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  1. Happy birthday.


    Don't set anyone on fire, pl0z. 

    1. lemona


      Thanks! The only thing I set on fire was your leftover cake. :) 

  2. Thank you for reporting this. I have notified the admins and have also asked them to take a look at that as well.
  3. The following pages for HTML5 should now be live. Those pages are: - https://xat.com/powers - https://xat.com/ShortName - https://xat.com/Promotion - https://xat.com/Ad - https://xat.com/BuyGroups Store links here: https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetPowers.php If you see any bugs, or issues or even have some suggestions on how to improve these pages, then please don’t hestitate to share them here. Thanks and enjoy.
  4. There was once a man, a man so colorful and dark as the darkness that lived upon us in Space.


    He was the darkest of the dark, he was the most cheerful of the cheerful and the most vainglorious soul there is. 


    One day the darkest of the dark soul couldn't handle the two friends who he hung out with, Light and Moon. The darkest of the dark couldn't handle the synergy that was being thrown his way and decided to join the lowest of the ground, the ground of nothing where he began his journey to climb into the silver city, only to be shun down multiple times. 


    He the darkest of the dark decided to end his journey by betraying his two greatest friends only to become the most disgraceful thing - the disgraceful thing was joining the lowest of the low to achieve something. 


    His friends changed his title "the darkest of the darkest" to the "lowest of 'em all". He was too much of a crying soul, he wanted his friends back - but story has it that he's no longer able to serve the friends, and was banished into the realms where the slums and dogs live now.


    The disgraceful grounds is what the Kings Order called them.


    Fairy tales are nice. Isn't that right, @Leandro?


    - Story ends here.

    - Based on some event. 

    - Ground-S.

  5. Happy Chinese birthday. 




    I hope you enjoy the fried chicken Leandro sent, Thuk’s sisters cookies, and my Pikachu. :) 

  6. Hello, Everyone. As the days go by, xat continues to update it's style. We've recently had lots of interesting feedbacks from the shortname page and some were taken into consideration. If you haven't seen that post yet, then please check it out and give your feedback towards it. We look forward to hearing from you there! The power page was a major key update towards HTML5 and it's been in the works for a while. Today I present to a preview of the new powers page and whats to come from it. Here's a gif of the power page being roamed through: roaming the powers page. (gif program makes it a bit choppy - apologizes for that). Users will have a wide variety of selection to powers, such as standard powers, rare, epic, group, games and then all. Two other pages were also updated. Promotion page to advertise your chat on xat's homepage. Ads (advertise) page to advertise your chat with a banner around xat. Previews can be found here for each updated page. You can view the preview of the promotion page by going to here You can view the preview of the ads (advertise) page by going here here There's more updates to come and we'd like to gather everyone's input from now until then. It would be great to hear what everyone thinks of these updates as well. I look forward from hearing from you guys. Thanks and stay tuned for more changes and updates to come. Note: Keep in mind, these pages can be changed any time whenever the Administrators feel like.
  7. Trains. Trains are very, very, very nice to look at.
  8. Happy birthday.








    ... It’s not my birthday.

  9. This isn’t about the trade application. This is about the Doodle Application for HTML5. Please read what the topic is about. If you want to suggest new features and ideas to HTML5, then open up a suggestion thread.
  10. Interesting feedback's from everyone. Even though most were "its ugly", I still read it and it was interesting to some degree. The gradient will be staying since that's xat's style from the start. I don't see why the gradient should be removed for - if that's their style and it makes no sense to remove it because it would make the page look worse. Take a look at Sloom's screenshot. What template is being used here? I am confused on that. I've tried looking into this "template" we used and I don't see the word template, or a specific way it should be placed. It's all based on what's used the most around xat. Purchasing xats, powers, shortname and so on. Am I missing something here? Bootstrap is being used here for those saying "USE IT!!". Just wanted to make that clear here. Having two toolbars isn't much of an issue here. It's a store and those tabs seems to be necessary to have in a store. Sure the store tab in the first toolbar could do the trick, but if someone wants a quick draw when they are in the store, then its right there for them. Think of it as hotkeys. What black and white spaces are on the sides? Please screenshot and show. The text, the icons and everything else could be wider to fill the screen up to make it more "appealing" and feel more "modern", but that won't be happening as for the time being. (Not sure if you're talking about that as well). I have also dumb it down for your "xat store" demo with a screenshot of mine. Feel free to give an input on it. Link can be found here. Before jumping on a bandwagon, please think about your post and figure out ways to make it better than give redundant comments like "its ugly", "it horrible", etc etc, because it doesn't help.
  11. Hello, Everyone! As you all know xat is currently updating their interface. xat first had the chats being ported over to HTML5 and it's Homepage, now xat is moving and focusing on wider aspects around the website. So this brings me to say, the Shortname page is being updated at the moment. It's currently in testing (beta) form and will soon be available to all. What's new? The page will say "xat store" instead of "xat" now. Helps users know we're at xat's store page. A couple new tabs will be displayed on the store, such as: buy xats & days, power, short name, auctions, promotion, ads, get group. [Those tabs are subject to change in the future]. This is a screenshot of the Beta Version Shortname page. Direct link for a full view can be viewed here when purchasing a shortname. The page may be subject to change in the future along side many other aspects on how its viewed. Getting some feedback in this area would be great on how to improve it, or comments on what you guys think. Thanks and stay tuned for updates.
  12. Hello, For those that are using the TestFlight Beta version, it's currently down at the moment with the message ( "xat" Beta Has Expired " ). The Administrators are aware and there's an update to come. Once the update is pushed to Apple and TestFlight users, then everyone will be notified here - Thanks for reading and please be patient. Thanks, again.
  13. The heart should become a forum emotion since all the other reactions have a face on it and this would only make sense to have it. Overall, pleasing smiley @Junior. @Andre - Make this happen!
  14. Why are you a Contributor? Plz, explain. :S 

    1. Junior


      Hmm, something wrong it's going on... Grats :$ very well deserved!

    2. lemona


      Why are you aqua? So pretty (goo)



  15. Happy 50th birthday! 


    I know how you young people are. Like to drop it like it's hot in the club. 


    Reported btw. 

  16. ID: 525 Name: Snowflake Status: Limited Price: Unknown Smilies: Great power @Mihay! Pawns: (I did this for likes).
  17. The winners of Checkers were: @Zoom @6 @SHAW @Valdoni @Stive @Booh @DjDanny24 and @Samuel There's currently 3 spots left. Since not many people showed up, the xats will be transferred to @HelperNate for future contest and games - 1000 xats. Thanks for all playing and enjoy your 500 xats.
  18. A prize pool for 5000 xats has been added to the game for Checkers. Users will ONLY be allowed to win 500 xats. If anyone's interested in winning some xats today, then visit http://xat.com/Game?new and open up Canvas and wait for an invite by the Main Owners. Rules are very simple: - Follow Game's rules. - First 10 to win will receive a prize (You must be registered!) - Do not play more than once, let the others play. - Be patient and don't complain if you didn't get a turn, you will probably get a turn next. - If there's remaining xats for the BOT, then you may play again. Which I doubt, but I will announce it if there is. The Main Owner gets to select who gets to play first or not. DO NOT COMPLAIN saying you did not get a turn. Everyone will get a turn and will be able to play. As stated above in rules. If you win, the bot will announce you as the WINNER [NAME] and the xats will be transferred to you from account (Maverick 1070). If you want to spectate someone's game match, then feel free to use the command E.G. !game session spectate checkers 1070,42 This is test demo event for a much bigger one soon. . . Not too sure when.
  19. I saw your suggestion, I’m still working on some games that users sent out. I am not ignoring you. Sorry for that. @Anas
  20. There's a lot of things that can't be done because of the latency. So when suggesting games, just bare in mind what you suggest and think about the latency, because of how everything is controlled by packets, it would require a lot of packets to be getting through depending on the requirements for the game, games that have a pace controlled by the player would be the ideal type of game for this, since the pace of the game would be determined on the speed of player inputs. So card games, board games, etc.. etc..
  21. So the bot works like this (Current APPBOT host are TOM2, Paul and Maverick): Commands: !cardmatch [invite/add] [username/id] - Will add a user to the current participants !cardmatch [uninvite/remove] [username/id] - Will remove a user from the current participants !cardmatch list - Will list current participants !cardmatch end - Will end the current competition !cardmatch start - Will start the competition Examples: !cardmatch invite Maverick !cardmatch invite 42 !cardmatch remove Maverick !cardmatch uninvite 1070 The game will only accept an even amount of players to participate: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 etc.. Cardmatch works with pairs of players competing against each other. Every competition needs at least 2 players, but would recommend only up to 8-12 participants. Basically how the game competitions work is that 2 players are randomly selected from the total participants to compete with one another in a round, the winner of the given round will move on in the competition, while the loser drops out. The goal of the game is to match as many pairs as possible, whoever matches the most pairs in a given round wins. Whoever stays in the competition the longest without losing a round, wins the competition. Note: Sprites will fail on first load, this is a problem related to how sprites are loaded in the canvas app, will be fixed in the future.
  22. xat 1.14 (1.14.0) for iOS is now available. Testflight users are able to see the update. Smiley button in chat is now fixed. Funny characters such as " 𝔻𝔸𝔻𝔸 " is now fixed on iOS. When you click "Buy xats" via a dialog on Buy Powers, it will redirect you to "Me" but won't open the "Buy xats" dialog. Should be fixed now. Bugs should be reported here if you come across any - https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/mobile-applications/ = 1.15 is out for temporary testings in the Appstore. Download it if you're using the TestFlight version.
  23. As Paul explained, it's a cache thing, or issue - depending on how you deem it. For example, if user A (with purple and powers) private messages User B who is offline, then User B who is offline jumps back online on HTML5 mode, you would see their powers. Everyone else would not see it, but you would only. Not really a bug either since it's cache. Thread closed for now until fixed in the future.
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