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  1. TestFlight 1.20 version is out. (Admin) Fixes: 1) Chat backgrounds. 2) Avatars for users. 3) Edit profile. 4) Power settings 5) Macros settings were fixed. 6) Settings font. 7) Black chat issue mainly was fixed. (If you were using the TestFlight version, that was fixed). 8) GetStrip8 fixed. Broken: 1) Can’t seem to see some users online, including bots. (Reported by Thuk - works for me though). Yes, notifications are still broken. Will be fixed soon. If you have any bug reports, then send them HERE.
  2. Maverick

    Ads provide

    Postimages is now approved. You can now use it for banner promotion. There will be more to come. (Maybe).
  3. Maverick


    Seems like a Firefox issue. Are you on Firefox, or no? Works fine on Chrome. Also, this is a known issue - Made by Lamington already. Admins are working on this already too. You'll just have to be patient until its fixed.
  4. Maverick

    Ads provide

    I don't think Photobucket is ideal since you have to pay to host your images which isn't something many people want. However, you can host your images for free - but there will be watermarks on all the images. Eg, http://prntscr.com/owmbji So I'd not go with something like this if it were to be an option. Secondly, Imgur has stated something about hotlinking, so https://postimages.org would be ideal. Again, this all depends on the administrators and not me.
  5. Maverick

    Ads provide

    If you read right here, http://tinypic.com/ - Tinypic is shutting down, so it might need to be removed off the wiki. Imgur hotlinking images is horrible for profiles and chats. It doesn't work properly (sometimes) - https://imgur.com/tos Imgur went through this here. (Maybe a Reddit post can help you too). So promotion banners will need to be on https://postimages.org/ or http://uploads.im/ (something the admins need to fix, or if its done yet).
  6. TestFlight version 1.19 is out. No fixes were made here. This was for testing purposes with xat admins and Apple themselves. Check it out.
  7. Happy birthday! BM!


    Hope you enjoy your day with your family and friends.

  8. Maverick

    Bug Store

    By any chance, are you able to replicate this by making a video / gif? Thanks.
  9. Hello, It looks like your banners were approved by the administrators. If you don't see them up, then please send me a private message and I'll re-email the admins to take a look at this. Thanks. (Someone please translate, Google translator is not so good).
  10. Maverick

    BUG?error? idk

    If I am reading or understanding this right, when you're clicking a friend who is offline, it shows available? It doesn't seem to occur to me for me on mobile either, flash or HTML5. Are you able to provide a gif, or screenshot of some sort? You can use https://prnt.sc/ for screenshots and https://www.screentogif.com/ for screen recording gifs. Also, is this on HTML5 or Flash? Please use https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/ next time to report the bugs.
  11. Happy B birthday, Bertha. (rolleyes)

    1. Leandro


      Get ***** kid. thank

  12. Congratulations. Great choices. These two are dedicated hard working users and it's nice to see they get the recognition they deserve. Well done. However, there's someone else who deserves the spotlight as well and didn't get the recognition and that's utterly sad to see -- Oh well. Fixed over 100 broken issues in different areas on the wiki, including the languages. (Goes to 3-4). S/he has pointed out numerous fixes in 2017, 2018 and 2019 and has been fixed, including sending in multiple change request. Worked side by side with a Volunteer to fix issues with broken languages in different languages. (Credit probably stolen). Helped with the questionnaires on the forum for different languages. That's great and all, but disappointing to see that s/he didn't get the spot - and has been ranked longer than the other two on the forum. S/he speak English very well along with other languages that helps the community and is ranked in different officials. Well boys and gals, congratulations to you two and hope you can make a difference. (Just my opinion and I don't mean to start any drama/beef between anyone).
  13. Hello, Kisses and gifs are on the low priority area for mobile at the moment. Kisses are slowly showing itself on HTML5, but is not ready for mobile. About the gifs, that’s been slowly improving as well. The trade app is still being worked on for further improvements for HTML5. Having the trade system on mobile seems a bit tricky, but that decision come downs to the admins ultimately. About the power search, I can see it showing up on mobile soon. There’s no EST for this. I’m not sure what you mean here. You can check the mobile logs update to see what new features, settings and to keep up with the changes that are happening on mobile.
  14. Hello, It looks like the issue seems to be fixed by the Administrators. (Their words). If you encounter the issue again, then please feel free to report on Bug Tracker - https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/ Clear cache out.
  15. Hello, I just confirmed that this is definitely a bug and the Administrators are aware of the issue with HTML5 and Flash. (Mainly HTML5). Resetting the password on an unconfirmed account will not solve the issue since it's not confirmed. Confirmed this. This has become their top priority. Once the issue is resolved an announcement, or a thread will be made stating so. Angelo and Sydno did contact the Administrators. Hope this gets fixed very soon and thanks for your patience. I will also continue looking for another method or solution for the time being until this has a proper fix.
  16. Yikes. This is a touchy subject, but since this is your /domain/ your /area/, I might as well join and give an input. Question one) What is your role in xat? (now you are more than ever, and the results are not very visible) My role is in my title that I have right now. It's not much, just a mark on the board - https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Appbot (more details there). Sometimes I just sit there and look pretty and admire the scenery. I also like long walks on the beach to view the sunset sipping some margaritas or mojitos. Question two) Why was my request rejected by you? (Do you do more than I do, or do you fear that I will be the only one with good results?). I think I will give you the main reason and that's professionalism concern. Making threads like this being one issue, calling all of us out to just answer your thread for answers. You couldn't wait your couple months left to then re-apply? Perhaps the groups answer would have changed in the future. Now, when you re-apply, I'm going to say no because this is concern to the group. You dislike what was done, so you publicly rant about it to question each and every single person? I'm sure they feel uncomfortable by even reading this and possibly even deny you and delete this thread. Secondly, you can't communicate properly. How so? Just look at the thread you made. I'm sure talking to a Volunteer, or asking a Contributor " how can I improve to be apart of the group? " Would definitely show great maturity from you and change the others perspective to show that you're willing to change, communicate and work as a team-member, but you've just screwed yourself again, so I don't think any of our votes will possibly change. (Can't speak for everyone, but I'm sure this can sum up most of it). There's more to this, but you get the gist of this. I'd also like to add, Kermit the frog sang a good song which made me think of margaritas or mojitos on the beach line watching that sunset glow. Awh, such warmth of the summer.
  17. I think there should be a setting for that for users to select how they want the pools, top or bottom or default. Default being the pools set like how they are on flash, top being all the pools are to the top and bottom being all the pools to the bottom - Which ideally is giving us more options to choose from. Trade users who are on mobile will just have to cope with it for now until there's a solution, or something to be brought into play. About the lag issue, LaFleur already pointed it out and the admins are working on it. No solution to fix it yet. Going back to what I said with the idea above. There's also lot of new issues that were discovered as well and are being worked on.
  18. xat 1.6 for iOS is now available. Testflight users are able to see the updates. Changes: New settings page. Includes, Macros, Translator, Categories and your general information such as powers and general. New CSS styling. (Not by a much). Pools such as xat_test, staff and banpool are no reflected like on flash. Known issues: You can't save your name changes. Translator does not work. If you click a power on the bots name (eg on xat_test) it will bring the power up, along side of what the powers name is. DOES NOT WORK. Does not support iPhone X screens yet or screens that are bigger. Bugs should be reported here if you come across any - https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/mobile-applications/
  19. Those apps are not fully ported over to HTML5 as they are still in flash base. They work with HTML5 for a bit, such as YouTube and Doodle. Not all the apps are fully compatible with HTML5 yet. Bare in mind most of these apps will soon be ported over and we are aware of this. If I am answering your question wrong, then please comment back. I look forward to hearing from you.
  20. Happy birthday.


    Don't set anyone on fire, pl0z. 

    1. Lemona


      Thanks! The only thing I set on fire was your leftover cake. :) 

  21. Thank you for reporting this. I have notified the admins and have also asked them to take a look at that as well.
  22. The following pages for HTML5 should now be live. Those pages are: - https://xat.com/powers - https://xat.com/ShortName - https://xat.com/Promotion - https://xat.com/Ad - https://xat.com/BuyGroups Store links here: https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/GetPowers.php If you see any bugs, or issues or even have some suggestions on how to improve these pages, then please don’t hestitate to share them here. Thanks and enjoy.
  23. There was once a man, a man so colorful and dark as the darkness that lived upon us in Space.


    He was the darkest of the dark, he was the most cheerful of the cheerful and the most vainglorious soul there is. 


    One day the darkest of the dark soul couldn't handle the two friends who he hung out with, Light and Moon. The darkest of the dark couldn't handle the synergy that was being thrown his way and decided to join the lowest of the ground, the ground of nothing where he began his journey to climb into the silver city, only to be shun down multiple times. 


    He the darkest of the dark decided to end his journey by betraying his two greatest friends only to become the most disgraceful thing - the disgraceful thing was joining the lowest of the low to achieve something. 


    His friends changed his title "the darkest of the darkest" to the "lowest of 'em all". He was too much of a crying soul, he wanted his friends back - but story has it that he's no longer able to serve the friends, and was banished into the realms where the slums and dogs live now.


    The disgraceful grounds is what the Kings Order called them.


    Fairy tales are nice. Isn't that right, @Leandro?


    - Story ends here.

    - Based on some event. 

    - Ground-S.

  24. Happy Chinese birthday. 




    I hope you enjoy the fried chicken Leandro sent, Thuk’s sisters cookies, and my Pikachu. :) 

  25. Hello, Everyone. As the days go by, xat continues to update it's style. We've recently had lots of interesting feedbacks from the shortname page and some were taken into consideration. If you haven't seen that post yet, then please check it out and give your feedback towards it. We look forward to hearing from you there! The power page was a major key update towards HTML5 and it's been in the works for a while. Today I present to a preview of the new powers page and whats to come from it. Here's a gif of the power page being roamed through: roaming the powers page. (gif program makes it a bit choppy - apologizes for that). Users will have a wide variety of selection to powers, such as standard powers, rare, epic, group, games and then all. Two other pages were also updated. Promotion page to advertise your chat on xat's homepage. Ads (advertise) page to advertise your chat with a banner around xat. Previews can be found here for each updated page. You can view the preview of the promotion page by going to here You can view the preview of the ads (advertise) page by going here here There's more updates to come and we'd like to gather everyone's input from now until then. It would be great to hear what everyone thinks of these updates as well. I look forward from hearing from you guys. Thanks and stay tuned for more changes and updates to come. Note: Keep in mind, these pages can be changed any time whenever the Administrators feel like.
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