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  1. Now that the typing issue is fixed, my June 16 contest WILL resume AS SCHEDULED starting 8PM GMT / 4PM EST!

    1. Agustina


      which is it?

    2. HelperNate


      The one with gamebot + Uno!

  2. So there's this thing going around Xat where users around Xat cannot type properly in the chatbox nor PC others. For that reason, my contest that I'm supposed to host on June 16 will be postponed if the issue is not resolved soon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    1. SlOom


      It's not xat fault currently, it's from a flash update. (Version 26)


      I will post more about when I can gey home if no one did it before.

  3. Hi, all! This is HelperNate from Xat! I'm, uh, not really too familiar with this whole forum thing lol, but anyway I have an announcement! Next week, I plan to host a gamebot contest AND an Uno contest on the SAME DAY! The gamebot portion will start at 8PM GMT / 4PM EST until the prize runs out, and the Uno portion will start at 10PM GMT / 6PM EST until its prizes are cleaned out! I currently have a poll for everyone to vote on which game I should start first for the gamebot portion in the Game chat + my homepage! I will combine the votes when it's game time and the first game will be started on the gamebot! As for the Uno portion, this game will be used on the FEXBot, and players will have to PC me if they're in but I will still apply the same win1 skip1 rule for that portion! The grand prize total will be 3050 xats! Be sure to come on down to Game and vote on which game YOU want to see started first! Practice rounds with ANY game with me are available ANYTIME I'm online there! Take care and I hope to see ya'll when it's game time!
  4. Hi. My name is HelperNate (535215565), and I would like to suggest an improvement to rapid power. Originally, the $ code for example a 75 hour mazeban using rapid is $rapid=mazeban,75 well I would like to suggest to add a REASON to rapid power for when it's being used instead of just the word "rapid." My main suggestion for to add a reason is something like $rapid=mazeban,75,For the gameban tournament! Then when you use the rapid power to mazeban someone the reason will say "For the gameban tournament!" And if no reason is inputted in the $ code, it will just say rapid as it does now. I want this to apply to all type of gamebans and regular bans that way if someone is ban evading the person can say something such as $rapid=ban,24,ban evading and the reason for rapid ban is "ban evading."