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    @Enge (blowkiss)

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      thank you so much(blowkiss) @Goku

  2. I already wanted to suggest this suggestion but the problem like your idea is copyrighted so i don't think xat will do it.
  3. Hello xat ! I suggest a new power epic the new power epic is (superbig) similare to the power (big) actually. What is the function of this power ? Is to let users to use big smilies when they write somethings or others smilies etc and the smilies they are automatically big. Of course users should have the power (big) for they can use the power (superbig)
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    Goku (1000045)
  5. Goku

    590 LINEFX

    I liked this power
  6. Goku

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    @Enge (blowkiss)

  7. @NoSense Ty for all your support and gived me your suggestions i really appreciate my suggestion interesting you and helping me! And thanks to you all for gived me all your comment's positive i really appreciate my suggestion with my draw are interesting you it was my first time i suggest a new power by draw it.
  8. I am agreed what they said xat can't added it as smilies or power cause is a copyright so i am not support this idea. Before you suggesting a new power you have to be sure is not a copyright or it will not be possible.
  9. Hi ! Here you can post all your draw of any Mangas or DBZ and your own designe it will be appreciate.
  10. Hi everyone's ! Here i will give you all the news of Dragon Ball Super and the spoilers you are not obligated to see or to read if you do not want to be spoilers but if you want to know the news all will be settings here.
  11. Goku


    Hi, I don't think xat will deal with it you can report it to the staff of the chat in question by including the proofs and more evidences with the conversation and the ID of the user.
  12. Hi If you want to register in xat the user name shouldn't be short or well you can buy a shortname when you have registered on xat. You have to use letters and numbers without symbols or if the user name is already taken you have to try another.
  13. xat Chat c2703f19 68312278 228c6a12 44859de8 74511f7e 382e5417
  14. xat Game e40d3c2d 4b304dda 4d03fe4b 228c6a12 228c6a12 417d9dce 417d9dce 4b304dda 3824f8c4 e40d3c2d 228c6a12 417d9dce
  15. fe36a6c1 8794fc04 xat Game
  16. 8794fc04 https://prnt.sc/ry0fy7 xat Game
  17. Hi ! I have made this club to all fan of Dragon Ball Super who's like it for they can come talk about it for what they have feeling about any episodes. Before any actions i have made some rules what do you have to read: Any questions or spoilers or any resource of Dbz are allowed. You can talk about others Mangas and Games. You may not be dissrespectingful or making drama.
  18. Goku

    (noadded) power

    Yes @Zoomey when users have this power what i want to suggest he will work automatically when users click us for and they can't use the button ADDED or they will see No-added like @HelperNate said
  19. Goku

    (noadded) power

    @Abrahan It's a power similare like the powers (single) and (nopc) and (nopm) for do not allow users to added us.
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