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  1. Happy Birthday man! 

  2. Congratulations brother! P.S I knew he was applying.
  3. Good point I kinda thought about that afterwards @Arthur @Stif
  4. I have a suggestion which urks me a lot. So I think we should change it so if people have an L in there Sn name it wont automatically be capitalized. I know it's not much of a suggestion but it's something that irritates me a lot.
  5. Michael

    lost auth

    Cool, Good to know.
  6. Michael

    lost auth

    Yeah that would most likely be the reason, I say come to xat.com/help and ask a volunteer to transfer your ticket. Also you could try to go to xat.com/fexbots and type !vols and it will tell you the list of online volunteers. Goodluck
  7. Just be patient. Your ticket will be responded to.
  8. hmm I like the idea would be neat.
  9. Would be a great idea.
  10. Did you accidentally change your settings?
  11. Pretty late on a reply but looks great!
  12. Michael

    Pin power

    Great idea man! *Update* Yeah I guess rank scroll has that but great idea.
  13. Hey everyone, It's been a long time since i've really came onto xat! Hope everyones doing great i'm sure going to start coming on everyday!!!
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