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  1. you are a pro gamer PogChamp KEKW i cant wait to see you EPICLY PWN some kids on xat some day Sadge stay hydrated

    1. Flake


      thanks pro gamer Guppy cant wait to see you PWN some kids on xat myself! poggers

  2. what happened to graphics

  3. Ah yes, Chart, the international word for graphic design. (/s but not really)
  4. happy america day xat


    feeling GENEROUS today, giving away 1 xat, reply 2 this status w ur regname and id and i will pick a winner whenever i want


    :) thank u epic gamers

    1. Maverick


      Wow, this is so kewlz. I want to win 1 xat!


      Gamer week! 


      Maverick (1070)


      Crossing my fingers!

    2. oj


       FEXBot (23232323)

  5. Baghead is a definite must-have power, it’s so versatile. A must-have for any xatter.
  6. Guppy (696969000) Thanks for the generousity.
  7. Guppy


    Guppy (696969000)
  8. I have received my prize, thank you to Nate and congratulations to all the winners!
  9. Here is my entry. I have watermarked my entry because I do not want my entry used if I do not win. If I win, I will send the unwatermarked image. Thanks to Jake for the game icons.
  10. Only two things were discussed this month? Seems pretty low compared to past months.
  11. Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! (hug)

  12. Greatest xat update of all time.
  13. How is it lagging? If a simple flash application is lagging your computer, you should probably get an upgrade. Also, there are plently of people to assist you. If there's not, come at a different time when the chat is more popular.
  14. Thank for you all of your entries. There were so many entries, it was hard to choose a single winner. With that in mind, we have decided to match the first prize because there was a tie for first place. In 1st place, we have @Luig and @Discann, earning 7,500 xats each. In 2nd place, we have @STARszDEUS, earning 5,000 xats. Winners, pick up your prize from @Angelo (18500000). Thank you to those who have entered and thank you to our judges as well!
  15. The contest has now ended. The winners will be announced shortly. Thank you for all of your entries!
  16. Here is my entry. I have included a watermark over the sample images. I will remove the watermark and send the individual images if I am the winner of this contest. If you need me, contact me on xat (Guppy 6969696000) or Discord (Guppy#2582).
  17. Guppy

    Photoshop free

    You can download free CS2 software from Adobe from here: https://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/cs2-product-downloads.html?promoid=19SCDRQK This is outdated software and it is ‘free’ because Adobe disabled the activation servers for CS2.
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