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  1. Seyon is a really big NOOB (inlove)

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    2. Steven


      Oh ok, sorry.

    3. Seyon


      @Flake Please do not lie to a moderator on this forum. Pokemon Go, which you frequently post about, has not released in Antarctica. You also clearly do not have 13 children as no one would desire to sleep with you - this is further evidence that you are a fraud.


      However I do apologise if you actually cannot read.




      #xatlivesmatter #triggered

    4. Flake


      I just recently moved to UR MOMS HOUSE, because we're getting married.


      Also, UR MOM would beg to disagree with your false statement saying that I do not have 13 children, when I in fact do.


      I had to get UR MOM to read this out to me as I couldn't read it.


      Check yourself before you shrektd yourself.


      #whitelivesmatter #blacklivesmatter #nooblivesmatter #alllivesmatter #triggerwarning

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