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  1. Volunteer position is NOT a position you can apply for on xat. The organization (xat.com) is responsible for keeping volunteers doing their duty properly, if something fails on one aspect of volunteering, admins should be the one to correct and fix the slack. As you said... these users are not paid, and thus for they would not even think outside the box, they are just volunteering their time. xat.com should evaluate what users are fit to be volunteers, and who can endure the responsibilities of maintaining xat's support running properly. THIS is how they initially chose the volunteering team, and seems to be what has worked best to date. MY overall opinion is that xat losing volunteers is a direct product of xat losing confidence and trust in users. Growth on xat will remain stagnant as long as xat does not venture out of their comfort zone. that's my two cents @Admin
  2. Supertopman 2k18???



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      @Eleven reported.... actually SUPERreported. (ugh)

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      I'm all for (toons) power, to make our dear guests official.

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  3. You all know how I feel about the current "support" issues on xat... with that being said you guys ALSO know how I feel about pointing out specific users and scrutinizing them. Keep in mind volunteers are users that chat and go on xat JUST LIKE US, they are not paid staff. Simply stated, they don't get paid to put up with crap, so do not expect them to. On the other hand, if you would like to compose a serious complaint about the current issues on xat, I URGE you to email info@xat.com describing how you feel and what should be done to fix it OR create a post on forum. Remember, the only people benefiting from this service are ADMINS, and ONLY admins have the ability to change anything within the service. If enough users express their discontent, they will eventually start listening. So YES, volunteers have a standard to uphold but they can only take so much. What did you expect? PS. these posts on new accounts that are to stimulate drama and bring 'importance' on issues within xat are degrading to those posts that are actual content filled reports/suggestions that were articulated by users with concern for xats future. remember "Quality over Quantity"

  4. ID auction ?

    4 digits, or go home @Admin
  5. rep system was too popular to get rid of? 

    1. Crow


      There were never any plans to get rid of it. We just assumed admins disabled it (which they didn't).


      I like the reputation/reaction system anyway (no pun intended). It's good motivation for producing consistent quality posts (see post count vs reputation ratio).


      It also allows users to interact with content and show their appreciation for things - rather than just quoting and saying "good idea", "I agree".

    2. Lunala


      @Crow do u actually see any quality posts ? or do the users with a big rep actually have quality posts? i can give u messages with a few of them if u want. this crap with rep system is rigged af

    3. Dann


      good Idea, I agree. ok, no.


      I think it really doesn't matter. it is nothing but a number, but in certain cases I'm sure that number becomes useful or relevant.


       I was just wondering @Crow curiosity got to me.

  6. Report system?

    That is a great point, I would guess for spamming purposes you should be able to track back the user. BUT THEN, it seems that would be too much to do for a reporting system when you can simply message a moderator. With that being stated, I see no need for something of sorts. Although, It would be a nice feature for moderators to be able to handle all their reports within a centralized section and organized. But at the moment, I do not see it as priority opposed to all the other changes that need to be made. @Crow
  7. Report system?

    I support this idea under the basis that certain members would prefer to stay anonymous. If you're able to report a profile with anonymity I support the idea. If it is just another way to report someone, as previous users have stated, it seems it would be obsolete as you can just directly report it to one of the forum moderators or volunteers. overall, good idea.
  8. Update on Times Page

    I do not believe this is the best way to bring attention to pertaining issues. What importance does this topic bring to the subject at hand? A deadline? What resolutions do you have? Hiring people? We already know that's not going to happen... I do not mean to be the dark cast over a beam of light, but as of recent I believe people have just been exclaiming instead of suggesting. If you just want to give your opinion on what is wrong, then MIKE recently made a thread so that you can voice your opinion: These type of threads will not bring a positive outcome but instead a division in the community because of the fact that these are more of exclamations than suggestions. Let us try and help the volunteers and administrators, bringing the community together and finding ways to work on these issues is the BEST resolution at the moment. this is why @Mike's post is so important. ps. this is not meant to point out THIS specific thread but all of these types of posts in general, I DO know that these users have the best interest in mind, but I believe they are going about it the wrong way.
  9. I VOTE NO FOR CUPIM'S SPAMS!! SAY NOT TO SPAM! On another totally unrelated note: It would be a good thing to see these limits lifted, or at least modifiable via gcontrol settings to either remove or change the time limit . Good suggestion, say no to cupim's spam!
  10. Forum Guidelines

    I agree, there should be translations on the forum guidelines, to guide other users on the forum rules . Good suggestions, Kevin. (Y) Maybe one of the translators can translate them for the forum? @Brandon
  11. xat NEEDS to advertise, and something else

    Not sure if it Is me, but it seems accounts are being created to bring more outcry/attention to topics of this kind?
  12. Contributor Applications?

    I must say that I agree with the original post (never thought I would say that). Just no.... an application system will not bring anything special. If the contributors team is a team of users that speak for the community, then the users within it should be users that are actively involved in the community. Exposure to the community will bring the right attention to the user. And that essentially is how contributors should be elected. They should be the users standing out and already getting noticed based on the contributions demonstrated around xat as a whole. It should not be just random users applying for a role on a website because they have used it for a while or think they know what the users want, there has to be an inherited interest in actually speaking for the community as a whole. If this is implemented, I believe you will have many more users that are just looking after a rank or a title and pretty color attached to their name. And I believe the stigma that users are currently being elected based on friendship needs to die. I did often see many users being suggested merely based off of merit and how they carried themselves and never did I witness a contributor get suggested because they are friends and for that reason they should be a contributor. There is always need to show sufficient reasoning as to why this person should be part of the team. I think it will make it much more difficult to weed out the users speaking for the community. That’s just my two cents.
  13. Community Finding Solutions

    Thank you for the post overall as it seems to have a positive aim in terms of resolutions on making xat better. Although, I will not be entirely participating in this due to the fact that I feel like myself and many other users have actively been voicing their opinions for months/years all throughout the forum and I believe these posts can easily be accessed and to this day have been ignored (jumbling it all into one topic will more than likely be overwhelming) . But I will state one concern of mine, that to me, seems to be one of the Major issues surrounding xat; and that is what the administration is currently doing to garner/keep users. From an EXTERIOR VIEW, I do not see admins concentrating on the core of xat and what actually makes xat a great service. I only see administrators concentrating on MAJOR bugs and weekly powers (it is almost as if they are trying to keep the service going by just a thread of hair). A lot of what made this service great was the features we would receive that ultimately was the causation of user interaction within xat... Doodle, games, contests, webcam, translate, and EVEN YOUTUBE were/are all means of users interacting with one another, whether it be sharing doodles/yt videos, or playing games together, to using the translator to speak with foreign language users. These and many more are ALL means of features that cause user interaction and yes they still all do exist... but like anything and everything, these features get old and outdated. We have been playing the same games for years, same doodle app, NOTHING new that would be a means of keeping people on xat interacting with one another. And I can promise you that new weekly powers will NOT be the solution to this. I think if xat focused more on user interaction and the features xat offers then maybe they can work on regaining their user base. (AND OBVIOUSLY THE PEOPLE THAT WANT TO COME BACK ON xat SHOULD NOT HAVE TO WAIT 4 MONTHS TO RECOVER AN ACCOUNT). This is just ONE of MANY problems that need to be fixed within xat. Honestly, there is just a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done with xat, there have been many HUGE threads entailing what needs to be done and how to resolve(in the users point of view). But I do hope this goes somewhere, I hope you guys can start garnering some resolutions. Good job on the post, thanks.
  14. xat is so cringe right now.....(tired)

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      I agree lol.

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      Look on the bright side: we’re getting more forum views.GetStrip5.php?c=S_a_18_18_c.png

  15. In my opinion, the community should NOT have the ability to form a democracy type system to elect volunteers. If we are talking about perspective, then here is mine: If users were allowed to form a vote based system on electing new volunteers, this would turn into a popularity contest. I am not necessarily stating that every user getting elected will be toxic, but the chances of these users being chosen due to 'popularity' opposed to actually being a benefit to the community would increase dramatically. With this being said, my point is not that the current system is working(volunteers picking volunteers), because I believe it is not very effective. But I believe communities picking volunteers would be even less effective. Side note: Citizens do not pick the president, the electoral college does. And it is exactly for the reason mentioned above. Well, this is a business, therefore this IS a dictatorship. What the Admin says, always goes. There is no denying that, there is no going around that, nor should that be challenged. With that being said, my opinion on how volunteers should be elected goes back to the first volunteer. xat picked them..... Yes current volunteers could have opinions and suggestions on new volunteers but ultimately xat should evaluate every single user they are working with. xat should be the ones picking the volunteers. We can clearly see that xat can pick and chose who they work with, that is evident.( and I do not mean just accept/deny suggestions from volunteers as the current system is) Too much pressure is being put on volunteers back to fix something out of their hands and that the administrators should be handling themselves(AND AS A PRIORITY), I do not understand how that is not clear. All these users(volunteers) are doing is benefiting xat by assisting them with FREE time. And NO, test powers are NOT a form of payment, or xat would need to pay taxes on these people. PS. trying to speak for the community is wonderful, but the community will ALWAYS speak for itself. Volunteers should not be trying to speak for the community on a public level as to demonstrate that they are doing so... take it up with admins, you guys are the users with most influence over administrators. Actions speak louder than words.