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  1. Zara

    Free Templates

    Thanks Manu for BG... Nice!!!
  2. it's a matter of time ... everything fits together ... i already hated flash, chrome was like a black hole sucking RAM from my PC, the flash weighed too much ... but nothing better than the time for html5 on xat to be 100% we are doomed to change is part of evolution
  3. Success does not happen for those who have never suffered, but it does happen for those who managed to overcome all the suffering that came their way.


  4. I believe it is one of the best functions after the status
  5. LaFleur has a great idea
  6. I saw a person worried about copyright ... but these idea of the shirts and only with color without the identity of the team, (logo) This is just an example ... the good would be with champions league teams ... future would launch shirts from every major league in Europe and Latin America https://imgur.com/zAy4ztu or Liverpool no LOGO
  7. Zara


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      Brilha muito nos corinthia

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