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  1. @CarlosDesigns Where are you getting this information from? I am rather positive Xat did not make an official statement on WHY the reason of updating to HTML5 is. I also never stated that the upgrade to html5 is ONLY for how we interact with the chat, I do not know why you assume that is what I believe. The opening statement suggest exactly why I even included the HTML5 platform in this topic: It is due to the fact that the html5 would be more capable of supporting something of this sort.
  2. It was in reference to the English language, I believe he was just advising her in case she was not aware. @Bau As far as the power suggestion goes, this is a great suggestion for a smiley power, I have not seen something similar on xat. Good suugestion!
  3. Thank you @IDanny! Unfortunately, for some reason, most of the images on my post no longer show. So I am updating the post right now and adding the images to this for the time being. adding images: Modifying sizes:(example) And examples of some modifications: Example 1: Example 2: Example 3: Example 4: without these images the idea is not portrayed properly. thanks
  4. I support this suggestion! would be great to AT LEAST have the ability to post wiki/forum/prnt scr links as guest. and regardless, if someone REALLY wanted to send an inapp link they would just remove periods and add commas. thumbs up
  5. Hmm, That's right! That "submit for review" button could just be a redirect link to a forum section. Hopefully Xat can consider doing a system like this. @SlOom (it seems now we are clogging up this post but with good info at least lol)
  6. Ah @SlOom maybe like this? Where xat has "default backgrounds" and also "user uploaded backgrounds". And these user uploaded backgrounds would have to be approved by vols,contributors, or whoever is trusted to. That way you can search through a list of user uploaded backgrounds that are appropriate and fit some sort of regimen. (just like advertising of xat chats on banner).
  7. @SlOom I think this can most definitely wait for html5. it would be nice to see an extensive re-haul to the chat on html5 platform. (not like my opinion matters anyway ) but it would be nice to see a lot of new things, as well as updating old things on the html5 platform, this being one of them. Things should be getting brought up as they are developing that way they do not have to come back and change it, so they can just do it as they are working along. (again another opinion).
  8. @SlOom @LaFleur Hopefully something could come out this... goodluck!
  9. Maybe the contributors team can try and get something going for this??? That would be a good thing for you guys to push.
  10. Love the idea! I agree with ju4n. A contributor or someone can set up something. Maybe they can have users submit some entries and have Xat approve them. (not sure if there are legalities involved with using certain images but that would be transcribed if it they were to do it) This would be good for the community, great suggestion @ANGY !
  12. @Navith I respect your point of view. But this is not a practice that is condoned by xat.com therefore the issue does NOT lay on flirt chat itself. Just because the name is "flirt" on the chat will not make these people(and by people I mean predators) go away. As much as it sucks to face the reality, this chat DOES hold a decent amount of those people. But when accessing a chat called "flirt" you should know what you're getting into on the internet. That's the harsh reality of things. If you read the terms: https://xat.com/terms.html the sections labeled 1 (one) and 2 (two) describe that these type of offenders are NOT allowed to use services for those reasons. And if you are a registered sex offender you aren't even allowed on the service whatsoever. So my point is the following: If you come across an offender or someone violating your rights as stated by the terms. REPORT THEM. It does NOT matter where on xat they are or where they hang out. Just report it. Getting rid of flirt will not help it, they would just relocate elsewhere. You all be safe while chatting and the terms are here for you to enjoy this service without these issues .
  13. Hello Bau, First off, "racism" may not be the correct word for the context. "Prejudice" may fit more appropriately in this sentence. Now back to topic, This would be a wonderful addition if xat Administrators decided to treat us to something special like this. But with that being said, it MAY be possible for users to start being more active because of this feature, but there is also a chance that it will NOT yield any activity as people would have to be on xat for 24 hours (and xat would have to keep record of activity time) in exchange for 1 day. and that's equivalent to 13 xats. (people may not even notice this free day). I would say average time someone is on xat is between 3-4 hours. this would mean it would take about 8 days of being on xat before someone gets that day . Yeah it's nice feature and would benefit us, but I do NOT personally believe this would yield the results intended for it to yield (more activity). Overall it's a good suggestion with great intentions. Good luck!
  14. Thanks Lafleur, If html5 is to be built, wouldn't it be built from scratch? yes, it may require a bit more work, but I believe it would be a great feature. ANY feature would require work. The more complex, the more work. I think it's about time we got a little treat from the admins, a little bit more than "easy" feature is long overdue at this point. (in my opinion). Thank you Rhea, That's a great point you bring up (pcback). Not quiet sure how it would work. Since this feature is a "mode" and only if the chat is participating in this, maybe it could be the same way for pcback. (anyone with a custom pcback mode). Maybe you can come up with a way around this. I'll be thinking about it a bit more. ON another note: This feature would also be good for mobile users as well as they will be able to customize the chat to fit their screens (html5).