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  1. What makes this more advanced than, say, Jake's Advanced Inner Template or my Basic Inner Template (which is still pretty advanced, if you ask me), or my custom modified version of Jake's Advanced Inner Template, which has 400+ layers? I think calling this the "most advanced" is pretty misleading, if you ask me.


    Nice template though, but it's very pixelated. Try turning on Anti-Aliasing (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aliasing) to make it look better.

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  2. 9 minutes ago, Karl said:

    Instead of making threads about people, report them to volunteers/admins.

    1 hour ago, Communism said:

    Oh yeah, you can be sure I screenshotted and reported it to the admins

    Try reading before posting.


    9 minutes ago, Karl said:

    Deleting the chat is pointless, it's been like this for years and is probably never going to change.

    So xat trying to stop illegal shenanigans is pointless? Sure, let's keep sexual predators on xat, it's not going to change anyways.

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