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  1. Ty hope that they'll enjoy and i hope also i have explained hows that workd x)
  2. Hi guys it's been longtimes i didn't hosting contests so now i'll host another one that can be fun! As you did saw in topic the game is named Letters to Words and how this game works ? I'll explained you in more details ! First when we choose a letter we need to guessing word by the first letter. Exemple: P - Planete - Pathologia - Portugal hope that you have understand what i have mean the game will be in 7 rounds and it ended when nobody have no more words to guess and the winners is the one who's have guessing the last word. I'll give to all winners 50 xats per rounds. The contests will start in 22h12
  3. I do boxing in my club or another sport or i play GTA V or San andreas and others games.
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    Happy birthday bro


  5. Nice design bro very awesome one (y)
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      Love you wifey (blowkiss) @Enge

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      Love u more hbb (blowkiss)(hug)

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    Happy birthday bro.

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  9. Goku


    I think that xat should added others methode of payment about purchased powers instead using always xats to purchasing it.
  10. Goku


    So you want to suggested about users who's they buy powers to purchased it with real money ? Interesting i'll supporting this.
  11. I think the image size isn't the right you have to make sure that you use the right size of your image and you have to upload it in imgur.com <
  12. It sounds good and nice hope users will enjoy it !
  13. Screenshots for more exemple: 3 hearts vs 2 hearts 3 Hearts kill 2 Hearts https://prnt.sc/xtv5fg Ace vs the king = Ace kill the king https://prnt.sc/xtvjeo 5 Hearts vs 5 Diamonds = Ace vs 2 Hearts the Ace kill 2 hearts https://prnt.sc/xtvxcf
  14. Hey have you ever play battle card ? well for somebody who's not know what is it is a game with cards classic and the card are similare to cards of the powers darts but with another game How we play it ? That's very easy the card who's the most big kill the more inferior and the ace is the strongest card don't you get it ? But if users play the same card they should put again another card until the other kill with the most card superior.
  15. Goku

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