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  1. At the beginning of a new month, someone from the Contributor group will post a topic providing a summary for discussions that were discussed in the Contributor section during the previous month. This is to allow the community to be more informed and have a better understanding of the Contributor group. If you have any concerns or suggestions that you would like to be brought to the attention of the Contributor group, message any of the Contributors. You can see our previous logs here. Concluded Discussions These topics are concluded and are no longer being discussed. If you have any concerns about the conclusion of these topics, feel free to send a message and I'll see what I can do to help you. Appointment of new chat managers: PS: This is my 3rd year in a row posting for June.
  2. I have cleared my friends list and organized my FEXMail and forum messages.

  3. With the development of HTML5 on xat, several chats are choosing the setting to default the normal web address to HTML5 instead of Flash. For example, this means that whenever someone goes to xat.com/Game, it will take them to the HTML5 version of xat instead of Flash. Am I still able to use the Flash version of xat? Yes, with this new setting in effect, the Flash version of xat is still accessible. Just add ?old to the web address like xat.com/Game?old. What about the gamebans? After some users and I did some testing, I am aware that some of the gamebans will work in this new HTML5 format. Some others still need to be developed to accommodate for HTML5. If a gameban does not load, it is likely not developed. In this case, contact an Owner or refresh the chat twice to get unbanned by the FEXBot. Final note: This default to HTML5 setting will go into effect effective July 1st, along with some other changes, such as chat background, bot display, and the bi-yearly reset. Thank you and happy gaming fellow xatters! The following gamebans are compatible with HTML5: Codeban, Spaceban, Snakeban.
  4. As you may have known, for the past 3 years, I have been moderating several official xat rooms at a time, which I call "xat patrol." Now, with much more real life responsibilities, I have lost the time and motivation to dedicate to continue to do this duty. For this reason, I have quit xat patrol. What does this apply to? This applies to my staff position on the following chats: Assistance, Chat, Help, xat_test, Loja, and Trade. I have also left their respective clubs on the forum as well. Will you still be active on xat? Yes, I will still be active on parts of xat. However, this is only limited down to managing Game chat, continuing to check the forum regularly, and answer to reports and messages. I will still keep my inventory on my xat account, and continue to host contests when I have the time. Recently when I had a short amount of time after work, I would only check those parts of xat, and only moderate the other chats when I had more free time. However, moderating the other chats is no longer the case, and managing Game by itself is still much of a responsibility. This time away from xat patrol will also give me more time to continue to manage and improve Game, and maybe even host more contests! It has been a pleasure serving as a team member in most of the official chats of xat, but I cannot dedicate my time to continue to do this anymore. I will still continue to fill my role as a chat manager, a Contributor, a Verified Prize Holder, and, if needed, a helper! Cheers, and thank you chat managers for allowing me to moderate your chat!
  5. It seems that you and I have different approaches about this game. I never thought of Bingo that way with the users putting numbers in their names.
  6. Hello everyone. So today @Coolingman found something interesting, as to why GameBot leaves during gameraces, and after him and I did some testing, we found out what causes it! Whoever calls the GameBot using command !bot must be the same user who controls it. Example: http://prntscr.com/stfvt4 In the example provided above, since I was the one who called GameBot using command !bot, I am able to use !start and !stop to start or stop the game on command. It is also the same person who called GameBot that is the only one that can make adjustments to the !times and !prize settings. Example: http://prntscr.com/stfww4 As you can see, since I was the one who used !bot to call GameBot, I can use commands to adjust the game such as !start, !stop, !times, and !prize. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOWEVER: If a DIFFERENT user attempts to command the GameBot to make adjustments to the game, or to start and stop it, the GameBot just LEAVES the chat! Examples: http://prntscr.com/stg05n http://prntscr.com/stg0ba This applies whenever a DIFFERENT user OTHER than the one who used !bot to call the GameBot attempts any of the following commands, causing GameBot to leave: !start !stop !times x y z !prize number As for the !times and !prize command, the GameBot only leaves when someone other than the one who called GameBot attempts to make adjustments using those commands like !times 90 3 20, or !prize 50. However, the CURRENT settings can be viewed by anyone by simply using !times and !prize. Example: http://prntscr.com/stg37c In the example above, my main account "[slowreply]Nathan" was the one who called GameBot using !bot, and my alternate account "Bowserbot" was able to view the !times and !prize settings in place. However, when Bowserbot attempted to adjust the prize, the GameBot left the chat. IMPORTANT: Whenever ANYONE OTHER THAN THE ONE WHO CALLS GAMEBOT attempts to use !start, !stop, or to adjust the !times and !prize settings does so, that makes the GameBot leave the chat. It does not matter if the user is registered, or unregistered, or has the gamerace power or not. They were not one the one who called the GameBot using !bot, therefore they cannot make any adjustments to the game nor start and stop the game without the GameBot leaving. This can pose a serious disruption to GameBot contests, as someone could command the bot midgame using the above mentioned commands, and the GameBot will STILL leave even DURING the game! Also, it does not matter if the other user Private Chats or Private Messages GameBot the commands, the result will be the same. Summary: Whoever calls the GameBot using command !bot is the ONLY USER that is able to properly adjust settings to the game, as well as start and stop the game on command. If anyone else attempts to use the GameBot by commanding it in main chat or private chat, the GameBot will leave the chatroom. The only exception is when the differing user uses !times and !prize to ONLY VIEW the current settings.
  7. I am thinking about hosting an event like this, but could take some work on my end if I do not have the proper resources to do it! So far what I have in mind is making cards with random numbers in random places and players can choose which cards to have. Then whenever I call a random number using !random in FEXBot's private chat, the player could make the appropriate note on their card if the number was called to cross it out. The only downsides to this though, I would also have to make notes of which numbers were called and cross them out on every card, so if someone calls out "BINGO" I will know if they actually received a Bingo or not.
  8. Thinking about hosting Deal or No Deal again.

    1. DUYGU


      This is good

  9. Finals complete! Got a full work day tomorrow, but my xat activity should start going back to normal starting Thursday morning (for most timezones).

    1. Abrahan


      xat is waiting for you!

  10. Should be back on xat chat patrol throughout the week next week. Got a heavy work schedule for the rest of this week + some finals for some of next week.

  11. Xat2 977646c6 fe36a6c1 570594f4 0b0218f6 e788080e 511ef607 7dadc490 051b1189 6db4ddcf 68312278 051b1189 6db4ddcf 68312278 xat_test 8dc9e2b0 bf2eb25b a986f7eb a51b0ab8 b16d6c07 0c61eb2b 129db768 df4bd56d c5bfea63 6bb9077a a26025e4 47108fc1 245fc56a 540c5e4d 5728bffc 29307468 20f85398 c5bfea63 a7ef72e4 bdc9db93 bf80acd9
  12. Following up on your suggested function, maybe this can be done by clicking a user and having a button called "NoAdd." That way, for the other user, the option to "Add as Friend" or "Un-friend" towards you cannot be used.
  13. GuyOfVaryingNames (902980817)
  14. GuyOfVaryingNames (902980817)
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