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  1. GuyOfVaryingNames (902980817)
  2. GuyOfVaryingNames (902980817)
  3. voai herceraver aguadio fanoapm popefaore afifate agu fanoapam avisegalaiovnaoraire niete


  4. Please do NOT message me directly on my main xat account while I am offline.


    In my case, "Available" means offline. I will only receive your messages next time I sign in-chat on my computer.

  5. As I was too tired to post this after the contest ending, here are the final results: 1st place: @Rui 50,000 xats 2nd place: @Coolingman 2,000 xats 3rd place: @DjDanny24 1,000 xats Since the maximum amount of xats were given away, another contest of this game will likely not be planned in the future. Thanks to all who came out to play, even the backup players who filled in for those who had to leave mid-game!
  6. Final announcement! Press Your Luck event starts in 2 hours @ Game chat! Will you go home rich, or lose it all to Whammy? Hope to see you there! Update: For those who were not selected in the drawing, I will allow up to 5 backup players to fill in for those who leave or lose connection mid-game. Remember, this game requires everyone's full participation, and you may get called on at any time! You will be bumped when it is your turn on the final round. Edit: Due to some complications at work, there may be a small chance I'll be running a bit late. ):
  7. It sounds to me like you can't even HAVE 2 bots in the same room if OceanProject no longer bypasses bot power.
  8. You haven't even test ran a full game with me so how would you know?
  9. The main event starts in 24 hours @ Game chat! Countdown ←
  10. http://prntscr.com/r2gvnj Prize received. Thank you!
  11. Hi all! As mentioned in this discussion, I will be bringing Press Your Luck to xat! In this game, players will have the opportunity to win some xats + FEXBot time! To recap, here is a brief summary of how it works: (scroll down to below the video to see prize information and contest day + time) Summary: Multiple players will play in 2 rounds. In the first round, all players will have a turn spin by spin to win some xats and spins for the final round. They get unlimited spins, however if they choose to freeze, or they land on a Whammy, they are out of this round. This round ends when everyone has either froze or landed on a Whammy. In the final round, the earned spins are applied every time a player decides to press their luck. Turn order in this round is determined by players with the least amount of earned spins. If there is a tie, the tiebreaker goes to the player with the lesser earnings. If there is a tie there too, the breaker goes to the player with the least amount of Whammies. If multiple players are tied in all 3 statistics, I use the !choose command on the bot to choose a player. Players will keep spinning as much as they want until they either land on 4 Whammies, they use up all of their earned spins, or decide to pass their spins to the lead player. A player that has passed spins MUST be taken either until they make it through all of their passed spins Whammy-free, or they land on a Whammy. To conclude, after the final round, the player with the most amount of earnings wins the game, and is the only one that gets to keep their earnings. The final round ends when there are no more spins left on the scoreboard. BONUS: To win the GOLD power, land on 1/2 GOLDEN KEY space twice to unite the key without landing on a Whammy and win the game. When done successfully, you will win whatever xats you have won + GOLD power. The concept is pretty much the same as the regular game show, but in my version, there will be minigames, a Mystery Roulette, and other types of wacky events. Video of the original game show: Prize information: 1st place: however many xats + xats in bot time were earned up to 50k + GOLD POWER if golden key is united 2nd place: 2000 xats 3rd place: 1000 xats If the lead player has 2000 xats or less, the prizes for 2nd and 3rd place will be modified on the spot to something less. I may decide to host this again at another day + time to accommodate for users in other parts of the world if not a lot ends up being given away. Countdown ← until the event starts! I will post again when time gets closer! Note: To avoid making things too complicated on my part, I will allow no more than 10 players to participate in both the main event + test runs. I will do random drawings with the bot to see who will participate. This game requires everybody's full participation, as you may be called anytime. I may bump a player when it is their turn. Hope to see you there! If you want to learn more about how this game will be hosted, come see me @ Game chat whenever I am online and I will be happy to host a test run if I have the time to do so! The main event will take place @ Game chat on February 22 @ 10PM PST / February 23 @ 1AM EST / February 23 @ 6AM GMT
  12. UPDATE: Now you can win GOLD power similar to the Suzuki car as mentioned in the video! Just land on 1/2 GOLDEN KEY space twice to reunite the 2 halves of the key and win the game, and you will win your earnings + GOLD power! However, if you land on a Whammy, you will lose whatever portion of the golden key you have collected, but it will NOT be put into Whammy's Bank. I have also added a scoreboard where you can see your scores as I log them.
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