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  1. Hello, i have got one new suggestion about one new pawn power color epic. So my suggestion of this power it's (Silver#) .
  2. Hello today i'm making contests in Game chat for a quizz about xat story for 1000 xats all good answer i will give 50 xats by 50 xats if you are interested come joined us in xat.com/Game 

  3. Stive

    Vacation - temp co-main

    Ty Enge <333333333333333333333 Enjoy your vacation Nate!
  4. Grats for earning contributor !

  5. Enge

    love u 💕

    1. Stive


      Me too baby 💕

  6. J0hn

    Thank you very much for trusting me to make pcback for you and your wife!!!(hug)

    1. Stive


      Yw bro you are a good user (hug)  

  7. Stive

    Five Elements Logo Contest

    I hope the contest will working is look very interessing i support it (y)
  8. Stive

    Suggest one idea for xat.

    This idea i am not sure if xat can use it. Well my idea is to suggest for xat to save all pc like if users want to report others like a scam or other things it can be easy for them.
  9. What happened to the assistance room? I do not understand why I'm not in moderator

  10. Stive

    Ban-all power

    Hello everyone ! I have get an idea about a new power but i am not sure if it was suggest before but i'll suggest it. So the power i suggest is (banall) smilare to (kickall).
  11. Stive

    I suggest new powers.

    Yes only your friends can see your powers ^^
  12. Stive

    I suggest new powers.

    Hello, i suggest new powers. The powers are: (noadd) & (nosee). The power (noadd) doesn't allow others user do not added you at friends. The power (nosee) doesn't allow others look your powers etc.

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