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    In xat 2018, we no longer get features that take 'too long' to develop. They become powers. I can not say I am happy with this power, something of this caliber would be more fit to be a FREE feature upgrade on xat. This is a low grade group power. If you put it in terms of spending: "I am paying to get a power that allows different ranks to see different messages on the scroll ?" uhh WHY? PS. features like 'games' , 'youtube player' , 'doodle' , and even the scroll system are all free features that took 'too long' but never became powers instead it was made available without needing to purchase anything. I believe It is about time admins start thinking of how to make the users happy and not just keeping their pockets full. That's my opinion on this power.
  2. How do you feel about xat?

    Can't take this question seriously anymore... Sorry @ OP I personally don't have much to add on how I feel about xat... But as we all can see, it's declining and admins are struggling to keep it afloat. What needs and can be done to fix it is right there in front of everyone. It is just a matter of listening to the users.
  3. Anxiety

    I really like your intentions, they seem pure. But as far as I know Anxiety and the others mentioned, as you stated, are "Mental illness' ". These are illness' that need to be handled by professionals that have been trained extensively to deal with these specific scenarios. I think providing the wrong type of assistance can end really tragically if the end user takes it wrong. Also, as far as trolls go... this would be a troll heaven, being able to target those who have these types of illness' and are more vulnerable than most would be very appealing to those looking to hurt others. We wouldn't want your chat to be held responsible for those users. In my opinion, if it was to GUIDE users to the proper ways of getting help or treatment... then something like this would work. But not as a way to help users get through it, I think you need to be in the practice and actually have the knowledge these professionals spent years studying. Those are my thoughts on the subject. Thanks for being so considerate of others, that's something that has recently been lacking in our society.
  4. Hidden contributors

    Uhh really just had no interest in the group title, but interest in speaking for the xat community or at least relaying a overall message of issues the community was wanting resolutions on. HENCE why I did not take the contributor title. I don't think there is a NEED to be displayed as contributor.. I just don't see how you view that as a negative aspect. It's just a person contributing their time and thought, what does it matter if they have the rank or color attached to them? As long as they are contributing... right? That's really what matters... not the rank.
  5. Rank Based Chat Scroller

    Have you guys given thought to how you would keep track of these if you were to set a different one for each rank? How would it display to the owner(s) that are actually writing it? How would they know what ones are set? I would think one way to do it is by making a code to where the system tells you the scroll message. You'd do the code followed by 'r' eg. (/smr) and the system would shoot out what the current scroll message is for mods and if nothing is set it would also let you know. Even a system like this seems a bit messy if I am being honest. But I'm intrigued on how you guys will differentiate the messages or how they would be displayed to those writing it. @Admin
  6. 486 CUPS

    Interesting suggestions can be found here: Please refer to this if at ANY point in time you guys have a lack of innovation or "interesting" ideas. I promise you will find A LOT of things that will be intriguing to the eye and may work within xat. ps. It is stickied on top of that forum category. "suggestions" @Admin
  7. Hidden contributors

    Well here's my take on it, During my month long run as a contributor I decided to stay away from the title "contributor" as TO ME the association with that color and title meant absolutely nothing. Why did it mean nothing? Because contributing to the community does not deserve(or need) a title... SO why did I take the "position" in the first place? well... I am usually very engaged in the community regardless, I wanted to see how the "contributor" team handled reports and overall see what the team was working on and how effectively it was handled. And to see if the team was actually reflecting the community's needs and not just coming to a conclusion within themselves. NOW... that did not mean I was not going to contribute within the team, that was just the motive as to why I decided to join the team, and OF COURSE speak for the community. But I must say, what I found within the team was EXTREMELY disappointing. There was a lack of content within the forum, considering there are SO MANY issues that need to be looked at (which volunteers don't have the manpower to get around to). Also found that often times it was a debate within the team more than anything else. I did not want to be recognized as a "contributor" but instead the same person that is advocating for change. I did not see myself as part of the "contributors group" I just saw it as me being a user voicing his opinion and trying to garner the overall opinion of users. For me, it was made clear that I had no 'association' with the team apart from trying to speak for users. Now... as to WHY it was ever an addition to the wiki? I HAVE NO CLUE. Any user within the team wanting to remain anonymous should either be completely anonymous, or not. Any person remaining anonymous should NOT be stating things of this sort. So anyone stating they are a "hidden" contributor should immediately be reported. IF it is found that this person is REALLY a contributor, they should either be stripped of the "contributor" rank OR their anonymity should no longer exist and their rank should be publicized (due to the fact that obviously they did not stay anonymous). As previously stated, you are either completely anonymous, or you are not. I feel that remaining anonymous within the group is not a bad thing or anything negative. It could be a way for a person to stay comfortable within the community and not feel any type of exclusion because of a color or title. To me, it's not such a big deal. And I don't see how contributors have ANY gain whatsoever due to their opinions. They really don't. That's my view and experience with this. needless to say, this post was not meant to bash any specific team within the community, it is just my view on it.
  8. If I understand the original post correctly, you are stating that a owner with invisible can not be seen by another owner if he has invisible enabled? If that's the case, going based off the wiki's definition of the power... then the power is currently malfunctioning. As per wiki definition of the power: "The Invisible power allows owners to hide from lower ranks (i.e. owners can see other invisible owners, but cannot see invisible main owners) and still be able to see the chat messages. The power automatically works while enabled. If you send a message or perform any action on the chat, your invisibility will be broken and users will be able to see you again. To become invisible again, sign out and back in." So if the power is NOT functioning as described on wiki, then it just needs to be updated to work properly. Just my two cents. Just a heads up, as per wiki definition: "The Invisible power allows owners to hide from lower ranks" soo it kind of was intended for it to be invisible to users below owner. not same rank. @HelperNate Hope I understood your suggestion/ OP properly. I felt I was a little bit unclear.
  9. 485 ACCESSORY

    woow! great power, good job whoever created this. I am extremely excited for this one!!
  10. Shortname prices.

    I understand where you are coming from. I dealt with IDs for various years and understand how it feels when the prices plummet. The difference between Ids/powers and shortnames is that currently the price of ids/powers are relative to popularity and overall activity on xat. Shortnames are NOT. Once xat recoups its activity, I am more than sure that the powers and IDs will also recoup in price. Mark my words. With that being said, I would agree with a shortname system that is also based on popularity. (eg. the more 4 letter shortnames being used, the higher the price gets, and vice versa.) This would assist to give a better perspective on the rarity of a 4 letter shortname. This of course, is opposed to the current system. But I don't see any real reason AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME for these shortnames to be so expensive. Just my two cents. @Crow
  11. Shortname prices.

    As the title suggests, this post is regarding Shortname prices. I am not sure if the price increase on Shortnames is relative to anything(I've heard google searches and other things) but It seems that the prices have skyrocketed within the last year or two. I am not talking about a 10% increase or even 20 or 30. I'm talking about in the 100s. The ID I currently have "danns" I used to purchase at around 6/7k. now I just recently paid 15k. I do not understand how these shortnames have come to be so much xats. There should be something limiting the amount of increase there is to these shortnames. Most 4 letter shortnames go UPWARDS of 30k. And 5 letter shortnames are within the 20-30k range. (estimating based on several shortnames I looked through) If we put this into terms of real life currency, the store price of a shortname that costs 30k xats would be $100USD. To me $100 for a shortname seems VERY hefty. And these are the starting prices on 4 letter shortnames, Ive seen some for a bit lower, but in the other hand I've seen some reach well over 50k xats. Maybe this is something that contributors can look into. How do you guys feel about these prices? @Admin
  12. Make the IllusionFX pawn unlimited.

    The pawn is very nice and all, but there's a reason pawns like these are limited. I think it would take integrity away from other pawn powers, and to me it just seems like a playful pawn that shouldn't stick around for too long. But I agree that if you make one pawn unlimited, you have to make many more the same way. I do not agree that this pawn should be made unlimited, due to the reason that it is just very playful and I would say that for a pawn like that to be made unlimited, it would need its own power as a whole. Just my two cents.
  13. Shark Power

    You did a pretty good job staying within xats style of drawing. I am rather intrigued to see how other emotions/faces would play within this shark smiley. Great power suggestion, hopefully @Cupim will get motivated to propose this idea to admins.
  14. Pool Boot (kick user to another pool)

    This has been suggested MANY times before, but nevertheless it's still a good suggestion, maybe @Admin will kick this in mind as it seems easy enough to be a function power.
  15. Pawncolor

    You mean a power that automatically switches between pawn color powers that you already have? I don't see why anyone would pay for something they can manually switch. I don't see how making this automatic would benefit anything, you could just switch the color yourself. Maybe I am mistaken as to what you are proposing, but if it is what I think based on what I explained above, I don't see a reason or purpose for a power of this sort. Just my two cents.