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  1. Basketball. I don't even play basketball IRL that much, but I've really been into NBA since last year's playoffs. /r/NBA also helped me get into it. It's actually really interesting.


    Also, if you can, post "Russell Westbrook #NBAVote" on Twitter/Facebook to get Russell Westbrook, elite point-guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the starting spot in the NBA All-Star game.

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  2. 6 hours ago, Lost said:

    If I recall, it was a mixture of CSS code from both Guppy and Majora (see xat_Test source code).


    But I don't think giving credit is enough if you literally copy the code word to word and replace the images urls without any modifications whatsoever.

    I did not give anyone permission to use my modified CSS code, so he shouldn't have used it anyways.

  3. 32 minutes ago, Hayley said:

    Terrorism... ticking clock.... world... 

    I'm saying it's not a good idea for the smiley choice imo.

    A ticking clock does not have anything to do with or connect with terrorism.


    I believe changing a smiley's speed will further allow the user to customize their smilies and names. I agree with this.

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Virtue said:

    xat can always request permission to use it since we already have Pokemon avatars for toons ourselves and not to mention the Pokemon ball catcher smiley.

    They can use them without permission because they're free to use. Don't quote me on that Since this is a paid power that will make xat money, this cannot be used without permission.

    Also, xat would probably get ignored if they asked Pokemon/Nintendo for permission.

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