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  1. I love you. Thanks for buying graphics from me
  2. ǵ̶͠͠ ̵͜͟͠͝o̵҉͞͠ ̶͢͢ờ̕ ̕͘͝͠͞d̴͘͏́ ͏̶͟l̕ ̛̕͟ừ̵̡͜ ̕͟ć̕͡ ̴̨̀̕k̴̛ ̴̨̡̧͠o̡͘͠͝ ͜͞ờ͜͠ ̢̕̕͟͞d̵͘͜͜҉ ̢̛͜l̸͢͠ ҉̧͡͝͠u̵̧͘͘ ͜͝ç̛҉ ̧́ḱ̷̷͠
  3. Credits: This picture of a thermal view of a car: https://www.autoevolution.com/news/f1-car-doing-donuts-the-thermal-camera-hot-view-video-85819.html#agal_0
  4. Guppy

    How's this?

    Each piece in your designs seems like they have been 'slapped' onto the background. Try to blend them together using layer styles, effects, and other ways to enhance your graphics.
  5. Forest: https://www.pexels.com/photo/wood-nature-sunny-forest-1826/ Anime Girl: http://orihimeyuuka.deviantart.com/art/Anime-Render-19-447961981
  6. New, 100% original branding. Hope you like it. Bonus at xat.me/Saturation?Branding

    1. oj
    2. xLaming


      A lot of "py"

      PY = Paraguay

      Paraguay sell a lot of products made in China,

      So you are from paraguay and sell a lot of products made in China,

      Now trying to open a branding, but will have problems with copyrights.



  7. I don't see this happening. The leopard print might not scale that well when made smaller into the chat sized pawn.
  8. good fight between okc vs gsw but unfortunately westgod lost against cupcake

    1. Sean


      OKC will never smell a victory against Golden State.

    2. Unity


      @Sean Knicks will never smell a victory against a team over .500

    3. Sean


      I know 

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  9. I've made a mockup of this. Find it at xat.com/GUP. It's very low quality because I couldn't find a suitable gif, but you can see a rough idea on how it would work.
  10. wat is with this exuby thing

  11. People make mistakes, you don't have to keep making fun of them. I thought at first that this was a contest to show off your CSS skills, and make any xatspace as complex as possible. I guess I misunderstood, too.
  12. Note: This is my opinion. You don't have to do anything I say, this is just what I've learned and observed from designing. Everything is far too dark. Switch it up a bit with some light and dark spots in your background. The contrast between the text and the background is too low, try adding some effects to spice it up. Don't do a gradient stroke, it's tacky and doesn't look all too good, as it makes the top part easy to read, but the bottom part fades out, making an imbalance. Scanlines (the pixelated grid) are also tacky, I have no idea why anyone would use them.
  13. Many people live near a beach. In fact, 39% of the US live near a beach. Why do you ask?
  14. i love you

    1. Exuby
    2. Exuby


      gup can u make me a profile picture

  15. I'm not sure what flip is doing. Cry, bye, and big are already smileys. Frantic is basically (rolling) or (rofl). I don't think we need a question/exclamation smiley.
  16. Even better, how about a tax every time you send a message? xat is tax backwards.
  17. does lightning mcqueen get life insurance or car insurance

    1. Nick


      lol sick status guppy

    2. Crow


      Life insurance probably pays out more. 

    3. Crow


      I mean, the car insurance only includes the car, right? But his life probably includes the car, and other stuff. Oh I don't even know.

  18. Other people make resources, too.
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