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  1. hey <3

    1. Guppy



  2. you are a pro gamer PogChamp KEKW i cant wait to see you EPICLY PWN some kids on xat some day Sadge stay hydrated

    1. Flake


      thanks pro gamer Guppy cant wait to see you PWN some kids on xat myself! poggers

  3. what happened to graphics

  4. Deff

    Happy Birthdaayy!!

  5. Happy Birthday! 

  6. elya

    Happ birthday  (hug)


    angry happy birthday GIF by Birthday Bot

  7. Happy  birthday  @Guppy bro(hug)

  8. Ah yes, Chart, the international word for graphic design. (/s but not really)
  9. happy america day xat


    feeling GENEROUS today, giving away 1 xat, reply 2 this status w ur regname and id and i will pick a winner whenever i want


    :) thank u epic gamers

    1. Maverick


      Wow, this is so kewlz. I want to win 1 xat!


      Gamer week! 


      Maverick (1070)


      Crossing my fingers!

    2. oj


       FEXBot (23232323)

  10. Baghead is a definite must-have power, it’s so versatile. A must-have for any xatter.
  11. Guppy (696969000) Thanks for the generousity.
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