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  1. Here is my thought, Inactive volunteers are a direct product of admins' lack of analysis of xat as a whole. It's rather clear; there are problems, WHY are they not being fixed? One response I've heard is: "Admins are too busy on more 'important' things, than fixing the OS ticket system." (ps. fixing the system also entails who does what and how much is being done within the system) Okay yes... they are working on HTML5.. I get it... we need improvement. And I totally agree that this will benefit xat, but this is the BIGGER PICTURE. It would be wonderful to have HTML5 but I have some questions, what is HTML5 without user support?(the delayed times are atrocious and just as bad as no support) what is HTML5 without the capability to regain access to your account unless you wait 3-4 MONTHS! Do you really believe users will wait on YOU 4 months to just be able to use YOUR service? I'll put it this way... You can decorate/paint a trash can to look beautiful and even add some Christmas lights around it as decor... But at the end of the day it is still a trashcan. Same goes for xat, if you don't fix the core (user service) before updating the chat; it will be extremely difficult to prosper as a business. In case some of you missed it... the core of xat is the users and the service the user gets for what he is PAYING for.Ultimately it comes down to: Poor service; poor business. Inactive volunteers need to be replaced, EVERYONE AND ANYONE is replaceable, it is just a matter of taking the time to train the next person. There should be a minimum quota each volunteer must reach of answered tickets (or contributions) on a monthly basis, if this is not reached then xat should replace them. Volunteers are volunteering their time... and IF there is something impeding them from doing so on a scale where xat is being held back from allowing users to get support, THEN THEY MUST BE REPLACED FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS THE TIME TO DO SO. Admins ask us to have faith.... BUT how can we have faith when xat does NOT see what is RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM? Yea... this may be in form of a little rant, but I hope the core message got accross. TLDR; ( I DO NOT BLAME VOLUNTEERS FOR BEING INACTIVE, I BLAME THE ADMINS FOR NOT KEEPING UP WITH THE SITES SUPPORT AND ALLOWING IT TO GET OUT OF HAND)
  2. Option For More xats Packages on Buy

    Can't you give the user the ability to purchase a custom amount ending with integers of 5/10 ? and categorize it in tiers to base the discount of the higher amount purchases? EXAMPLE: Under $10: (base price of xats/days) $5 $10 Above $10: (2% discount) $15-$50 Above $50: (5 % discount) $55-$100 Above $100: (10% discount) $100-$200 That way if I wanted to put $45/$35/$85 on my gift card I would still be able to, and get my proper discount. I guess all you would need to do is calculate the base price of xats and the discounts within the tiers, and charge it. Unless there is a factor I am missing as to why this wouldn't work. As far as payment types, I think you should also have your own payment processor so that you can accept credit cards. ( I am assuming this has not been done yet because you guys don't want to deal with charge backs/scams and such) @Admin
  3. I like ur message, ty for asking ^^

    Night, honey.

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  4. Happy birthday syd! hope there is many many more to come!


    now where's the party?

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  5. Option For More xats Packages on Buy

    I was simply to lazy to read your post after this sentence.
  6. Thanks, a poll should be made based off this list. @Brandon I don't think this should be such a big deal, it's just some widgets are of more use than others.
  7. 1. keep current widgets 2. Revert to previous widgets 3. Keep current widgets & also re-add the previous ones. 4. Revert to previous widgets & keep newest members widget @Brandon Those seem to be the options suggested within this post.
  8. Are we running out of powers?

    Is the point of this topic to address an issue pertaining to running out of ideas for smilies? or is this topic to address the issue of powers being released on a weekly basis? If it's for running out of ideas: There is no such thing as running out of ideas, you can make a power virtually out of any idea. (it just needs to get designed) If the issue is in regards to releasing the powers weekly: I totally agree that the amount of powers being dished out should be reduced, but we may have different opinions as to why. I believe releasing powers weekly results in a much faster production time of these smilies, this in turn degrades the quality, it stuns thinking, and overall the powers creativity just becomes bland. I believe allowing more time in between releasing these powers gives these smiley makers more leisure to create A+ quality work. I don't blame the smiley makers for powers being low grade or bad quality, because we have seen before the excellent quality work they could do. Instead, I believe the issue lies in the amount of powers being released.
  9. Square Smiley.

    Nice suggestion! I think an animal themed square smiley would work. Seems like a nice idea.
  10. d6Bi279.png Hello, Mr. Serious. IM HERE!!!

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  11. This was my response to that; not sure if you missed it. I think the front page section was much more organized due to its simplicity , it showed you the latest topics being talked on. And showing HOT topics is always good because it shows topics that are currently being discussed greatly by the community.(often times these are important topics). I just feel like those widgets are much more useful than the ones they were replaced with. @Brandon
  12. @LaFleur Most of this content can be found within the forum; https://forum.xat.com/online/ this has its own page. (also used as a section on front page) A simple member search on https://forum.xat.com/search/ will show you how many users registered: As I stated, It was just a neat feature to have on the front page, it caused for less searching and it was straightforward and to the point. I don't see how the current ones benefit us... it's just stats xD.
  13. Hello xat! It seems the 'recent posts' and 'popular now topics' sections were removed on forum front page. And these took the spots were they were previously. (I vaguely remember this being under who's online section, not 100% sure) I believe 'recent posts' and 'popular topics' carry much more importance than statistics on forum. Users like myself used these sections to guide on what's being talked about on the forum and new posts being created. I know that by doing some searching these things can be found easily, but I believe that was a neat feature that we got and it shouldn't have been removed. Am I mistaken, do these show at certain times ? Thoughts on this? @Brandon any possibility bringing these back?
  14. pasta.

    I second this greatly. This comment deserves to be big and bold. if that's not innovative idk what is
  15. New Moderator: Angelo

    Congrats bud, Well deserved!