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  1. Guppy

    Boys vs. Girls

    34 - lets get back up boys
  2. Speed isn't always good. You have 2 weeks to make it perfect, yet you used 1.5 hours to make it. I mean, I guess?
  3. Please tell me that's sarcasm.
  4. I have a video with 65k views (and 3 other videos with 1k+), can I get cyan pawn pls?
  5. That's not your desktop! http://www.guidebookgallery.org/screenshots/win98
  6. If it was toned down a bit, it may look nice.
  7. Best Smiley Power: Manga Best Function Power: (ME) for sure, it's the best for xatspace users. Best Group Power: Links Best Bot Provider: Love ya', FEXBots.
  8. Uhh, it's the celebrity's choice if they want to join xat. xat (probably) doesn't choose celebrities to join.
  9. I'm not sure if there's a setting for this, but can you not see signatures unless you're an Advanced Member? That's really dumb. If that's not the case, is signature-viewing disable by default? I don't see a setting for it on my other account.
  10. Like @Ryan said, I don't see the need for contests, but ID sales may need one due to possible scamming.
  11. The color should be the color you made the text, it's just black. See?
  12. My biggest beefs are the Image URL embedding, size restriction. and custom colors. EDIT: And the signature image size. wtf? 615*150 isn't gonna get anything good...
  13. There's a whole bunch of empty space on the "post-bar" (I guess).
  14. I actually really enjoy this idea. It would work around my xatspace testing and my original xatspace, instead of using another account (which doesn't have ME).
  15. Posting on mobile when you want to format is bad. I browse the forum on my phone a lot. You can't embed code, change font size, change font-family, or change the size. Just one of my beefs. On an unrelated note, is there any way you can upload images from a URL?
  16. Graphics is a cool chat. pls go there
  17. Towel. Didn't even have to Google it.
  18. Some people have custom widgets and other modifications for their desktop, so share your desktop. If you don't have any custom widgets, you can show off your desktop background or how messy your desktop is. Also, provide a link to your wallpaper if you can. Link to wallpaper: http://www.facets.la/2014/360/wallpaper/
  19. Guppy

    Hall of Fame!

    I think OceanProject has a command to show you people who have the most of a power, but it would be cool for xat to show an official list with many more categories.
  20. The best way to find riddles: Google. The best way to figure out these riddles: Google.
  21. I am aware of that, but thanks for the free pronunciation lesson.
  22. I don't know how this would work with this type of forum, maybe xat would make a plug-in? Or they could work with IPS and make something, I don't know.
  23. I love Chewy Chips Ahoy, but that's a snack. My favorite meal would be Pho.
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