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  1. Life is like a pair of shoes.SMILE..like a botle of wiskey SMILE AGAIN... Keep Walking , Johnny Walker + Nike :)

  2.  Happy birthday Sergio !:):)

    1. Sergio


      Thank you James! :d

  3. Happy birthday Angelo and Bryan, Wish you all the best !!!

  4. 1. Who will win the World Cup? (Worth 20 points) Germany 2. Who will be the Runner-Up of the World Cup? (Worth 15 points) Brazil 3. Who will get 3rd place in the World Cup? (Worth 10 points) France 4. Who will get 4th place in the World Cup? (Worth 10 points) Argentina 5. Who will win the Golden Ball? (Worth 10 points) Cristiano Ronaldo 6. Who will win the Golden Boot? (Worth 10 points) Leo Messi 7. Who will win the Golden Glove? (Worth 10 points) (Goalkeepers only) Marc-André ter Stegen 8. Who will win the Best Young Player Award? (Worth 10 points) Davinson Sanchez 9. Who will win Group A? (Worth 5 points) (Answer choices: Uruguay 10. Who will come second in Group A? (Worth 2 points) (Answer choices: Russia 11. Who will win Group B? (Worth 5 points) (Answer choices: Portugal 12. Who will come second in Group B? (Worth 2 points) (Answer choices: Spain 13. Who will win Group C? (Worth 5 points) (Answer choices: France 14. Who will come second in Group C? (Worth 2 points) (Answer choices: Denmark 15. Who will win Group D? (Worth 5 points) (Answer choices: Argentina 16. Who will come second in Group D? (Worth 2 points) (Answer choices: Croatia 17. Who will win Group E? (Worth 5 points) (Answer choices: Brazil 18. Who will come second in Group E? (Worth 2 points) (Answer choices: Serbia 19. Who will win Group F? (Worth 5 points) (Answer choices: Germany 20. Who will come second in Group F? (Worth 2 points) (Answer choices: Sweden 21. Who will win Group G? (Worth 5 points) (Answer choices: England 22. Who will come second in Group G? (Worth 2 points) (Answer choices: Belgium 23. Who will win Group H? (Worth 5 points) (Answer choices: Poland 24. Who will come second in Group H? (Worth 2 points) (Answer choices: Colombia III3333III (1505500632)
  5. We laugh , we smile , dont forget :

    Tomorrow is MONDAY !

  6. 8-)Everything u might think.. everything you thought.. u must keep walking

  7. THEY SHOULD BE BANNED WITHOUT NO EXCEPTION , MISTER BAU. We are talking about rules , not about nationalities as urs as mine , as they are !!! They use DEMO VERSION @Admin like that , they get xats , days , powers , MONEY ! Romanian mentality , never pay for demo things , and never obey rules !
  8. Hello everyone. This is my first time , opening a discussion topic in here. Since i sawd many times , i was thinking to post in here and ask you all if that is ok or not. Many times i see romanians banner promos , wich they advertise banners and that banner include selling of radio streams on internet , wich of course every chat has it (radio). I dont think that this is a way to do it or not , but my opinion as i asked manny people around me , its not allowed. Also i see it as a violation of the terms and conditions imposed of xat.com I cant do nothing about , even if i try it . So , apart that im informing people , i thought is great to post this in here also. Dont ask for proofs , because i have many. My bad that , in promos there are nobody with multilingual person and such skills of translation. But im sure that other vols , wich they are native romanian speaker , sawd.. Regards JAMES
  9. Happy birthday dear Jayden <3

  10. Nothing else matters ! 

  11. 10x <3

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. JamesON


      10x , not my birthday (xd)

      Follow me on Fb also :d

    3. ANGY


      What is you facebook? :o 

    4. JamesON


      I might be banned if i share my Facebook in here :s

  12. Stay strong , weekend is coming !

  13. What doesnt kill you , makes u stronger !

    Happy weekend to everyone !

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