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  1. NEVA (ID: 573) This power allows you to send Snowman themed stickers. Notes: This power was made for the HTML5 chat only. It will NOT work on the Flash chat. You need to own the power (573 - NEVA) and have days to use stickers. Sending a sticker To send a sticker, simply use one of these codes: (neva.gift) (neva.hello) (neva.hehe) (neva.hey) (neva.no) Custom text You can add a custom text to your sticker. To do so, change the content after the ‘#’. For example: (neva.hey#xat) (neva.gift#presents) Note: Sticker code must be added at the beginning of the message for it to show up. Text color You can also specify the inner and outer text color of your sticker. For example: (neva.hey#xat#FFFFFF#000000) (neva.gift#present#000000#FFFFFF) Sticker with message The sticker can also be sent with a message. For example: (neva.gifts#present#000000#FFFFFF) No gifts this year for you. If you have any questions, want to report an issue or leave your feedback, please feel free to do so below. Thank you. Wiki page: https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=Neva
  2. This is a known bug to the admins. This bug was first discovered by Brandon. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal or high priority for the admins or bug hunters at this time. It will be fixed in the future, just no EST. Sorry. Also, please use the Bug Tracker area to report bugs. Thanks again.
  3. Don’t try and rush things now! STOP!
  4. Notifications fixed. If you logout of the xat app and then re login - that will fix it. @Addict, can’t say I didn’t try for you now.
  5. TestFlight 1.20 version is out. (Admin) Fixes: 1) Chat backgrounds. 2) Avatars for users. 3) Edit profile. 4) Power settings 5) Macros settings were fixed. 6) Settings font. 7) Black chat issue mainly was fixed. (If you were using the TestFlight version, that was fixed). 8) GetStrip8 fixed. 9) Notifications fixed. (Today Oct 1st 2019). Broken: 1) Can’t seem to see some users online, including bots. (Reported by Thuk - works for me though). If you have any bug reports, then send them HERE.
  6. Maverick

    Ads provide

    Postimages is now approved. You can now use it for banner promotion. There will be more to come. (Maybe).
  7. Maverick


    Seems like a Firefox issue. Are you on Firefox, or no? Works fine on Chrome. Also, this is a known issue - Made by Lamington already. Admins are working on this already too. You'll just have to be patient until its fixed.
  8. Maverick

    Ads provide

    I don't think Photobucket is ideal since you have to pay to host your images which isn't something many people want. However, you can host your images for free - but there will be watermarks on all the images. Eg, http://prntscr.com/owmbji So I'd not go with something like this if it were to be an option. Secondly, Imgur has stated something about hotlinking, so https://postimages.org would be ideal. Again, this all depends on the administrators and not me.
  9. Maverick

    Ads provide

    If you read right here, http://tinypic.com/ - Tinypic is shutting down, so it might need to be removed off the wiki. Imgur hotlinking images is horrible for profiles and chats. It doesn't work properly (sometimes) - https://imgur.com/tos Imgur went through this here. (Maybe a Reddit post can help you too). So promotion banners will need to be on https://postimages.org/ or http://uploads.im/ (something the admins need to fix, or if its done yet).
  10. TestFlight version 1.19 is out. No fixes were made here. This was for testing purposes with xat admins and Apple themselves. Check it out.
  11. Happy birthday! BM!


    Hope you enjoy your day with your family and friends.

  12. Maverick

    Bug Store

    By any chance, are you able to replicate this by making a video / gif? Thanks.
  13. Hello, It looks like your banners were approved by the administrators. If you don't see them up, then please send me a private message and I'll re-email the admins to take a look at this. Thanks. (Someone please translate, Google translator is not so good).
  14. Maverick

    BUG?error? idk

    If I am reading or understanding this right, when you're clicking a friend who is offline, it shows available? It doesn't seem to occur to me for me on mobile either, flash or HTML5. Are you able to provide a gif, or screenshot of some sort? You can use https://prnt.sc/ for screenshots and https://www.screentogif.com/ for screen recording gifs. Also, is this on HTML5 or Flash? Please use https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/ next time to report the bugs.
  15. Happy B birthday, Bertha. (rolleyes)

    1. Leandro


      Get ***** kid. thank

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