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  1. I have made a .psd template for the basketball video game NBA 2K18. The original cover was released for Kyrie Irving, but with this cover, you can add any NBA player (or person, really) you want. It's not 100% accurate, but I doubt anyone could tell the difference. I doubt any of you will have a use for it, but I wanted to release it. --- --- I made an example with an NBA player, Gordon Hayward. --- Here's a comparison between the original cover and my cover. --- Contents: Full
  2. The Cavaliers lose 3 straight games, with a loss in Game 3 with a score of 113-118. The Golden State Warriors are up 3-0, meaning that they need to win one more game to win the championship. Will the Cavs attempt to take game 4 at home, or will the Golden State Warriors sweep the finals, the first time since 2007? Game 4 is tonight at 9:00 CST. Good luck.
  3. The Warriors win back to back games, winning Game 2 with a score of 113-132, with both Stephen Curry and LeBron James having triple doubles (32pt, 11ast, 10reb, and 29pt, 14ast, and 11reb, respectively). Game 3 is tomorrow at 8:00 CST. Can the Cavaliers come back and win at home, or will the Warriors go up 3-0?
  4. The Warriors win game 1 with a score of 113-91, with Kevin Durant leading the way with 38 points, 8 assists, and 8 rebounds. Game 2 is tonight at 7:00 CST. Will the Cavs even the score, or will the Warriors take a commanding 2-0 lead? We'll find out. Good luck!
  5. Guppy

    Graphics chat

    Odd, I don't remember that. (said from a very active owner of the chat)
  6. Guppy

    Graphics chat

    1v1 (1 player vs. 1 player), Pharah (a character in the game, Overwatch), pc (played on the PC), ow (Overwatch). It's a joke.
  7. The San Antonia Spurs (Mstr) and Boston Celtics (Angelo) have been eleminated. The Golden State Warriors (MusicalMelody) and Cleveland Cavaliers (Austin) remain. The NBA Finals begin June 1st. Good luck to both of you.
  8. Guppy

    Sproof Power

    This seems too exploitable.
  9. Inner: Outer: This is just a preview. Please use the CSS code provided in the pastebin, instead. Pastebin Preview: xat.com/GUP Feel free to leave feedback there. I'll read it. Reminders: Turn on Transparent Background for the outer to work. Use the button color #252D42. However, if you do find a better one that works, use that one. The files used contain copyright information that prevent unauthorized use. Don't modify or use any of it without my explicit permission. -------- Inner:
  10. The Houston Rockets (Daniel), Utah Jazz (Chelly), Toronto Raptors (Four), and Washington Wizards (iRhea14) have been eliminated. The Western and Eastern Conference Finals have started, with the San Antonio Spurs facing the Golden State Warriors, and the Cleveland Cavaliers facing the Boston Celtics. Good luck to those who remain.
  11. This is literally faces on food, and I don't see anyone using it at all.
  12. My new account is Guppy (696969000). Saturation (299993835) is no longer in use.

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      and  what ?


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      saturation was better. :(

      grats for the ID 

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  13. tfw help mods ask who you are and you literally made their background

    1. Flake


      who the heck are u lol

  14. 696969000 tfw you actually get the ID you suggested
  15. The Los Angeles Clippers (Hugo), Oklahoma City Thunder (Kyle), Memphis Grizzlies (Eleven), Portland Trailblazers (Madison), Atlanta Hawks (Lemona), Milwaukee Bucks (JameslovesJoe), Indiana Pacers (Stif), and Chicago Bulls (EzreallaerzE) have been eliminated. The rest of the teams have moved on to the second round.
  16. Here is the list. Western Conference: 1. Golden State Warriors: MusicalMelody (674217819) 2. San Antonio Spurs: Mstr (102041809) 3. Houston Rockets: Daniel (72936365) 4. Los Angeles Clippers: Hugo (10000123) 5. Utah Jazz: Chelly (19032000) 6. Oklahoma City Thunder: Kyle (96321545) 7. Memphis Grizzlies: Eleven (300084004) 8. Portland Trailblazers: Madison (143143) Eastern Conference: 1. Boston Celtics: Angelo (18500000) 2. Cleveland Cavaliers: Austin (638877683) 3. Toronto Raptors: Four (4444) 4. Washington Wiza
  17. All spots are taken. Team pairs will be announced tomorrow. Good luck to everyone.
  18. The NBA playoffs have begun. Who's team will prevail and win the NBA championship? How does this work? Reply to this topic with your regname, ID, and your favorite NBA player (note: this has no relation to your paired team). You will be randomly paired with a NBA team in the playoffs. There are 16 teams in this tournament, so the first 16 people to reply get paired. If your team wins the NBA championship, you win. What's the prize? The Purple power. The Teams (click for full size resolution) You can find the schedule here at http://sta
  19. Well, what kind of style do you prefer? Hate metro UI, I'm a fan of material UI. What kind of colors do you prefer? Anything works, as long as they match and contrast well. Which is your preference? About me and such are okay, as long as they're not too tacky, large, and unnecessary. You prefer profiles/chats that are clean (with fewer images and more CSS) or more images and less CSS? Clean and simple. Too many images make it look messy (if used incorrectly). My opinion: less is more.
  20. W 3 S T B R O O K

    H I S T 0 R Y

  21. Credits: Plague Doctor: http://plaguedoctormasks.com/shop/white-plague-mask/ Tree: http://weknowyourdreams.com/tree.html Grunge Texture: http://kingofwallpapers.com/grunge.html Preview: http://i.imgur.com/Hh7I5na.png
  22. "Hello." - Albert Einstein (Sometime in his life)
  23. 989 332 813 Saturation (299993835)
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