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  1. 2 hours ago, Leandro said:


    Not having to download it.

    You only have to download it once, and you can use it for anything else besides xat as well.


    I'd say it's a worthy 10 seconds of your time to download it.

  2. It should be known that that website is not the original source. From my very brief research (aka Google Reverse Image Search), http://qq.zol.com.cn/322/3226381.html is the oldest source (dated September 20, 2012) that contains those images. That website is apparently "the leading IT portal website in China, with 5 million+ registered users, 6 million+ daily unique visits, 41 million daily page views." Now, I don't know how copyrighting works, but the website is copyrighted (see bottom of page), for what it's worth.


    This is an interesting case for xat.

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  3. Please reply with your username, and skill level (self-applied, out of 10) using this format:


    Username: Vιctor (with the greek letter I)

    Skill Level: 7/10

    Platform: PC


    Let's SQUAD UP

  4. You ever see anyone type like that? It’s very annoying and ugly.



    нι ενεяч1 ιм иεω!!!!!!! нσldѕ υρ ѕρσяк мч иαмε ιѕ кαтч вυт υ cαи cαll мε т3н PεNgU1N σF d00м!!!!!!!! lσl…αѕ υ cαи ѕεε ιм νεяч яαиdσм!!!!


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