat/oath/ I mentioned you in my acceptance speech!

  2. Happy birthday Melody! We miss you over at Game chat!

  3. http://prntscr.com/mmj51r I've experienced a rare time travel glitch! Isaac is what the bot was named LAST month!

  4. It's hard to believe that I'm basically the only xat user with the word "help" or "helper" in the regname that doesn't use it for malicious purposes!:o:o:o

  5. I have reunited with some of my old friends from Pouetpu, the site that made me join xat! It is nice to see them again!

  6. My online "office" hours are usually around 9PM to 12AM PST on an almost daily basis, and by appointment.

  7. Deal or No Deal @ Game chat in 10 hours! (mainly a reminder for the 5 who won the audition thread)

  8. @Maverick's background has been restored for Game chat for now! Soon, I will set monthly backgrounds from entries from my background contest... IF I GET ANY ENTRIES!

  9. In spite of "Deal or No Deal" coming soon, I have set my display status as "Howie Mandel!"

  10. I am proud to announce that Christmas chat has been moved back to Social chat!

  11. @Fons's Christmas background is featured this week for Game chat!

  12. @xPaulo's Christmas background is featured this week for Game chat!

  13. I still have 3 slots left for Game regulars to be on the yearly collage!

  14. @J0hn's Christmas background is featured this week for Game chat!

  15. Update: Due to the templates of collages, I may only fill 12 slots, or 18 if I get more requests for people to be on the Game chat yearly 2018 collage. If 12 people submit their signatures to me, I might close further entries early.

    1. HelperNate


      Meaning I may only have 4 or 10 slots left, and I might close further entries early if I get 4 more slots filled!

  16. The first event of Christmas Chaos for December 16 will start in 11 hours @ xat.com/Game !

  17. @Luig's background is featured this week for Game chat.

  18. I am making a yearly collage for Game chat! Game chat regulars, if you want to be added, please sign your name on the Doodle app and send it to me. 16 slots left!

  19. Does anyone know how to make a yearly collage or anything similar? I want to keep up that tradition for Game chat and make a 2018 collage!

    1. Blossoms


      we used to do it on doodle. everyone would write their name or w/e. 


    2. HelperNate


      Thanks Luig, and Lunala, I mean how did Steven piece it all together? Make the initial image? etc.

  20. Due to real life circumstances, I won't be coming back to xat chats for the next couple of days. :(

  21. Thanks to a HUGE generous donation, the overall budget for my contest prizes for my Christmas contest weekend events have EXPONENTIALLY INCREASED!

  22. Updated my profiles in-chat and on the forum to look more Christmas-y! Now for the rest of the year I am Natey Claus!

    1. Anti


      It's beginning to look a lot like natemas.

    2. xLaming


      Will you use "Ho ho ho its santa claus, yosup chat (CHAT_NAME HERE), i'm here to serve!!"??

    3. Zoomey


      "It's Natey Claus, It's Natey Claus !!  Always here to get to the cause !! :D" 

  23. There are 42 days left until Christmas day. Not to be confused with Admin's account! :p

    1. Maverick


      Is 42 the admin?

    2. Leandro


      Ok, this is epic. 

    3. HelperNate


      Yes, I am referring to the fact that 42 is the ID of the main Admin account.

  24. I hid my General Discussion thread regarding Game chat's Christmas plans for 2018 because, good news, I ran into enough money to host BOTH types of contests! Background AND weekend-ly events! More info coming later this month on the Contests subforum!

    1. Crow


      "God bless us, every one!" - Tiny Tim

  25. Don't like dealing with those annoying captchas while the chat is on protect mode? Here are 3 things you can do:


    A: Wait it out.

    B: Find another chat.

    C: Register / login to your xat account.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. HelperNate


      Just go to any chat and type the word "register" then click it and it should take you to the registration page. Note: You need a valid email address to register.

    3. xLaming


      Some guests need help I think this is not their fault, they need help. This need to be hanbled by help chats staff, when raiders are out should be disabled, or maybe bot owners doing something to indentify raids, this is not hard. In my old bot provider I did. 

    4. Ojou


      Although I will admit that it does get frustrating if you only really attend one chat, you've registered and logged in but for some reason still have to do the captcha and it doesn't stop giving the captcha the whole time so C doesn't work all the time, and then finding another chat can just be bothersome if people are like me and frequent a single chat basically, so I guess A is the only option in that case but still so annoying. (maniac) Just adding my two cents here because I've struggled in the past with it and so it bothered me forever. lmao

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