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  1. Nice work @DonQuijote i liked it !
  2. Goku

    Win 1500 XATS

    Prize receive thanks. @Maxo
  3. Congratulations for you all for have reopened Ajutor chat!
  4. Goku

    Background Design

    Very good job bro i like it !
  5. Goku

    Win 1500 XATS

    Goku (1000045)
  6. My first video games it was spiderman, street fighter, Pokemons dragon ball z budokai 1/2 street fighter, and gta vice city/ san andreas.
  7. Exactly Leandro the Ajutor chat has been redirected cause the xat staff and volunteers estimed the chat was very inactive so they redirect it to Assistance chat.
  8. Goku


    Nice work danny my compliments for you man
  9. Good job with your work is very original your drawings
  10. How much cost the 7D ?
  11. Best FUNCTION: (NOADD) / (Nosee) Best STICKER: (mythy) Best ANIMAL: (KLION) Best FX: -speedfx- Best VALENTINE: -(supervalentine)- Best HALLOWEEN: (fear) Best CHRISTMAS: (superchristmas) Best Super Collection: Superscary
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