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  1. @Crow @Laming BOMBERMAN WAS AWESOME!!! @laming there are various open source versions (vary differentlyby design) of bomberman like games! EDIT: sorry to bring up an old topic xD just seen it in recent and read last few posts
  2. I'm going to request this post be locked. I'm confident the users have stated their opinion and that this post got its point across. It is now in the hands of Administrators as well as Volunteers to consider making/pushing for changes. I can only speak for myself, But I truly DO hope something comes out of this. I truly do hope that someone, ANYONE, that can be an influence to change has made their decision to push for the users. This post was intended for users to voice their opinion and I feel as if though this has been met. We have all succumbed to the conclusion that ONLY admins can change the path of xat. And in the hopes that it will get better, this post will always be here for Administrators to look back and reflect on future decisions being made. I appreciate all the people that took their time to express their opinion. Remember, XAT will only thrive if it meets the users demands. Once it has stop doing so, it will eventually die. Thank you, -Dann ps. @Admin
  3. Okay well first off; you picked a sentence out of a paragraph that was solely based on context. The point of the paragraph was directly summed up after."each chat is unique to its own thing". So essentially I answered my own question; but I will elaborate: NO you can't really compare different chat platforms as each Is meant for different demographics. To Give an example in Leyman terms: You and I can both sell shoes, but if my shoes are meant for professionals in a professional setting then it has nothing to do with your shoes that are being sold for sports, although we are both selling SHOES. I'm not going to compete with you because you are offering your shoe service to a different demographic that has almost nothing to do with me. Same concept goes for the chats; xat isn't targeting gamers, as discord is. It's just targeting a range of people looking to chat. Although they are both chatting services they have nothing to do with each other. So we are not comparing apples to apples, again. They are two chat services meant for two entire different reasons. That's my answer to your first statement/paragraph. Yes, I stated that I don't like discord because I don't do online gaming. Keep in mind that just because you are indulged within the gaming community does not mean that this community is what makes up the majority of chatters. Keep that one important fact in mind when formulating any ideas regarding this chatting service. Moving forward... I'm going to make an assumption to what your referring to when you said "that statement". Since you lacked some content explaining what statement you were referring to. So I'm going to assume you are referring to this. If wrong, then this will be invalid.... BUT I'll proceed anyway. Do you really believe xat should look to imitate others? The thing that made xat popular was its uniqueness, and they need to keep that. They need to work on how to innovate not imitate. Why would you want to follow/copy something that is already offered? Users may as well just stay/go to discord... there's no point in xat trying to be like anyone else. That will not work when it comes to marketing. Xat needs to work on advertising something Unique, to attract people. And as I previously stated, work on fundamentals. That's what will return xat to being popular. -keep in mind my posts are solely opinionated, not speaking for anyone but myself, based off past experiences and my knowledge of marketing- -Dann
  4. I want to make a quick point. Why do you think xat needs to be compared to Discord? Why do you feel that xat needs to do what they have done? Each chat system is unique to its own thing. And In my opinion xat just needs to work on their core and stick to their user base. Discord is good for gamers and what not... GOOD for them. That does not mean xat has to follow the same path... They just need to make sure the core principles of running a business are met. It's just that simple. Each place has a different target audience. Xat doesn't have to go specifically for gamers, they can decide to go about it whatever way they please. As long as they generate a user base. SO you are not really comparing apples to apples here. And I must say, therefore, making your point invalid. NOW, with that being said. The point of this thread is exactly as LaFleur Put it: I don't personally like Discord, And WOULD NOT use it. So I don't think xat should look into being like anyone else. They would no longer be Xat if that's the case. Xat just needs to follow the principles stated above and it will attract its own user base. They need to stay on top of things and listen to the users. THEIR users.. not discords... or any other chat service. Xat should start by fixing up the support system. So that users can come back on and get their accounts reactivated, etc etc. -Dann
  5. I'm going to highlight "simply". Because you do need to know about xat... I agree. BUT there are far more people that deserve it over others. And vols really come in because of who they know. It's just reality. And I'm not trying to bash it. But I really don't know how you don't see it and how you don't understand how people make that claim. You know how the system for picking new vols works, just as much as us. AGAIN - not picking a side here - BUT it makes no sense to ignore the obvious either. @Steven
  6. It's just a matter of removing those who don't produce as much. The volunteering system has been around for a while. my point wasn't that they don't have to do as much since they aren't getting paid. My point was they are regular people just as you and I. They are not bots. You can't expect them to always be answering tickets and not chatting. I'm sure they weren't told : with volunteering comes your right to chat. Let them chat.. let them interact with users... if they aren't doing their job as volunteers, it is up to XAT to remove/replace them. All in all, Just give them time, seems like they are working on change. If you don't like the results they are currently pushing for, then you can comment in the future. But let them work on it and lets see the results that will accumulate. You know if there is change once you stop hearing the amount of users on help chats asking when their 1-2 month old ticket will be answered. I have faith they will work to get the ticket system back on track, once that is completed, I suggest to push for other things that need change on xat. But like anything, in the time being, this will be a 'one step at a time' thing. -Dann
  7. What about the vols that go on xat5 and do nothing ? Let's not forget volunteers are people too. Actually let's not forget VOLUNTEERS are just volunteering their time. "Spending a little too much time on xat". Comeon, you forget that the point to be on xat is to communicate with others? Remember, this isn't a job they get paid for. It's not like one can say they are doing nothing on the job... Volunteers should (imo) have a quota of the amount of tickets that need to be answered within a certain amount of time. And In my opinion they SHOULD be just like any other user and talk and chat with everyone as they used to before. This status of volunteer doesn't mean they are slaves to xat and must be working on answering tickets every moment they are on, that is just not fair. It simply means they volunteer their time to helping users, just as others do on forum, help chats, etc etc. (Eg. You wouldnt ask a help staff why they aren't at help helping people, whilst they are chatting on another chat? XD) @Lunala vols that go on xat5 and do "nothing" can be doing a VARIETY of things. Doesn't mean they have to make every move they do public. They could be: actively testing bugs/smilies. Discussing private topics in pc with someone. Even just sitting there while answering tickets and chatting at the same time. And like I've stated many of times, this thread isn't meant for bashing anyone. You can't blame something like delays in ticket system on the volunteers group. It's really not in one persons power to change things, although it should be pushed. So instead of speculating what can be wrong with these departments (also speculating one sidedly as you don't know what goes on behind the scenes). Ask what is being done to FIX these issues? And you will eventually get an answer. One last thing, changes won't happen over night. We must be glad for initiation with baby steps, adding more volunteers to these departments are the first steps to getting things fixed. Give it time and as long as we push for fixes, hope they listen. -Dann
  8. I agree with OJ. This is how it should be. Volunteers knocking out tickets to get users taken care of. And if they can't produce, IN MY OPINION, they should be removed. And allow someone to take their place who will produce a good amount of assistance. Volunteers are just that VOLUNTEERS. If they want to get paid... then maybe they should go apply somewhere to get a job doing this type of thing xD Just my two cents... -Dan
  9. I second this. Great to hear guys! Appreciate the effort being done to meet some simple requests as to make xat better! (Y) thumbs up. -Dann @Andre
  10. For starters, Thank you for giving us a valid point to discuss. With that being said, I believe we are all on the same page; mobile WILL benefit Xat. In the long run. Although, as some users have stated, this does NOT warrant leaving the website portion unattended. We understand your commitment to getting mobile in the hands of the users, but whilst this is good for the future of Xat, the lack of attention to the website chats is causing a huge negative impact on the community(at this point the VAST majority of your users).You are losing Existing/potential/old users with the lack of support. You are also losing users with the overwhelming amount of glitches that constantly get overlooked. In my opinion the mobile app is a high priority. But needs to be completed ASAP. It seems you guys need help, and there are lots of inexpensive/no expense ways to receive help. There are some very smart users on xat who are willing to volunteer their skills to help develop. An application should not take 2years + to develop, to me that is UNACCEPTABLE. The following list is how I feel xat should take steps to making xat better. Steps to making xat better: 1.Work on fixing the Support system 2.Mobile app 3.advertise 4.new features and functions 5.fix all remaining bugs. (karl contributed to organizing/formulating this list) These IN MY OPINION are the steps that need to be taken to start working on revitalizing xat once again. This should be a list of things that should get done by 12/31/2017. why by the end of 2017? Well because you are running short on time... People leaving will multiply within itself as the time goes by, until eventually the website is dead. And at that point getting xats user base back would be near to impossible. Remember these are just the TOP 5. There are many many more things that needs to be worked on, but don't have this level of priority. But I URGE you to IMMEDIATELY work on fixing the support system. Coming up with a strategic plan to get everything handled in a timely manner, as it once was. I remember getting upset waiting 1week+ for a response in 2012. I don't know how I would feel if I was waiting 1-6 months for a response according to users. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. -dann
  11. I understand it was something you did out of humor. But if you read the post, then you would have noticed the ambient. It's not generally good etiquette, to respond to something by just reading the title. And your "to-do list" MUST be insanely huge with all the things xat needs. Where do you place the importance of this on your to-do list? Will you ever get around to it? like the other ideas that were great..? @Admin
  12. This was my opinion on what a contributor should be: With that being said, I will go based off of this to provide a response to this topic. "many issues discussed here are above what contributors can influence" - Based on what I think contributors should be (voice of the people) Then contributors should have the influence to change anything that currently does not benefit xat and will cause for xat to benefit. EVEN if it's redesigning the chat. I am not posting to redesign the chat because I thought it would be a good idea. I am posting it because it's been 10 years with the same design, and it would benefit XAT to get updated with the times and make a much slicker/ less clunky chat. We aren't slating your group WHATSOEVER. I feel as if your group was initially intended to represent the voice of the people. BUT that has changed over time to a group of people who post ideas to "better xat". But I don't see this group reflecting the views of the xat users as a whole. IT is the duty of volunteers to provide support for the users. I condemn the volunteers just as much as admins who have not pushed for this to get resolved. As I have said it is unacceptable for users to have to wait that long to get an issue resolved. MAINLY when this issue was the fault of a security flaw on xat (based on data breach response). With that being said... I want to know. What have you guys done to get this problem resolved? (I don't want to point anyone out, but I feel as if it's time volunteers put their input on this thread) I also understand that these departments are only handled by a certain amount of people. But the point is the problem, there is a HUGE issue with tickets and there is no type of resolution. There NEEDS to be a resolution to issues like these and we expect you guys to push these things for us. How come it's not being done? and IF IT IS how come xat isn't listening? Do we have hope that something as serious as the SUPPORT of xat gets fix? or do we have to wait for mobile to be done for this to happen? @Andre @Brandon @Chelly @Cupim @Cyan @Guinho @Jayden @Junior @Kyle @Mihay @Mike @muffins @Nick @steven
  13. I wish I could like this 1MIllion times. Thank you for your response.
  14. I find it disturbing that this is your response to this post. I really do. IF anything, your response would be the cause for lack of faith. @Karlcouldn't have said it any better. @Admin If there was a lack of faith, this post wouldn't exist. That's all I have to say on this.
  15. Well Jedi, I'll point out some of the 'big' companies who manage to keep their 'identity' while changing their look. You ready? These groups consist of OS changes, Design Changes, overall feel changes. (and still keep their identity) microsoft. Apple.. Samsung... Well ... ALL technology companies. Companies move with the times, design changes, core changes, user accommodation and easy of use, and they still keep their originality. This is essential in the tech world or you will be left behind by the others. I feel as if xat has just lost its ability to be innovate AND be creative. YOU CAN DEFINETLY CHANGE THE DESIGN AND KEEP YOUR IDENTITY AND ORIGINALITY. That's the point of this post. Thank you for your opinion @Jedi, I just happen to disagree on this one.