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  1. Changelogs, bugfixes and updates.

    good suggestion! I had suggested something like this previously for mobile, nothing came of it. Hopefully we can get a log going. but are people going to worry about what the admins will post ? YES, users are intrigued as to what is upcoming and as to what admins are currently working on. (this would also be good for mass testing) Is it really useful for the community ? YES, It is useful because update logs allow for users to attain information. This greatly minimizes questions/concerns on certain topics Can it fix the communication between admins and users for bugs/updates? There is not 1 specific thing that can fix communication from admins, BUT it is a step closer to attaining information from them. Therefore it does play a part in communication issues.(ps. communication problem derives from admins, not users.) There are a lof of questions to ask before doing something. I agree, But it seems these are not the questions to ask, as all of these questions point to the right idea/concept.(meaning Ideally answer would be yes to all of those) The update logs is an idea/concept that would be applied to the entirety of xat in all its development. Not just specific projects or certain ones, these logs are made so we can see current changes (even if it's bug fixes). So the sooner the better, there should be no milestone or project to come with update logs, it should just be put in place based on ALL updates/changes. (typically how it works). You never said it was a bad idea, and your questions are very valid. I hope I was able to clear up some confusion for you and other users based on these questions :P. @SlOom
  2. Abandon the Contributors.

    I'll answer you in the order you responded. What you quoted was the whole body of my statement, anything before was non-rhetorical, I thought you would catch on (and you did) You should not deem a post pointless because you don't see it as important. ez How is considering the effectiveness of a group not helpful to the community? these groups were put in place for change in the community, and if the group is not effective as to do that, then this MUST be brought up. If the group is cleaned up, and reconditioned to work as it was intended to then this post would be successful. But NOT making the post, would be less helpful, than just leaving it as an issue that is never touched up on. I understand you don't see importance in this topic, and that's fair. But just posting that it is not important is just a false statement. Determining the direction/path of the group is ultimately important, I am left aghast that you do not see that, but your opinion is just that, your opinion and you are entitled to it. I am NOT attempting to limit your opinion to "yes or no". I actually encourage users to post their opinions as they please, with reasoning so people understand . But it ultimately does not matter, I just feel it unfortunate that you are taking away importance from this topic . also your "constructive input" would have to be useful, therefore it's not constructive because "the suggestion is pointless" is not a useful statement. It only looks to attack the suggestion and not give any basis on your statement. I am pretty sure that nobody said it will "entirely change everything". But to start changing everything you must start with specific topics, thats how changing everything works. You tackle issues that need to be dealt with and ultimately you come to a different experience, that's what changing everything would entail. I am sure everyone on this topic is aware this is just a small step for creating change on xat. you've got to start somewhere you know. That's a suggestion mate. good job! What makes this different than your original? well 1.you suggested to abolish it! and 2. you gave a reason as to why it should be abolished! I am not asking you to be nice, or to change your opinion, or anything of that sort. I just ask that you don't bash a post because you dislike it and just give a very standard statement that is aimed at degrading the importance of this issue. Yeah it may not be important to you, but I am sure it is to many. that's my thoughts. @Flake
  3. verify that you are human

    Simply put, Because it sucks, there are more glitches on the xat app than the captcha issue. And many many other issues. I truly hope you don't see this as a finished product, because it is far from it. @Admin
  4. Abandon the Contributors.

    Well, I would like to know what makes this a 'pointless suggestion' to you? Is it the fact that the op was a bit vague? was the post not laid out properly for you? was the user not an 'important' one? were you not in agreement with the op? I would like to know why you are taking away importance from this post. I don't know if you read the title, or even the post, but posts of this kind are the posts most needed for the community to thrive. Decisions on what happens on the future of xat should always be brought up, if not, how would the staff know what the community actually wants? I find this post to be very important to the community, and you demeaning it's core message is insulting. this post brings up a great question as to what should be done to a group that in its current form is ineffective. If it was not for this post, all of these users suggestions and thoughts would have not been shared and made clear. (Even if it's not admins watching the post). If you have no constructive input on this topic just don't comment on it, it's just not for you. Although with you particularly I see you always on these posts. just give your inputs and thoughts on what should happen given the current situation, and move on. @Flake
  5. Medals, achievement system and rewards

    great Idea! If xat was able to develop a system w/o extreme exploitations then I think this system would be very benefiting for xat! keep up the good work with suggestions, the better the idea, the easier it would get to admins. great job, and great representation of your idea!
  6. 458 PUPPY

    I don't see it as updated. @Daniel is it just me?
  7. Abandon the Contributors.

    Let me say this, If Xat does not listen to what the community wants, it will NOT prosper. It's that simple. Nobody would be forcing anyone to do such thing. But input of users should be something that should be taken VERY MUCH into consideration, and what the users want should shape the future of xat. These ideas don't have to be brought up by users themselves, it would just be the opinion on certain actions xat is taking. Example: -Xat decides it needs to change up things a little bit(as it is doing now). -Xat gets in place the 3 major things that need to be setup as priority. (Mobile,Html5,ticket system) -Xat would then bring these three major things to the public, and see what the public would like to see being worked on first. -The users opinion gets recorded, and most users think the Ticket system should be handled first, then html5, then mobile. -With the users opinion xat then gets in place the 3 major things that the users want to see get handled. This does not mean it would be done in this particular order, it should just be the highest recommendation that xat would take, then comes the recommendations of their private users, testers, helpers, whatever the case may be in whatever order they deem appropriate. (REMEMBER THIS WAS AN EXAMPLE AND NOTHING IN THERE IS CURRENTLY VALID) This in my opinion, would be the right way to "listen to users". To bring forward options and get feedback from the users on these actions to better xat. This allows it so that not ONE person or ONE group is making decisions for xat, but xat as a whole. Ultimately xat would decide the direction of xats development, but taking advice from the entirety of xat users instead of ONE group or team or person would be more effective in future development. @Admin as always tagging admins .
  8. 458 PUPPY

    nice power! Good job to the smiley maker.
  9. Abandon the Contributors.

    Someone give this guy a medal! I remember we used to have polls before for users satisfaction, those still around? (99% sure they aren't)
  10. Abandon the Contributors.

    lets hope his post gets edited for drama, eh? maybe just remove the last part of that sentence.
  11. Abandon the Contributors.

    The idea of "contributors" was initially started on a good basis. And it seems nothing came of it. In my honest opinion, these group of peoples opinion should carry HEAVY IMPORTANCE on the community of xat.(contributors) I also feel a group of this caliber should be able to vote/decide on things that will potentially affect the community as a whole. So my opinion would not be to only dissolve the group, but to bring back a better version of the group. A version where the admins actually listen and take into consideration changes. A version where EACH AND EVERY single post comes to a good resolution. A version where if they see something unfair or wrong in the way the community is handled, they could speak on it and change would be inevitable. My point essentially is to make a group where CHANGE to PROSPER and EVOLVE xat should be the main priority, all whilst making "xat great again" (as tom2's post stated). But unfortunately, this all goes down to what the admins want and are willing to work with. I know nothing will come of this thread(apart from dissolving the group), but maybe we should think about what's BEST for xat and not just the group in itself. @Admin as always I will be tagging admins on topics that I find important (doubt they will ever start watching) Lets hope for a better version of the group!
  12. @Brandon are these facts stated by staff or are you speculating? Your response seems rather hostile, very vague, and overall doesn't seem to be helping anything. "nobody else took on the project" refers to what? Does this mean that Junior came up with the idea and, since Junior quit ,the idea did not go through? It seems too often you(xat staff and vols) lay full responsibility of something that should be a community based project to ONE user. That in my opinion is very ineffective, and flawed due to situations just as the one you have stated. Users really dedicated their time to try and help xat better itself and yet because ONE person quit, the Five pages of comments to contribute HELP to xat.com have been completely negated. ( by statements and actions such as these) Also, Laying full responsibility on ONE user to take on community projects also causes for a one sided view of things. This limits creativity, content, activity, and production of said things. You should look into a better way of handling/doing things as it seems to be getting less professional as the days go by. Always important to tag administrators on posts like these, because although unlikely, these types of topics need to be speculated and taken into consideration - @Admin
  13. Rent-A-Pawn

    Hello Xatters! I am back with a suggestion. This suggestion is another form of allowing users to use old limited pawns. (there have been many suggestions for bringing back old 'limited' pawns.) ps. If anyone would like to reference the original poster of that suggestion I would be glad to add it to this post. My suggestion: My suggestion would be to make a system where you can "rent" one of the many old limited pawns for a certain amount of time (eg. 1 week, 1 day, 1 month) for a fixed price (eg.50 xats, 100 xats, 200 xats) Instead of just bringing out a power that allows you to use all the previous pawns . Reason being, is because I am certain many people have that ONE pawn they love/d, or maybe even several pawns they love/d that they would like to use. But not everyone uses the same pawn all the time, that's the reason for allowing you to "rent" and not just purchase a power/pawn that includes pawns that you may not use in the future. User benefits: Users can change between any pawn they like. Users don't have to purchase a "pawn" or "power" that includes pawns they will never use or use for a limited time. Users can decide the amount of time to "rent" the pawn. Xat benefits: Will generate a constant revenue stream for xats that is endless. Will allow another form of revenue to maximize profits on powers. *being transparent with benefits as both sides of the spectrum would need a reason as to why this would benefit the community as a whole How would this system work? How would you purchase the pawns? Well I think the most appropriate thing to do is set up a system like the current xavi purchase system. located at: https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/Getxavis.php (granted it should be slicker, at least add some categories and drop downs xD) You just pick the pawn you like, and pick the time of use, and purchase. BAM! xat then allows u to use the pawn code for the alloted time you purchased. What are your thoughts? let me know! Like or dislike the Idea? - Post your comments below! If you have any additions to this idea I would be glad to hear your input. Edits: (early stage of the suggestion, if anything gets added it will be placed below) Thanks for reading!
  14. 452 SLINE

    I don't see how Sline goes with this power. as it's already a line of smileys (smiley line). Maybe something like Uline? that could stand for (user line) or Ubar? (user bar) Maybe something more user related as only the user with the power will see it. @Admin Ultimately I think it really isn't a big deal on the name just something more related to power would work. good work on the power!

    @CarlosDesigns Where are you getting this information from? I am rather positive Xat did not make an official statement on WHY the reason of updating to HTML5 is. I also never stated that the upgrade to html5 is ONLY for how we interact with the chat, I do not know why you assume that is what I believe. The opening statement suggest exactly why I even included the HTML5 platform in this topic: It is due to the fact that the html5 would be more capable of supporting something of this sort.