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  1. It's look very similare to my suggestion i really wanted that to xat made this power for users who's not want to be add by others when they do not want.
  2. Suggestions IDs: 111000 222222 1000012 4100000 4200042 4242424
  3. Interesting it's really look similare to the power wish, i think it can be used as stickers on HTML5 cause it can be a great idea.
  4. Goku (1000045) Ruby Gold and Silver
  5. I agree with @Valstein it can be a power game cause it sounds very like a game like warriors who's try to defend their territory.
  6. Goku

    Happy Birthday Marek ! 

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      thank you very much (hug)

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    Sis (hug)

  8. Interesting idea it will be a nice power to have cback i'll support it!
  9. Goku (1000045) https://prnt.sc/sodvm7
  10. Goku

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    @Enge (blowkiss)

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      thank you so much(blowkiss) @Goku

  11. I already wanted to suggest this suggestion but the problem like your idea is copyrighted so i don't think xat will do it.
  12. Hello xat ! I suggest a new power epic the new power epic is (superbig) similare to the power (big) actually. What is the function of this power ? Is to let users to use big smilies when they write somethings or others smilies etc and the smilies they are automatically big. Of course users should have the power (big) for they can use the power (superbig)
  13. Goku

    590 LINEFX

    I liked this power
  14. @NoSense Ty for all your support and gived me your suggestions i really appreciate my suggestion interesting you and helping me! And thanks to you all for gived me all your comment's positive i really appreciate my suggestion with my draw are interesting you it was my first time i suggest a new power by draw it.
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