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  1. Danny

    Danny    Goku

    Thanks for the follow goku. 

  2. goku GIF


  3. power rangers nickelodeon GIF by HULU


  4. Goku

    Goku    Enge

    Love Kiss GIF by molehill 

    @Enge (blowkiss) (hug)

  5. Montreal Poutine GIF by Bob aux Halles

                             @Goku@Masha@debz@Queen_SofiaCanadian dish traditionally made of French fries and fresh cheese curds, covered with gravy. hungry already:'(

  6. Mino1

    Mino1    Goku

    (hug) for u 

  7. Happy Sunday GIF by bluesbear


  8. Enge

    Enge    Goku

    Kiss You Reaction GIF


  9. Enge

    Enge    Goku

    Valentines Day Love GIF by BREAD TREE


  10. Mino1

    Mino1    Goku

    (hug) a hug for u

  11. You The Best GIF by memecandy


  12. Enge

    Enge    Goku


    marilyn monroe kiss GIF

  13.                                                  @Goku

                                  i love you GIF 

  14. hi guys this topic i want it to be  about me

    well im old user in xat ,  i wish  i was good friend and helpfull.

    i will let you this time to be free to say if you hate me or love me u can type hate with  bad smile or if u love me post love and react with heart ...


    lets start the vote go go go 

  15. Enge

    Enge    Goku


                      i miss you GIF by Animation Domination High-Def

  16. Efy

    Efy    Goku


  17. Enge

    Enge    Goku

                       Good Morning GIF by reactionseditor    


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