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  1. 12 minutes ago, Elie said:

    It's still pretty rude to categorize your "friends"

    I have my Steam friends catigorized as IRL, xat, Terraria friends, Youtubers, and other.


    s00p3r r00d


  2. Effects should also be able to be used with animated avatars.


    Not sure why the PCback isn't a thing. I use toon avatars all the time because of their simpleness.

  3. 43 minutes ago, TinkerDoodle said:

    I usually brows the forums on my while in class, I wrote my entire gmythology suggestion on my phone. Sadly we don't have ctrl. I think a reverse option would be so nifty.

    If you're using a smartphone, there's a 99% chance that there's an undo function on it somewhere.

  4. 53 minutes ago, LaFleur said:

    As many people are suggesting different things, this are the only settings ipboard has related to reputation.


    How about allowing positive and negative reputation, but don't show the total reputation (and remove the 'leaderboard')?

  5. 21 minutes ago, Stah said:

    Relating to rep power, the higher the power the most reputation your post will get. For example, members and advanced members likes will only give +1 per post, but (if rep is used as intended) a contributor's like may be worth +2, smiley maker +3, forum moderator +4, volunteer +5 and admins +10. Therefore, encouraging more quality posts to attract the interest of volunteers, contributors, moderators, smiley makers and admins.

    I'd rather not. So, admins and contributors and etc., have more voice than me? Also, this probably won't help attract volunteers and admins.

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  6. 56 minutes ago, Steven said:

    lol that's cool :)


    If these posts are considered spam, then 18 thousand people commenting "good luck" on every single contest post should be considered spam as well. Adds absolutely nothing to the discussion and is extremely annoying when you're trying to actually look for people entering the contest.

    As you may know, I've complain about this in the past, and many people actually supported this. That is absolutely ridiculous. The 'good luck' messages are 1-3 worded responses that should fall into rule with this, as well.

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