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    I protect the dukedom.
  2. Dann


    I want to clear up some confusion with the questions a little bit and provide an example: (1) What can people count on you for? Stand up for something and talk about it. “Unworthy is a lie. It’s all about the why”. This question is asking what is something people can count on you to stand up for and say something. For Example; People count on me to voice my opinion on certain matters such as bullying because I actively stand up and speak up about bullying in my community, people count on me to be the person to call out the bullying and put a stop to it . There are many examples and different ways you can answer this question and each person will have their own personal experiences in regards. (2) Forgiveness is powerful. If today was your last day and you were able to forgive, what would you do or say to those who hurt you? Or to those who you last argued with? This question is pretty straightforward and to the point so here's an example: People will always hurt you, and sometimes we may sacrifice a friendship or relationship because of these feelings. But are these feelings eternal? should you always feel the same? On my last day I would remind those who hurt me or argued with me the wonderful times we had. I would serve a reminder to them as to not remember what we had by the negatives but instead by the positives. And to always hold light on the good times. These are just examples I was able to come up with off the top of my head (with the help of mia).... everyone will have their own views and responses as these questions are unique to the person. If you need more clarification on the questions please don't hesitate to send myself or @miaa a private message and we will be glad to explain it a little bit more thoroughly.
  3. Dann

    Survey about video games

    Can't forget PUBG
  4. Dann

    Survey about video games

    On what platform are you playing video games? * Mobile ain't there. this is discrimination!
  5. Dann


    As the first stage of this contest is coming to an end... I would like to give my input. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone for participating in the contest, reading your responses filled myself with positive emotions, and I'm sure it did to others. Now, on to the question: This question is a bit tough due to the fact that making any type of impact even on yourself, is something that is not so easy to achieve... But that should never stop you from trying. So with that being said I'd like to first state what is HARD about being positive. To me, the hardest thing about being positive, is understanding the situation. Often times for us to be able to give advice or make a positive impact in someones life you need to understand what the person is going through as you may be stepping into VERY SENSITIVE territory. Giving the appropriate positivity is always a factor, because although we may try to shine light to darkness, we will always need to be sensitive to each persons situation. I usually try to find out the situation at hand (if the person is open or willing to discuss it) and based on that you give the appropriate positive feedback to assist someone in moving forward. tldr; But ultimately to me, the best way to make an impact not only on YOUR life but simultaneously in OTHERS' lives as well, is to always remain positive, always give 'the best you' to anyone and everyone at any given time, and I promise that without you even knowing it... You'll make that positive impact in someones life. And that's my two cents... I hope you guys can stay positive and I hope you're spreading the positivity throughout life and your peers, I am looking forward for the remaining 20 days of positivity!
  6. Dann


    @Booh Hey Booh, There is a question attached to this contest that must be answered in order to be considered for the price. Please take a look at the contest, and answer the question to be eligible to win the prize. thanks! EDIT: I'd like to remind everyone the question within this contest: What would you say or do to make a positive impact on yourself or to someone you want to support? Please do not post personal information about yourself or others. The question is what do you do or say to make a positive impact on yourself or to show someone support. example submissions: " When times are rough, I tell myself that life is too short and I have to keep moving and that's how I make an impact on my day and my life." "When a friend is in need, I try to interact with them and spend time so that they do not feel so alone in this world" Again, PLEASE do not post personal information about your life or anyone elses life, this is not the point of the contest. The point is to spread positivity and to allow other people to reflect on what you are saying. Mocking the contest or trying to troll the contest, will CLEARLY show your character and that is something you will have to bear yourself. thank you.
  7. Dann

    Social Chat

    I apologize... but you're blatantly lying out of your teeth. Chat was NEVER dead as it always had an active following and active staff. When it was mained by Daniela volunteers purposely took it due to "reports" against the chat. I have emails where I myself appealed the reason Chat was taken from Daniela(NEVER WAS ACTIVITY MENTIONED)... Again you guys did NOTHING to garner activity, you guys just removed the main for absolutely no reason. (I appealed it, and after admins realized you guys(mainly you) were bullCRAPPING *after he questioned vols* he decided to stop following up on the conversation) , Please stop using adams name in vain. Now with that being said... IN REGARDS TO SOCIAL..... You have to uphold YOUR standards @Mike to official chat standards... Yea we get it.. you're a rebel and you do nothing like everybody else does it... congratulations. Well you've found yourself once again coming back on the forum to initiate posts' like these... so if you can't fix YOURSELF... and uphold the standards a main owner should uphold to be able to run an "official" chat properly... then it will NEVER work out. I've always provided you with constructive criticism and regardless of the unpopular opinion... if you don't fix your recent shitty behavior and continue to allow your emotions to get in the way of what you're actually trying to achieve.. you will never achieve it. Whether it is trying to guide the volunteers in the proper direction.. or trying to bring life back to social... IF YOU DON'T WORK ON YOUR ATTITUDE AND YOURSELF YOU WILL NOT ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.. that's my two cents for these opinions. *remember mods that posts are editable ;)* not going to make another reply post only about that but here's my response for ya.... EDIT: @Christina you may just be offering your opinion to mike, but all I did was state facts, chat was never inactive when you decided to look for reasons to take it over. That's all I was trying to say ;).
  8. Dann

    Ticket, no answer for > 1 month ?

    I find it very surprising you will personally look at the first 10 people to post here, for that, thank you. But after those 10 people get assistance... are you guys planning on implementing a plan for these ticket delays to be fixed appropriately? This is a serious inquiry and concern of many users on xat, I am asking in the hopes that this is an attempt from xat at trying to neutralize the issues within the ticket delays. @Admin
  9. Dann

    A way to see why you have been banned

    I don't see how events is diminished with this suggestion... All he's requesting is for the screen that says you have been banned, to show the reason as to why. This would NOT defeat the purpose of events power at all... Users have a right to know why they are banned, sometimes that dialogue disappears or goes away without you noticing. I've been banned by bot before due to a reason that was not valid,(and I did not know the reason until staff unbanned me) and the same CAN happen with a user that's not a bot, so there should be a reason as to why you were banned. IF NOT, how are you supposed to report an unfair ban?? @AngeloI apologize but... WHAT?!? why would you NOT be entitled to know why you were banned? That's almost laughable... There's a space to put the reason in there for A REASON. And unfair bans are not allowed. So the end user getting banned SHOULD BE entitled to know why they were banned,this comes especially in cases where they did not see it happening. There are often times users falsify reports on users and users get banned while they are away and many many more scenarios where a user does not know why he's banned and needs to find out. Events power is made so you can see events that have been recorded on the chat... this means you can see the CHAT'S events as a whole... A user should not have to buy this power to see why he was banned, the message should be made clear to the end user as to why he was banned. I support @HelperNate 's Idea as it makes complete sense.
  10. Dann

    New HTML5 Feature: Notifications

    This is a great addition to html5 ! great job guys! Hope to see some more 'up to date' features resembling these in the near future.
  11. Dann


    @CarlosDesigns carlos explained it pretty well himself... But I do not think we are on the same page. They grabbed a FREE feature... and in turn decided to "allow users to set it for different ranks" but ended up selling it as a power... In comparison that is like saying.. you can send free messages on your chatbox but lets make the private ones a premium FEATURE! because you've allowed 'greater customization' to the messaging system. umm... NO... All I am saying is this is NOT a quality power... NO it does not take a lot of work to do this... I apologize but with the expertise of the developers it would be sad to say that making a scroll message visibly different based on rank is a hard developmental change... that is almost a joke. This is a power they just simply threw together and no quality was added to it. If we simply stand by and not speak up, the quality of powers will continue to degrade and we will continue to allow things like these to be acceptable in the community. Again, I apologize, but these powers are not up to par, at least not to a paying user. Again, it is just MY opinion and I'm expressing how I feel about it. That does not mean it's the opinion of everyone.
  12. Dann


    In xat 2018, we no longer get features that take 'too long' to develop. They become powers. I can not say I am happy with this power, something of this caliber would be more fit to be a FREE feature upgrade on xat. This is a low grade group power. If you put it in terms of spending: "I am paying to get a power that allows different ranks to see different messages on the scroll ?" uhh WHY? PS. features like 'games' , 'youtube player' , 'doodle' , and even the scroll system are all free features that took 'too long' but never became powers instead it was made available without needing to purchase anything. I believe It is about time admins start thinking of how to make the users happy and not just keeping their pockets full. That's my opinion on this power.
  13. Dann

    How do you feel about xat?

    Can't take this question seriously anymore... Sorry @ OP I personally don't have much to add on how I feel about xat... But as we all can see, it's declining and admins are struggling to keep it afloat. What needs and can be done to fix it is right there in front of everyone. It is just a matter of listening to the users.
  14. Dann


    I really like your intentions, they seem pure. But as far as I know Anxiety and the others mentioned, as you stated, are "Mental illness' ". These are illness' that need to be handled by professionals that have been trained extensively to deal with these specific scenarios. I think providing the wrong type of assistance can end really tragically if the end user takes it wrong. Also, as far as trolls go... this would be a troll heaven, being able to target those who have these types of illness' and are more vulnerable than most would be very appealing to those looking to hurt others. We wouldn't want your chat to be held responsible for those users. In my opinion, if it was to GUIDE users to the proper ways of getting help or treatment... then something like this would work. But not as a way to help users get through it, I think you need to be in the practice and actually have the knowledge these professionals spent years studying. Those are my thoughts on the subject. Thanks for being so considerate of others, that's something that has recently been lacking in our society.
  15. Dann

    Hidden contributors

    Uhh really just had no interest in the group title, but interest in speaking for the xat community or at least relaying a overall message of issues the community was wanting resolutions on. HENCE why I did not take the contributor title. I don't think there is a NEED to be displayed as contributor.. I just don't see how you view that as a negative aspect. It's just a person contributing their time and thought, what does it matter if they have the rank or color attached to them? As long as they are contributing... right? That's really what matters... not the rank.

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