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  1. Guppy

    "Thanks" reaction

    I think the star would also be good to replace "Good luck!" replies for contests, as well.
  2. Guppy

    496 BAGHEAD

    (pamad) is interesting
  3. Hey guys, I'm back to selling graphics. I'm selling xat backgrounds, youtube banners, and almost any other sort of design besides xat animated avatars.

    My portfolio: http://behance.net/guppy-

    My prices are negotiable, PM me if you're interested.

  4. Does anyone actually listen to these?
  5. xat.com/Graphics is back! @Tox1c and I will be co-mains of the chat. Stay tuned for more information on contests, chat staff, and more.

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    2. Asphyxia


      Unban me since manu likes power so much

    3. Guppy


      @Lunalai reset the chat anyways

    4. pathetic


      Good luck to the both of you! :)

  6. Guppy


    You only have to download it once, and you can use it for anything else besides xat as well. I'd say it's a worthy 10 seconds of your time to download it.
  7. Guppy

    Spotify Connect for xat

    Suggestion: Be able to connect Spotify to your xat account so it can show up in your usercard. This can be a power or a free feature. Example Here's the Spotify Connect API for the developers to use somehow: https://beta.developer.spotify.com/documentation/web-api/guides/using-connect-web-api/
  8. > taking inspiration > (hippos) and (hpshocked) are literally copies of the emoticons > see attached images https://i.imgur.com/w6vtC7A.gifv https://i.imgur.com/tXBFKvU.gifv > (caterpillar) is the almost the same exact thing: https://i.imgur.com/tUsLVMS.gifv > same with arachnid but I'm too lazy to make a gif for it
  9. Who is 'you'? I've never seen anyone use these new powers at all, they just seem like they're churning out powers just for the sake of random stuff.
  10. It should be known that that website is not the original source. From my very brief research (aka Google Reverse Image Search), http://qq.zol.com.cn/322/3226381.html is the oldest source (dated September 20, 2012) that contains those images. That website is apparently "the leading IT portal website in China, with 5 million+ registered users, 6 million+ daily unique visits, 41 million daily page views." Now, I don't know how copyrighting works, but the website is copyrighted (see bottom of page), for what it's worth. This is an interesting case for xat.
  11. Guppy

    Fortnite coming to Nintendo Switch!

    I actually heard it was coming to Apple Watch...
  12. Guppy

    Player Finder

    PC bois
  13. Guppy

    Player Finder

    Please reply with your username, and skill level (self-applied, out of 10) using this format: Username: Vιctor (with the greek letter I) Skill Level: 7/10 Platform: PC Let's SQUAD UP

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