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  1. The Cleveland Cavaliers pull off a historic game, breaking records for most threes in a game, and the most points in a first quarter. They win with a score of 137-116, with the score now 3-1.


    Will the Cavaliers take home court of the Warriors, or will the Warriors win the championship? Find out Monday night, 8:00 PM CST.

  2. The Cavaliers lose 3 straight games, with a loss in Game 3 with a score of 113-118. The Golden State Warriors are up 3-0, meaning that they need to win one more game to win the championship.


    Will the Cavs attempt to take game 4 at home, or will the Golden State Warriors sweep the finals, the first time since 2007? Game 4 is tonight at 9:00 CST. Good luck.

  3. The Warriors win back to back games, winning Game 2 with a score of 113-132, with both Stephen Curry and LeBron James having triple doubles (32pt, 11ast, 10reb, and 29pt, 14ast, and 11reb, respectively).


    Game 3 is tomorrow at 8:00 CST. Can the Cavaliers come back and win at home, or will the Warriors go up 3-0?

  4. 19 minutes ago, T0x1c said:

    Before, graphics was a chat where you post your work and they'll say it's good or bad, they will not help you improve.

    Odd, I don't remember that. (said from a very active owner of the chat)

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  5. 47 minutes ago, T0x1c said:

    I've tried several ways of contacting you and no reply. I can not understand your last comment, would you please rephrase?

    1v1 (1 player vs. 1 player), Pharah (a character in the game, Overwatch), pc (played on the PC), ow (Overwatch). It's a joke.

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  6. The Houston Rockets (Daniel), Utah Jazz (Chelly), Toronto Raptors (Four), and Washington Wizards (iRhea14) have been eliminated. The Western and Eastern Conference Finals have started, with the San Antonio Spurs facing the Golden State Warriors, and the Cleveland Cavaliers facing the Boston Celtics. Good luck to those who remain.

  7. The Los Angeles Clippers (Hugo), Oklahoma City Thunder (Kyle), Memphis Grizzlies (Eleven), Portland Trailblazers (Madison), Atlanta Hawks (Lemona), Milwaukee Bucks (JameslovesJoe), Indiana Pacers (Stif), and Chicago Bulls (EzreallaerzE) have been eliminated. The rest of the teams have moved on to the second round.

  8. Here is the list.


    Western Conference:

    1. Golden State Warriors: MusicalMelody (674217819)

    2. San Antonio Spurs: Mstr (102041809)

    3. Houston Rockets: Daniel (72936365)

    4. Los Angeles Clippers: Hugo (10000123)

    5. Utah Jazz: Chelly (19032000)

    6. Oklahoma City Thunder: Kyle (96321545)

    7. Memphis Grizzlies: Eleven (300084004)

    8. Portland Trailblazers: Madison (143143)


    Eastern Conference:

    1. Boston Celtics: Angelo (18500000)

    2. Cleveland Cavaliers: Austin (638877683)

    3. Toronto Raptors: Four (4444)

    4. Washington Wizards: iRhea14 (1525763743)

    5. Atlanta Hawks: Lemona (220341852)

    6. Milwaukee Bucks: JameslovesJoe (1521240552)

    7. Indiana Pacers: Stif (1997)

    8. Chicago Bulls: EzreallaerzE (430193114)


    Good luck to everybody.

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