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  1. Well, thanks for the suggestions. I took care of most of them other than the Cool name generator(which i will fix later).I added the text font size in bg maker aswell. By the way, How is the font color of menu now?
  2. Samsung Galaxy for sure. Android OS rocks
  3. Hey guys! It has been a while since i made xat Tools (an xat fan site), and somewhere in the middle it stoped working, but the good news is i revived it finally. (and made it completely ad free) For those who dont know about it, it is a website that provides unique & creative tools like 2d Gif Maker and BG Maker. xat 2d gif Maker It allows you to make something like (I would love if someone would write a documention for it - i really dont have much time to write it) Link: https://xattools.firebaseapp.com/gifMaker xat Bg Maker Allows
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