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  1. I agree with the OP. And it seems everyone has the same consensus on this. @Cupim @Crow @Leandro @Solange If so many people have the same view, can this be brought up directly to admins? Or if it has not already been done, can this maybe turn into a contrib topic, and brought to admins to see if they'd be up for the idea of modifying the current feature? I am not too sure admins have the time at the moment to sort through all the suggestions, so maybe you guys can take it upon yourselves to boost it to the next step of bringing it to their atte
  2. Interesting, Thanks for bringing that to light. IF you do not mind my asking, Is this discussion something that is ongoing and actively being discussed or has it elapsed and a conclusion has not been reached(no activity/responses in the thread)? Considering this was brought up 4/5 months prior, I believe a decision on this should be considered rather important, and a resolution should be concluded. Now don't get me wrong... I'm SURE the contributors team is rather busy... Maybe one of the topics that should be brought up next is if there should be a time lim
  3. Hello Xatters, I know there has been a leap of absence on my part with suggestions but lately I've been thinking about minor improvements that could help take xat a long way, and as the title says, one of those improvements to me would be.... new Smiley Makers! I think bringing in new smiley makers will not only assist in bringing out quality weekly powers but it will bring in more unique styles that accommodate to xat. There is a lot of talent on xat, and I'm sure finding some people to assist in this aspect would not be as hard. I know that on all my years
  4. I am actually utterly shocked that this is a valid thread, to me it is just a way to induce drama about personal feelings towards a chat. And I am even more shocked that volunteers are participating in assisting the drama. Based on wiki... "official" has no official standards they must uphold, I'll quote the wiki: Now... WITH THAT BEING SAID... if you feel the chat is not following xats terms of service, or that the chat is not following promotion rules... there is a proper way in how you report these chats. Making a drama thread on forum is not one of these ways.
  5. Dann

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO A REAL ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hug)(hug)(hug)

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      LOL Thank you danns i really appreciate it man, you are the real one tho .-. exposed <

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  6. I protect the dukedom.
  7. I want to clear up some confusion with the questions a little bit and provide an example: (1) What can people count on you for? Stand up for something and talk about it. “Unworthy is a lie. It’s all about the why”. This question is asking what is something people can count on you to stand up for and say something. For Example; People count on me to voice my opinion on certain matters such as bullying because I actively stand up and speak up about bullying in my community, people count on me to be the person to call out the bullying and put a stop to it . Th
  8. On what platform are you playing video games? * Mobile ain't there. this is discrimination!
  9. As the first stage of this contest is coming to an end... I would like to give my input. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for participating in the contest, reading your responses filled myself with positive emotions, and I'm sure it did to others. Now, on to the question: This question is a bit tough due to the fact that making any type of impact even on yourself, is something that is not so easy to achieve... But that should never stop you from trying. So with that being said I'd like to first state what is HARD about being positive.
  10. @Booh Hey Booh, There is a question attached to this contest that must be answered in order to be considered for the price. Please take a look at the contest, and answer the question to be eligible to win the prize. thanks! EDIT: I'd like to remind everyone the question within this contest: What would you say or do to make a positive impact on yourself or to someone you want to support? Please do not post personal information about yourself or others. The question is what do you do or say to make a positive impact on
  11. I apologize... but you're blatantly lying out of your teeth. Chat was NEVER dead as it always had an active following and active staff. When it was mained by Daniela volunteers purposely took it due to "reports" against the chat. I have emails where I myself appealed the reason Chat was taken from Daniela(NEVER WAS ACTIVITY MENTIONED)... Again you guys did NOTHING to garner activity, you guys just removed the main for absolutely no reason. (I appealed it, and after admins realized you guys(mainly you) were bullCRAPPING *after he questioned vols* he decided to stop following up on the conversat
  12. Going to be taking a break from xat yet again, hope to see you all around in the near future(if there is a future to this) (hug)  until next time!

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  13. I find it very surprising you will personally look at the first 10 people to post here, for that, thank you. But after those 10 people get assistance... are you guys planning on implementing a plan for these ticket delays to be fixed appropriately? This is a serious inquiry and concern of many users on xat, I am asking in the hopes that this is an attempt from xat at trying to neutralize the issues within the ticket delays. @Admin
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