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  1. Very awesome @Danny thank you soo much !
  2. Excellent @Danny i like it continue like this bro
  3. Mino1

    I visited your site before I go I leave a hug here (hug)

    1. Goku


      (hug) You quit bro ?

    2. Mino1


      I always stay true to xat. 

  4. Wow i think Nate the Main Owner williams be happy if he see thoses backgrounds
  5. Goku

    xat Uno Game

    We have a uno game on the FEXBot it will be very nice if we had the power game uno for xat for that we can play it. After is up to the admins to valid it.
  6. I can give you my idea about your suggestion xat can allow the live ticket only for users who's are subscriber. Or they may wait for a reply.
  7. Very usefull for users who's need to buy design. Good work bro!
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