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  1. This idea sound nice if users want to use their old displaynames !
  2. You're welcome bro and thanks to you too ! @Abrahan
  3. Nice suggestion i guess it can be using like stickers for HTML5 version i am will support this idea.
  4. Goku

    Happy Birthday To You GIF by memecandy

    1. Efy


      haha! thank you Enişte (hug)

  5. The first winner @Demonattack receive 4000 xats The second @Valstein receive 1500 xats The 3rd @Arjayreceive 800 xats
  6. Hello everyone's ! I am hosting contest tournament for 4 in a row for the price 4000 xats in the 20 hours GMT + 1 in the Game chat The rules are simply: Including your ID if you want to play If you win take the screenshot and put it here. Do not use second account or it will increase your chances. The first will receive 4000 xats The second will receive 1500 xats. The 3rd 800
  7. I participate in the 4 in a row Championship ! Goku (1000045)
  8. The contest is finished the winner by Cool CoooLingman (1535333508) congratulations to him ! Ty bro @HelperNate
  9. Hello guys! It's been longtimes i haven''t host a contests so i give you opportunity to replay contests for quizz of DBZ in the evening in 20 hours (GMT +) The rules are simply win 1 skip 1. Do not use another account or it will increase your chances. The contest will be in https://xat.com/Game Put your IDs To win you have to get 10 good answers The price will be the power (Manga) Good luck
  10. Goku

    598 MAIN

    Thanks it was helpful to read it for use the new power and i like this idea.
  11. It's look very similare to my suggestion i really wanted that to xat made this power for users who's not want to be add by others when they do not want.
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