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  1. interesting how this person somehow made a custom activity stream instead of making a status/post...

  2. This is a 1456 px * 972 px xat template for you to use. Inspiration taken from Jake and Nicebits, however every part in this template was made from scratch. Have fun. Download [Mega.nz, 20 MB] Decryption key is !c5S3HVm4uqkvCB-kJvQSrPlDy6tozo9oXr3vFtP_cgs I will not give a tutorial on how to use this, so learn how to use it yourself.
  3. supreme x guppy collab coming 2069
  4. When trying to edit chat: 3b0ffbbac9cf2000
  5. You ever see anyone type like that? It’s very annoying and ugly.
  6. guppy (696969000) 69 xd
  7. Inner: Outer: This is just a preview. Please use the CSS code provided, instead. CSS Pastebin Preview: xat.com/GUP Reminders: Turn on Transparent Background for the outer to work. Use the button color #254063. However, if you do find a better one that works, use that one. The files used contain copyright information that prevent unauthorized use. Don't modify or use any of it without my explicit permission. Thank you for viewing, I hope you like it.
  8. Still: Animated: http://i.imgur.com/qWRN75q.gifv Code: (dream#suback#FEDA18#swhirl#manga#FFD200#sunbed#summerflix#seatree#cloud) Guppy (696969000)
  9. Anything Goes or Random Battle, or I'm up to making a team for any format. Username: mrguppy
  10. Summer sunsets at the beach. Full chat link: http://i.imgur.com/hZaoKrI.jpg Guppy (696969000)
  11. What makes this more advanced than, say, Jake's Advanced Inner Template or my Basic Inner Template (which is still pretty advanced, if you ask me), or my custom modified version of Jake's Advanced Inner Template, which has 400+ layers? I think calling this the "most advanced" is pretty misleading, if you ask me. Nice template though, but it's very pixelated. Try turning on Anti-Aliasing (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aliasing) to make it look better.
  12. I play showdown, however I specifically only do Random Battle or Anything Goes, however I'd be up for anything. Username is MrGuppy.
  13. deletedmy other one as it was wrong http://i.imgur.com/chFUEwg.png
  14. Color picker would be nice too.
  15. why doesn't xat use it's own smilies for reactions???

    1. Daniel


      IIRC they're not easily customizable, it's being looked into.

    2. Brandon


      Just you wait and see!

    3. CarlosDesigns


      I was thinking the same (hmm)

  16. Doesn't work in Chrome or Internet Explorer, but it does work in Microsoft Edge and Firefox. I'd rather not use Microsoft Edge/Firefox just to react to posts on the forum, though.
  17. All extensions disabled, still doesn't work.
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