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  1. I have a suggestion which urks me a lot. So I think we should change it so if people have an L in there Sn name it wont automatically be capitalized. I know it's not much of a suggestion but it's something that irritates me a lot. 

  2. 1 hour ago, ivinnih said:

    I lost the authenticator code, I opened a ticket and it's been 15 days and I think it's taking so long because I put '' lost access '' instead of '' lost auth ''. Someone can change the department to expedite the process or some volunteer opens a ticket for me

    Yeah that would most likely be the reason, I say come to xat.com/help and ask a volunteer to transfer your ticket. Also you could try to go to xat.com/fexbots and type !vols and it will tell you the list of online volunteers. Goodluck :)

  3. 11 hours ago, kiiera said:

    I have 2 tickets waiting for a response. Why does it take so long to get a resolution on a ticket? I have seen may complaints about this issue.

    One of my tickets is time sensitive ( concerns wrong short name).The other ticket is about my previous xat account being blocked. I have powers & xats in that account that I paid good money for. Why won't xat give it back to me? This is unfair! I was a xat user several years ago & I didn't see complaints about the time it takes to resolve an issue back then. 


    Just be patient. Your ticket will be responded to. 


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