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  1. HelperNate


    HelperNate (21299)
  2. HelperNate

    A way to tell if someone is using invisible power

    @SevenI wasn't intending that everyone can hide from other users. Invisible power only works on owners and main owners and are invisible to users they outrank. This is merely a suggestion that equal / higher ranks have a way to tell that the user using invisible is using it instead of appearing like a regular user to the higher / equal ranks such as a slightly faded pawn and added word "Invisible" to rank title. That way, it can avoid confusion such as lower ranks seeing main owners greet another main owner / owner that is actually in the chat, but hidden to them. @BoohTo be clear, you are stating that if users use /away that can activate the invisible power? And also, that they can use this to write a message and appear visible for one moment, then they can go back to being invisible again?
  3. HelperNate

    Contests for Game - October 2018

    Morning plans got cancelled! Though the majority of the poll voted I move it to next weekend, instead I will continue to host AS INITIALLY SCHEDULED! The first contest, gamebot, will start in 1 and a half hours with a 1000 xat prizefund! Then Random Number contest will start in 2 and a half hours for prize: GLASSES + some xats! Hope to see you there!
  4. HelperNate

    Contests for Game - October 2018

    Unfortunately my family made some last minute breakfast plans for tomorrow morning. Please vote on the poll above to help determine what I should do.
  5. HelperNate

    seal ( smiley animal power )

    Hi, unfortunately something like this has already been suggested. For the future, please use the search feature before suggesting to see if your suggestion hasn't already been posted.
  6. HelperNate

    Halloween Background Contest for Game

    I authorize this contest to be hosted for Game chat.
  7. Hey! Happy weekend! I have some contests planned for Game chat for a chance to win some xats and the NEW POWER! This thread will be used for upcoming contests for the rest of October 2018. Please note these are subject to change if necessary. Date Time Game Host Prize October 14 6PM GMT / 2PM EST Gamebot Tempmods+ 1000 xats October 14 7PM GMT / 3PM EST Random Number Nathan GLASSES + xats October 21 6PM GMT / 2PM EST Gamebot Tempmods+ 1000 xats October 21 7PM GMT / 3PM EST Rock-paper-scissors Nathan 500 xats As the contest times get closer, the thread will be bumped to alert everyone of the upcoming events! This table will also be updated as necessary as well. I'd also like to thank @Zoomey for donating to these events!
  8. This suggestion is similar to the one about verified prize holders. What I'm proposing here is about the use of people hosting contests in other people's chats. I'm not going to call out any users here, but just for the sake of this example, let's say that Carl wants to host a contest in Jimmy's chat. Carl is a moderator in that chat and Jimmy is a main owner. What if things go wrong such as Carl flakes? Is it the responsibility of Jimmy for allowing such misconduct in which Jimmy didn't even know was happening? In this suggestion, I am proposing that a new guideline should be added where if Carl wants to host a contest in Jimmy's chat, discussions about such things should be made in advance, much like asking for a verified prize holder to make a background contest. That way when Carl promotes a contest on the forum in Jimmy's chat, Jimmy will have 1 day to reply to the topic confirming this. Sample for guideline: "If you are hosting a contest in someone else's chat, a main owner will have 1 day to reply to the topic authorizing the contest in their chat."
  9. HelperNate

    A way to tell if someone is using invisible power

    @Booh Are you referring to @Leandro's example?
  10. Gamebot 1000 xat prizefund @ Game chat starting at the top of the hour!

  11. FEXBot Uno contest @ Game chat for prize: GESTURE @ 7:00 PM EST!

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    2. HelperNate


      The contest has ended! @Viber is the winner!

    3. Viber


      Thank you Nate for this contest! (hug)


    4. Vritme


      Congratis bro @Viber <3

  12. HelperNate

    Bot Suggestions

    I know this doesn't match the theme of successful businesspeople/trade experts, entrepreneurs, etc. but for the month of October, I am setting the bot's display status to "Nightmare" because of the month of Halloween.
  13. HelperNate

    Last Letter Of The Word Game.

  14. When did the issue of "stolen xats" start to become a problem? (hmm)

    1. oj


      like 83 years ago

    2. Daniel


      Ever since xats existed and scammers popped up

    3. Laming


      If you buy scammed xats ITS YOUR FAULT!!!


      If you sell a power for scammed xats ITS YOUR FAULT!!!


      If you get xats in contests and them are scammed WHAT? ITS YOUR FAULT!!!


      xat doesnt care about you (in their mind)


      We have a crystal ball where can see that xats, days and powers are scammed!


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