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  1. Guppy

    Yes or No

    No, the rain keeps me up. Do you judge others for wearing hoodies in the summer
  2. They can use them without permission because they're free to use. Don't quote me on that Since this is a paid power that will make xat money, this cannot be used without permission. Also, xat would probably get ignored if they asked Pokemon/Nintendo for permission.


    1. Lemona
    2. Alexis



      I laughed more than I should.

  4. how do i get a cp 10,000 mewtwo without leaving my house
  5. Congrets now go delete those useless nonrelavent posts
  6. Guppy

    Time stamps

    Good idea, but maybe add options to this somehow, with: 1. Making it optional to see, or move it from the main message, as it could clutter the screen. Maybe show it by hovering over the message, however that might get complex. 2. Instead of the time, specify how long ago it is. Example: 2 sec ago, 1 min ago, 2 hr ago, 2 yr 32 w 1 d ago (or just specify how many weeks ago, so in this case 136w ago). You could omit the 'ago' part, it depends on how lengthy it could be.
  7. Suggestions like this are apparently being closed/deleted now. Elie has told me to report any suggestions like these in the future, so that will increase the quality of forum suggestions. I hope.
  8. Guppy


    Like a lot of recent powers...
  9. Guppy

    Splash power

    they're CRACKLES, can't you read? To be serious, this just looks like germ7 and germ8 from the germ power.
  10. Great idea. I'll add this to the main post.
  11. This is just an add-on to the temporary rank powers. This is not a new power. I suggested this on the old forum, but this suggestion adds two more indications. This add-on will add four visual indicators to see if users on a chat are temporarily ranked or not, along with a quality-of-life change with temp powers. I usually see people who are not usually mod/owner (not usually member, but this relates to that, as well) on chats, and I have to ask if they are "temp" or "perm", and I do not know how long they are for. However, this suggestion will change that. I have asked Stah if he can be the example for my visual indicators. Note: These examples were made in Photoshop and not coded into the xat client. 1. Pawn Indication First, there will be a clock on the user's pawn. That will clearly show that they are a temporary rank. This is the clock used in the temp powers: , or a modified version of the (o) smiley. The clock is in a different position than the power to match the away indication. 2. Hover Over Pawn Now you know that they are a temp rank. But, you don't know how long they are their rank! This is fixed with the second visual indicator. When you hover over their pawn, you are able to see how long they are temp for. Here, you can see that Stah has 3.2 hours (192 minutes) left as a tempmod. 3. Rank Listed on 'Card' On their 'card' (when you click on their name), you can see that they are listed as a 'tempmod' instead of moderator. This could also be listed as "Temp-Moderator", "Tempmod", "Temporary Moderator", or "Temporary Mod". 4. Position on Chat List I'm not sure if this is already in the client, but lastly, tempmods should be listed below regular moderators, as their chat rank is lower. This would further differentiate temp-moderators from moderators. 5. After Temprank Expires This was suggested by @Lemona. This isn't a visual indicator, but just a QOL change to the temp powers. With the original temprank power, after the temporary rank expires, users may sign in/out or get kicked in order to return to their previous rank. With this suggestion, the user would automatically return to their original rank. The chat could automatically refresh after your time is up, so it would be obvious that the rank wore off. I know you could use events (or maybe bots?) to check, but this would make it so much easier, and this would be available to users without the events power or a bot. Thank you to Stah for letting me use him as an example in this suggestion. Feel free to add on or critique my suggestion. Thank you for reading, if you did. If you didn't, here's a TL;DR: TL;DR: This adds four visual indicators, differentiating them from regular moderators (along with one QOL change).
  12. Does contributor mean contribute to mainly the forum or xat in general? Just wondering.

  14. 133 coins, 73 quarters and 60 nickels
  15. what's on YOUR mind, xat???

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      xat: making powers making powers making powers..fixing bugs fixing bugs


  16. lol i have more reputation than u

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      this guy has more than you @stah http://imgur.com/0xNVhLp

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      please don't post on my profile ever again

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      69 likes at the time of posting.

  17. xat supports trump confirmed http://regated.com/2016/06/google-censorship-trump/
  18. i'll gladly take lemona's spot!!!
  19. This thread isn't called "What would James Radvan do if he had $5,000,000,000"!
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