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  1. no, i just thought any email provider would work.
  2. i guess, since i don't want to create a gmail account to update my email address on xat, please lock this topic.
  3. thats what i did though. when i created the new email address, i opened a ticket to have the new yahoo email address to updated on my account. thats when the volunteer told me that i needed to have a gmail address to update my email address.
  4. so, what is being said is that i can't change my email address to another yahoo email address? i have to create a gmail address and then go through the ticket system again to update it? @Samuel
  5. i went to go check to see which volunteer told me this on the ticket and it didn't say, othewerwise i would of said who it was. i was hoping it wasn't true so, i could update my email address without the need for a gmail address.
  6. well, i told the volunteer what i wanted to change it too and they said i needed to make a gmail account to change it.
  7. i'm asking because i created a support ticket to update my email address, and was told i needed to have a gmail address to change it. is this true?
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