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    I'd rather not have this. It doesn't seem right, having people's music come up in private chat. You don't want to listen to music when you're PC'ing someone, at least I don't.
  2. This new forum is janky (is that a bad word? idk), but we'll get used to it like we did with the other forum.
  3. Here's a basic inner template. It's my old template from long ago, and I've modern-ized it to make it more user-friendly. Download (MediaFire) 4.4MB Things you can do with this template: Make backgrounds with this Use it without giving credit Make backgrounds with this Cure cancer Things you can't do with this template: Claim it's yours Resell the template Take parts of it and use it in a template that you will resell Not cure cancer thanks jake 4 inspiration on the list!!! If you need an
  4. I remember when you offered 10,000 xats or some ridiculous for your template, and a guy actually bought it. Or was that someone else...
  5. I like everything here except for the PIN, it seems unnecessary,
  6. My favorite game is definitely Terraria, with 650+ hours on Steam. I also enjoy SSBB (Project M) and any Pokemon game, although I only a few games.
  7. Volunteers are no different from regular users, aside as they help with xat admins more. They should not get any special identification from other regular users.
  8. This should be a thing in xat already after all these suggestions. It would be a great feature.
  9. Guppy

    you look decent ;)

    1. Matt
    2. Guppy



    3. Matt


      This isn't YouTube lmao, but sure.

  10. Cool beans. shameless "just posting this to get my post count up"
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