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  1. Zara

    Bug html5

    Seems to be back to normal. You can close this topic.
  2. elon musk seems to be more of a marketing agent than a visionary… he wants to take millions of people to mars in a short space of time, does he not think about what he says himself (ugh)

    1. xLaming


      Marketing is what brings fame and money. In my opinion, he's a visionary, having great ideas and does everything to make them happen, his problem is that his way of acting is the same as that of a spoiled child.

  3. tomorrow has snydercut 8-)

     Happy Wonder Woman GIF

  4. Zara

    🥳Happy Birthday

    Greeting Happy Birthday GIF by Diamond D. Real Estate

    1. Bau


      Thank you Zara (hug)

  5. Zara

    Bug html5

    honestly, it’s a rare thing, even if I realize it a couple of times, it doesn’t matter to me, I think it has to do with names that are similar, carla and carlos,
  6. Zara

    Bug html5

    so I’ve seen reports in other xats, but this is rare…. today two people reported to me that I was married to someone else
  7. Zara

    Bug html5

    I'm married to carla, but for other users someone else appears, lol how crazy
  8. this week has Snyder Cut LJ

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  9. esse antivírus está bloqueando login de pessoas pelo que entendi, varias estão citando esse problema.. devo mandar desativar para login?
  10. Zara

         Happy Birthday! Amna

    Happy So Excited GIF by Sherlock Gnomes

  11. Do not worry. The best people always carry a scar. - Kiera Cass The one -
  12. animate is a power to get gifs effect, so this change who would have to make it would not be a design? or are you giving ideas for a new power?
  13. Zara

    My Backgrounds

    Ótimos fundos... estou aprendendo fazer.... kkkkkkk
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