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  1. Maverick's post in Xatspace CSS won't save was marked as the answer   
    Use this pastebin: https://pastebin.com/0FEuPx1x
    The reason it won't save is because "body" is added. Body is automatically added already. 
    This should work.
    (I did not do any other changes to your current code other than remove "body" from the first part). 
  2. Maverick's post in html5 was marked as the answer   
    Seems like a Firefox issue. Are you on Firefox, or no? Works fine on Chrome.
    Also, this is a known issue - 
    Made by Lamington already.
    Admins are working on this already too. You'll just have to be patient until its fixed.
  3. Maverick's post in Can't register was marked as the answer   
    It looks like the issue seems to be fixed by the Administrators. (Their words).
    If you encounter the issue again, then please feel free to report on Bug Tracker - https://forum.xat.com/bug-tracker/
    Clear cache out. 
  4. Maverick's post in Account Locked was marked as the answer   
    We spoke on Help a few mins ago regarding this.
    To get your account unlocked, open a ticket under the Locked Out department and a Volunteer will assist you properly.  
    Make sure your ticket subject is 5 or more words long and provide your account information in that ticket and explain your reasoning.
    If for some reason you're still unable to open a ticket, then contact a volunteer by going to the staff page: https://forum.xat.com/staff/ and you'll be helped.
    However, try clearing your cookies and cache out first, then try to open a ticket under that department. [Edited and added in].
    Provide them with the information you'd provide them in a ticket for them to assist you faster and efficiently. 
  5. Maverick's post in Take to answer ticket was marked as the answer   
    Opening a thread on the forum regarding your ticket will not speed up the process of it being answered. That being said, this is also the wrong section for you to be opening a thread in. General support is the area that you want, which is located here: https://forum.xat.com/forum/4-general-support/
    Tickets are handled in the order they are received in as well.
    The lost access department takes a little longer than some departments, so you will have to wait for a volunteer to get to yours. Those volunteers who handle that department have to be very careful and validate every single information that is sent to them. 
    In the time being, try to enjoy xat as much as possible and not over think it. You will hopefully and shortly get a response.
  6. Maverick's post in Userlist not loading on all chats. was marked as the answer   
    HTTPS wouldn't be considered a factor issue for this. However, I did try Linux out and the stated issue occurred twice on Chrome but not on Firefox. 
    Firefox would be the best fitting browser for Linux users, so I'd recommend you try that out instead of Chrome.
    This issue also occurs if you're using a bot client (tested this as well and has happened), if you have one of those bot clients, try turning it off and see what happens when you connect back on. 
    Last thing I'd recommend for you is trying out xat's new HTML5 chat version. To access xat's HTML5 chat version add ?new at the end of the browser URL. Example: http://xat.com/help?new would be directed to Help's HTML5 chat version.
  7. Maverick's post in word: "twerp" was marked as the answer   
    Your chat is fine to be promoted, but the chat description should be changed as it may be offensive to some users.
    I spoke to the admins about this as well and they are okay with the chat being promoted.
    What Muffins said is correct, it doesn't carry any weight at all as a bad word. 
  8. Maverick's post in Help Help Help Help was marked as the answer   
    There's a thread already relating to the situation and I'm sure it will be handled very soon.
    Angelo also posted an appropriate answer already as well. 
    Just remain a little patient and it will be solved.
  9. Maverick's post in Lost auth was marked as the answer   
    Right now there's nothing we can do about that. Even if you try on multiple browsers, the error will still popup.
    However, the admins are aware of the issue already and they are working on fixing it (hopefully), so just remain a little patient.
    Thank you. 
  10. Maverick's post in Google Authentication was marked as the answer   
    Before you attempt to open a ticket, clear your cookies and cache out.
    You can open a ticket at http://xat.com/ticket under the department "Lost Auth" to get your Google Auth code removed.
    You're not required to be a paid user for this department, however some security questions may or may not be asked during the removal process.
    Once you have opened a ticket, you can visit this link to see which departments are delayed - http://xthelp.x10.mx/
  11. Maverick's post in My chat broken was marked as the answer   
    Open a ticket at http://xat.com/ticket under the department Chat Blocked. Your chat could have been blocked for breaking xat terms or chat css terms. 
    You do not need to be a paid user to open a ticket under the Chat Blocked department. 
    You will be provided a reason to why your chat was blocked.
  12. Maverick's post in Unblock WEBSITE was marked as the answer   
    In order to get your domain unblocked, you must be a paid user. If you're not a paid user, then you can purchase xats at http://xat.com/buy to become a paid user. 
    Then open a ticket under the Domain Unblock department at http://xat.com/ticket There's not guarantee that your domain will be unblocked.
  13. Maverick's post in I can't log into chat box?? Are You human error? was marked as the answer   
    Are you able to load the chat swf? http://www.xatech.com/web_gear/flash/chat632d.swf?id=2 
    Make sure your connection is direct instead of using an extension proxy or a VPN.
  14. Maverick's post in display name update was marked as the answer   
    Unfortunately there's nothing you can do about changing your display name again.
    The admins set it that way.
    You will have to wait the 180 days out before you change your name. The same applies for everyone else.
  15. Maverick's post in Admins who are not registered was marked as the answer   
    Stop opening multiple threads on the same issue.
    Also, this is the wrong section to open threads regarding this matter.
    You were given a response to your thread here and it's been answered:
  16. Maverick's post in My xat Space Delated. Why ? Help Please. was marked as the answer   
    You can try to manually delete them by following this link on howto - http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/how-to-delete-cookies-in-chrome-firefox-safari-and-ie/ 
    Usually clearing your cookies out manually fixes the issue with the login errors. Once you done that, you should be able to open a ticket properly.
    You could also try on another browser, but I'd recommend you follow the manually deleting cookies guide first.
    The second option would be trying another browser if all else fails..
    Make sure you clear your cache out too. 
  17. Maverick's post in Unable to Buy Xats & Days was marked as the answer   
    What browser are you on?
    If you're on Chrome, then go to chrome://settings/content and select All cookies and site data, you should see a list. Search for " xat.com " and delete the cookies by clicking the X next to xat.com
    If you're on a different browser use this link - http://www.digitaltrends.com/computing/how-to-delete-cookies-in-chrome-firefox-safari-and-ie/ This link will teach you how to delete your cookies manually, like how I taught you on Chrome.
    Once you've done then, clear your cache out next and then login via http://xat.com/login. You will be prompted to check your e-mail, check your e-mail and then login your account via link in your e-mail.
    After you do that, try to purchase your xats or days at http://xat.com/buy
    Let me know if you have any issues after doing so. 
  18. Maverick's post in I need help on Macros was marked as the answer   
    Issue resolved on chat.
    User had to clear cookies and cache out and then re-login to fix his issue to be able to use the redface smiley again on chat.
    // http://prntscr.com/cofur2 // 
  19. Maverick's post in Xats/Days not coming to my account was marked as the answer   
    Reset your password at http://xat.com/lostpass and change it to a password that doesn't contain any symbols, periods or commas. 
    Once you done that, open a ticket under the Payment Problem department at http://xat.com/Ticket and they will be able to assist you.
    Clear your cookies and cache out first and then re login. (You might be cached and that's why you didn't get your xats).
  20. Maverick's post in BUG IN HELD was marked as the answer   
    From what I understand, you were previously held because you were logging in different locations and got held due to that. You didn't turn off account location, that's why you got held. 
    After your ticket was answered, you were unheld, but you were somehow still held again. Make sure account protection is on so you don't get hold again. 
    Disabling account protection will put you on hold for 3 days. 
    Also, if you're logging into different locations with account locking on, then there's a chance you're going to be held or locked out of your account. 
    You can reply back to your ticket asking a volunteer to help you solve the issue of you being held and to update your current location so you don't get held again. 
    (The answer is based off what you told me in chat!)
  21. Maverick's post in tickets not resolved was marked as the answer   
    Don't open threads about your ticket. A volunteer will get to your ticket as soon as possible. Remain patient.
    Opening a thread does not speed up the time to have your ticket answered.
    Some tickets may take longer than other departments.
  22. Maverick's post in question for admin was marked as the answer   
    What I suggest is, enable /pr mode on your chat if the user is spamming your chat daily.
    IP's are not given out to any user on xat.
    Since its your chat, you can do as want as long as it follows xat's terms. 
    /pr mode is Protect(ed) Register users. That means, users who are registered will only be able to access your chat.
    You can also set your chat to members only in the chats group page setting.
    For future reference, don't pinpoint another user out on the forum, even if they are not registered.
  23. Maverick's post in Lost half my account was marked as the answer   
    Clear your cookies and cache out, then try to open a ticket at http://xat.com/ticket under the Lost Acess department.
    Remember, forum accounts and accounts on http://xat.com is two different accounts.
    If you did sign up on the forum thinking it works for http://xat.com then it won't.
    To sign up for a forum account, go on a chat and type Register, then click the underlined bold word that says Register and fill out the required information. Check your e-mail when you are done.
  24. Maverick's post in I'm sorry, I need some more assistance. was marked as the answer   
    You can go back to your previous thread and reply there, I have re-opened it for you - 

  25. Maverick's post in I m in error ``55´´ in my account xat.com was marked as the answer   
    You can contact a volunteer on the forum and they can help you. Lots of users were or are experiencing system problem error 55.
    If you were held for no reason, then you don't need to open a ticket at the moment. You would just need to contact a volunteer on the forum and they will assist you.
    The list of volunteers can be found here: https://forum.xat.com/staff/
    If your account wasn't held because of xat's system problematic error, which includes the following, trading or receiving stolen goods, then you would need to open a ticket under the Account Block department - http://xat.com/ticket 
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