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  1. Good idea, but maybe add options to this somehow, with:


    1. Making it optional to see, or move it from the main message, as it could clutter the screen. Maybe show it by hovering over the message, however that might get complex.


    2. Instead of the time, specify how long ago it is. Example: 2 sec ago, 1 min ago, 2 hr ago, 2 yr 32 w 1 d ago (or just specify how many weeks ago, so in this case 136w ago). You could omit the 'ago' part, it depends on how lengthy it could be.

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  2. 14 minutes ago, LaFleur said:

    Sounds like a potential power, but i fear the smilies wouldn't be used, its just something you would not chat with (at least i feel so).

    Like a lot of recent powers...

  3. 2 minutes ago, Five said:

    i don't know what are these suppose to be. please explain.

    they're CRACKLES, can't you read?


    To be serious, this just looks like germ7 and germ8 from the germ power.


  4. 9 hours ago, Arckas said:

    #1: Not tell anyone. Anyone. I don't want my family at risk of kidnap nd ransom.

    #2: Delete this post.

    #3: Establish a diversified low-risk investment portfolio that provides $5M/year indefinitely.

    Now that's in order:

    Philanthropy:  I would set up trusts to support the following: 

    • victims of child abuse
    • research into SIDS/SADS and mental illness
    • internet freedom
    • getting the homeless back on their feet

    I'd anonymously pay off the debts of people close to me; the aim being to ensure they don't have to struggle without eroding their ability or will to provide for themselves, and to not draw special attention to anyone (including my own family).

    Business/Philanthropy: Start a film/music production studio specialising in low budget and independent projects.  Build an independent secular school for my kids to go to.  Support my friends' and family's businesses and passions.  Find out if there's life on Europa.  Build the world's greatest fromagerie/cafe/martini bar.

    Selfish stuff: My "anonymous benefactor" would buy us a nice house at the beach on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, a black Land Rover Defender dual cab for me, an Audi Q7 for the missus and some really nice handmade suits and shoes.  Once all my affairs were in place, I'd get my pilot's license (fixed and rotary).  We'd travel.  I'd learn to surf.  We'd get a couple of cats.  I'd cook thai food - the kind that takes days to prepare.  I'd probably hire the Dave Matthews Band to play a gig at the fromagerie.  I'd get a daily massage.

    To be perfectly honest, I'd probably also spend a fair bit of money on elaboratepranks

    This thread isn't called "What would James Radvan do if he had $5,000,000,000"!

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  5. 1 hour ago, Harrison said:

    I don't think this happens on Chrome.

    I'm on mobile (iPhone 5c iOS 9.3.1, Safari) and it happens.

    1 hour ago, Harrison said:

    I don't think this happens on Chrome.

    I'm on mobile (iPhone 5c iOS 9.3.1, Safari) and it happens.


    EDIT: Also maybe happens on Chome desktop.

  6. On May 3, 2016 at 6:29 PM, Sean said:

    Hey did you watch the game last night against the Spurs? If so, what did you think about those no-calls at the end of the game?

    I heard Ginnobli stepped on the line first, and if the refs called it, none of the other calls would've happened, but maybe it's because I'm biased towards OKC.


  7. I feel like you can pick a random object, put a face on it, and make it a power.


    CLOCK power

    PHONE power

    DRESSER power

    STAPLER power

    PAPERCLIP power

    and the list goes on and on

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