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  1. Maverick

    Inquiries about HTML5

    Hi, Are you able to make a gif on this so we have a better explanation to what's going on your side? It would help Sloom, La and I figure out what the issue is from our own perspective. You can use this program here to help you record a gif: http://www.screentogif.com/ I don't necessarily think its your computer at all though.
  2. Happy birthday!

    1. SlOom


      Thank you loser ! :$  

  3. Maverick

    Forum ranks coloring?

    Wow. The hell with IPB and making everyone pay for stuff. Oh well. I'll move this to the archive and close the thread.
  4. Maverick

    Forum ranks coloring?

    Apparently this is required. “Required”.
  5. Maverick

    CSSS on editprofile to a textfield

    Hello, The input fields has been changed to textarea on editprofile. textarea only works with the (ME) power in Advanced mode. (The area where you enable the ME power). We are aware that the textarea tag won't work without the ME power. This was purposely done this way. Fixes that lag that some users experience with lengthy CSS. Hopefully chatsgroup is next. (Hopefully done soon).
  6. Maverick

    Mobile Version 1.10.3 Release - iOS & Android

    Explained yesterday on Help. Cubeupload sometimes doesn’t work well with xat, or some users. I’d recommend Imgur or Postimage since they are guaranteed to work.
  7. The Administrators have implemented a way for you to delete your chat information and make it buyable to others. What kind of information gets removed? Chat media (backgrounds, settings, all ranks), your email, personal data, messages that you sent - and making the chat immediately buyable for other users. How can you delete your chat info then? Simple. Go to https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/editgroup.php?GroupName=GROUPNAME&del=2 ,or https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/editgroup.php?GroupName=GROUPNAME and then follow the steps. Go to the URL above and replace "GROUPNAME" with your chats name. Once you're at the page you will see "To cease managing this group and delete your info". You put the email associated with the chat and the password that's associated with it as well, then click the "Delete" button. Check your email afterwards and you will see a link confirming you to delete your chat info. Click it and your chat information and ownership will be successfully deleted. To read more information about this process, visit https://util.xat.com/wiki/index.php?title=og#deletechat Information for Volunteers and Users: The email for the chat that you deleted will NO longer exist on xat for that chat and you may need to wait a while before trying to obtain or purchase the chat again. This varies on how recent the chats been deleted and how long ago this was. This is up to the Administrators and Volunteers discretion. To obtain or purchase a chat, go to http://xat.com/ticket and open a ticket under Short names and Groups. You will be assisted properly through the correct channels. Volunteers DO NOT have the permission to put chats in your email again and this will always have to be done through the Administrators themselves. Wait time is varied on this. Keep it in mind. Please do not harass Volunteers or Administrators for issues like this as well as wait time varies on them, which was stated above. xat has also updated their privacy in the process when making this option for users. Please visit https://xat.com/privacy.html to see xat's new privacy and what kind of data gets stores on you. If you have any questions you have regarding this thread, then please contact a Volunteer or a Tester [ Maverick, Sloom or LaFleur ] for more information.
  8. Maverick

    497 HATS

    To add to this further, You may now color your Crown's hat code along with several other hat codes which @SlOom pointed out to the @Admin. Screenshot: How to color your hat code: (hat#C#r) would be red crown. For Everypower: (hat#EbC#r) would be red Everypower crown along with your set pawn color. Replace "r" with the color code you want, eg: #ffffff
  9. Maverick

    497 HATS

    Using the hat code single was broken due to it requiring the new power hats, it was quickly reverted back and fixed today. User @Disadvantage pointed it out to me yesterday. Tested with @SlOom as well earlier today for confirmation. Try the chat code out (hat#z) and see if its fixed. You will need to be on the latest chat version - clear cache out if necessary.
  10. Maverick

    497 HATS

    Power information: 497 Power name: HATS Price: 500 xats. Power required: Hat Admins have decided to hear everyone's out in this poll and have created the power HATS. Here's the poll and the list or type of hats that were added: The list of current limited hat codes for the power HATS, which can can be found here: https://test.xat.chat/latest/ and in the screenshot. New hat codes work with Everypower. Example: (Hat#ErC) would be Everypower in Ruby with the Crown hat code. Preview of the UNLIMITED hat code: The current unlimited available hat codes: hat#G - Sunglass || hat#C - Crown hat || hat#P - Pirate hat To add to this further, You may now color your Crown's hat code along with several other hat codes which @SlOom pointed out to the @Admin. Screenshot: How to color your hat code: (hat#C#r) would be red crown. For Everypower: (hat#EbC#r) would be red Everypower crown along with your set pawn color. Replace "r" with the color code you want, eg: #ffffff More unlimited will be added during the days/weeks to come. These hat codes are permanent. [Unless stated to be change in the future]. Good work to all Smiley Makers and Testers.
  11. Maverick

    Make avatar shadow optional

    Great suggestion. However, it’s not that simple as “Hide inappropriate words.” Your J2 packet plays a big role here for your profile shadow and would require server configuration and finding, or generating values that haven’t been used which requires a bit work. If we allow users to edit some that J2 value (you can already in some aspects) then there’s no telling what some users can send to the sever or misconfigure some of that setting to do something harmful, or just screw up in some sort of way. A power would be nice to toggle on and off, but would still require coding work and some modifications from the server. Along side that, modifying packets that when you toggle it on, it vanishes for everyone, toggle off, appears for everyone. There’s a lot of configuration that goes in here. I have asked XeR, SlOom and the Admins to take a look and give some more input with useful information here, as it would be something useful to have on HTML5 and Flash. Overall, this is a nice a suggestion and would be more than happy to help work on. I guess the big-bosses don't want it.
  12. Maverick

    IOS Testflight 1.10.2

    xat 1.11.2 (May 10 2018) is out. Install if you can. Minor issues and some small bugs fixed along with numerous improvement(s). Report the bugs in the bug section or to me via PM. Feel free to add to the list if you see something new and I'll update this post. What's added: 1/ BFF and Marry symbols now show. 2/ Text improvements. Much more bolder and clean. - Will continue to add more here. Known bugs: 1/ Cannot click on the friends list.
  13. Would our imagination play a role here? If that’s the case, I wish to buy one unlimited wishes. That way I have unlimited wishes to wish for anything. First wish, have Teen Titans Go remove from TV.
  14. Maverick

    Whitelist the new Postimg domain?

    Maybe you have poor connection which is why it uploads to .JPG. That happens on Imgur sometimes too when poor connection occurs. I don't seem to be losing pixels with a .JPG image either when uploading, same for JPEG and PNG. You should contact Postimage regarding your images then since that doesn't happen to me. The one on the left is my original version, the one on my right is the uploaded version: https://prnt.sc/j4b63j || http://prntscr.com/j4b7iw (for both images). Both images are .PNG (if you're wondering). Furthermore, you've provided image details that doesn't make any sense whatsoever. You can't compare and contrast either images since you didn't provide the uploaded information for both images. As far as I know, the site isn't reducing pixels.
  15. Maverick

    Whitelist the new Postimg domain?

    Hi, you can try contacting Postimage at http://postimages.org/contact and see what they say. Not much was changed other than the domains name for their website. As far as I know, nothing related to images was changed on xat. You can follow the image size measurements, or you can use the image without the guide and have a pixelated background.

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