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  1. Klemon = (Klime#FFFF00)
  2. Did you make that smiley? It's cute.
  3. Guppy

    Forum glitch

    I'm on mobile (iPhone 5c iOS 9.3.1, Safari) and it happens. I'm on mobile (iPhone 5c iOS 9.3.1, Safari) and it happens. EDIT: Also maybe happens on Chome desktop.
  4. Guppy

    Forum glitch

    This happens to me too, it is VERY annoying. This happens to me too, it is VERY annoying. EDIT: ... It happened.
  5. I heard Ginnobli stepped on the line first, and if the refs called it, none of the other calls would've happened, but maybe it's because I'm biased towards OKC.
  6. I feel like you can pick a random object, put a face on it, and make it a power. CLOCK power PHONE power DRESSER power STAPLER power PAPERCLIP power and the list goes on and on
  7. I really enjoy the NBA. I regularly follow the Thunder and the Hornets. Sad to see the Hornets lose the playoffs, but I want OKC to win it all.
  8. Guppy

    Win 15k

    At what times? The whole day? If there are multiple pools, will users in other pools also be considered?
  9. Guppy


    I have my Steam friends catigorized as IRL, xat, Terraria friends, Youtubers, and other. s00p3r r00d
  10. Effects should also be able to be used with animated avatars. Not sure why the PCback isn't a thing. I use toon avatars all the time because of their simpleness.
  11. graphics is the best chat on xat
  12. If you're using a smartphone, there's a 99% chance that there's an undo function on it somewhere.
  13. I have posted my second entry. Click here to view it.
  14. it's not christmas yet
  15. When you reserve a post but make a new post for your entry anyway

    1. Flake


      omg srry i forgot -___-- lol

  16. What's the difference between this and Trade, Tr4de, Deal, Deals, Loja, and all the other official trade chats?
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