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    • Well, what kind of style do you prefer?
      • Hate metro UI, I'm a fan of material UI.
    • What kind of colors do you prefer?
      • Anything works, as long as they match and contrast well.
    • Which is your preference?
      • About me and such are okay, as long as they're not too tacky, large, and unnecessary.
    • You prefer profiles/chats that are clean (with fewer images and more CSS) or more images and less CSS?
      • Clean and simple. Too many images make it look messy (if used incorrectly). My opinion: less is more.
  1. ǵ̶͠͠ ̵͜͟͠͝o̵҉͞͠ ̶͢͢ờ̕ ̕͘͝͠͞d̴͘͏́ ͏̶͟l̕ ̛̕͟ừ̵̡͜ ̕͟ć̕͡ ̴̨̀̕k̴̛

  2. Each piece in your designs seems like they have been 'slapped' onto the background. Try to blend them together using layer styles, effects, and other ways to enhance your graphics.

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  3. Note: This is my opinion. You don't have to do anything I say, this is just what I've learned and observed from designing.

    • Everything is far too dark. Switch it up a bit with some light and dark spots in your background.
    • The contrast between the text and the background is too low, try adding some effects to spice it up.
    • Don't do a gradient stroke, it's tacky and doesn't look all too good, as it makes the top part easy to read, but the bottom part fades out, making an imbalance.
    • Scanlines (the pixelated grid) are also tacky, I have no idea why anyone would use them.
    • Try adding more 'backgrounds/effects' you use in your backgrounds to make each one unique. Right now, each one looks very similar, just with different colors and fonts.
    • I've been doing the 'no template' backgrounds, which makes it infinitely simpler to design, as you don't have to worry about anything getting in the way of borders, smiley bar, etc.
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