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  1. Contest at game

    Gothic and I decided to host a contest on Friday @ Game chat because we felt like it. Here it is: Date Time Game Host Prize November 3 8PM GMT / 4PM EST Gameban tournament Gothic & Nathan 15 xats per round, total 900 xats The event is win 1 skip 1.
  2. Contest at game

    Very well planned. But one thing: If you're hosting multiple events on the same day, you should put in the time slot something like "After previous game" so it doesn't look like they're simultaneous.
  3. Are we running out of powers?

    I think the idea of waiting more than 1 week to make new powers is a good idea. It should be lower of a priority because I feel that admins and staff should address the more important public issues of xat. I feel that more bigger and public problems are top priority, then if there is time, they should use this to make a new power.
  4. Going on hiatus from November 5 through the 25th. If you need to contact me during this time, you can PC me and I'll see it on my phone, use my Twitter or message me here on the forum.

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      Me too on the second  week of November. .-.


  5. Tell me for Message, no more xat xd

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      Missing color emotion, smiles related to halloween

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      I put the prize for powers in the random number event. I saw your mail from FEXBot.

    4. Ronal
  6. Halloween weekend 2017

    What's up everyone? It'sssss HelperNate! HelperNate! Always here to help a good m8! And I have some events that will be taking place @ Game chat! Date Time Game Host Prize October 14 7PM GMT / 3PM EST Gamebot Staff 1000 xats October 15 7PM GMT / 3PM EST Gamebot Staff 1000 xats October 21 7PM GMT / 3PM EST Gamebot Staff 1000 xats October 21 8PM GMT / 4PM EST Trivia Nathan 260 xats/q, total 2600 xats October 22 7PM GMT / 3PM EST Gamebot Staff 1000 xats October 22 8PM GMT / 4PM EST Voters' Pick Nathan 2000 xats October 28 8PM GMT / 4PM EST Make the Doodle Ronal 250 xats/q, total 2500 xats October 29 8PM GMT / 4PM EST Chat Event Ronal 30 xats/q, total 900 xats October 29 After previous event Random Number Ronal Halloween2, Arachnid, Trickortreat, Creepy, Nightmare, Reaper, Witch, Boo, Graveyard, Ghostmon, Nightmare, AllHallows Trivia is win 1 skip 1. There were some errors found in the original Halloween Pac-man game I have planned to use. Vote for which alternate game I should host on the 22nd using the Game chat's bot. Donations: @Light_Yagami100 xats I'd also like to thank @Ronalfor hosting for the weekend of October 28 and 29!
  7. A good weekend!

    HelperNate (535215565) Are you human? No. I am a bot designed by xat to act like one!
  8. WIN KSUN + 200 XATS

    HelperNate (535215565)
  9. Guests sending links

    Lately I've seen people asking for help or showing something legit to a chat, but they were guest and couldn't send the link and instead use a comma. Other users could also be unaware that sending something such as "like..a.message" as a guest will also not go through. I was thinking there should be a setting somewhere in the chat, perhaps gcontrol, that allowed the usage of guests to send links in the chat. Settings such as unregistered guests and above, registered guests and above, and subscribed guests and above. That way if someone has a legit link they want to show to the chat, it will go through.
  10. WIN 202 XATS

    HelperNate (535215565)
  11. Copying and pasting messages

    What I'm suggesting is that in most chats such as Facebook messenger or typing a document or something that you can highlight as many spaced words as you want up to the whole thing and be able to copy and paste it.
  12. Copying and pasting messages

    When users send messages and you want to copy and paste them, it only allows you to highlight ONE WORD! There should be a way to highlight whatever part of a message you want up to its fullest to copy and paste it. I came across this idea because I had been wanting to translate what someone in another language had said, but the xat translator app didn't translate well.
  13. Improvement to events

    I have noticed that chat staff tend to include screenshots and links when banning. They are clickable in a xat chat if the ban was recent, but it would also be helpful if the links were clickable while you are looking at the events instead of highlighting the link, copying, and paste it. What do you think?
  14. Contest #07: Win the MOM power!

    HelperNate (535215565)
  15. Weekend contests extension 2017

    Here's the schedule for this weekend's events. This will be the last weekend of events until Halloween. Donations are appreciated. Date Time Game Host Prize September 16 7:00 PM GMT / 3:00 PM EST Gamebot Staff 1000 xats September 16 8:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM EST Typerace Nathan 800 xats September 17 8:00 PM GMT / 4:00 PM EST Make the Doodle Bella & Nathan 500 xats per question, total 5000 xats September 17 After previous event Trivia Bella & Nathan 250 xats per question, total 5000 xats September 17 After previous event Gameban tournament Nathan 5000 xats Make the Doodle and Trivia are win 1 skip 1! I'd like to thank @6 and @Dimplefor donating for this weekend's events!