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  1. Posting on mobile when you want to format is bad. I browse the forum on my phone a lot. You can't embed code, change font size, change font-family, or change the size. Just one of my beefs.


    On an unrelated note, is there any way you can upload images from a URL?

  2. I'd rather not have this. It doesn't seem right, having people's music come up in private chat. You don't want to listen to music when you're PC'ing someone, at least I don't.

  3. Here's a basic inner template.

    It's my old template from long ago, and I've modern-ized it to make it more user-friendly.



    Download (MediaFire) 4.4MB

    Things you can do with this template:

    • Make backgrounds with this
    • Use it without giving credit
    • Make backgrounds with this
    • Cure cancer


    Things you can't do with this template:

    • Claim it's yours
    • Resell the template
    • Take parts of it and use it in a template that you will resell
    • Not cure cancer


    thanks jake 4 inspiration on the list!!!

    If you need any help with this template, feel free to ask me or anyone at xat.com/Graphics.

    xat Graphics users do not have to answer your questions.


    If you like this, consider liking this post for more freebies.

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