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  1. we are almost reaching the third year that this power came out and still couldn't fix it? It is a shame that they do not dedicate themselves to being able to solve something so easy
  2. DaniDeVirreyes (359191878)
  3. DaniDeVirreyes (359191878)
  4. the powers that I would like to be at auction are: •Gold •Angel •Boot •Big •Angry and the unlimited are: •Namewave •Ruby •Gback I think you could have unlimited in the auction since users who cannot afford it expensive and at auction they could even buy those expensive to have everypower
  5. I still don't understand how most users still use xat.com I don't know, if this is to laugh or to mourn the lack of imagination they give to a power Will the next power of html5 be a sticker cow? it's unfortunate this kind of power they made a senseless umbrella power Why don't the powers of our users? If you want to keep users active in the xats and attract new users, do things right! not for everything to be wrong
  6. Will this smilies still not work fix it? since this power came out it never worked
  7. The powers are released in a version when that version we have is already available for use I invite you to go through all the chats of xat.com and see the complaints of the users ..
  8. I invite you as a "Smiley Makers" to use the suggestions section and you will see all the good proposals we have where 95% of those proposals are not even used! for something there are 4 Smiley Makers on xat.com to use the imagination and do good things we are not asking you to conquer the world Thank you!
  9. The only thing they know how to do for HTML5 are stickers? html5 70% of users do not use it This is useless to think that users will be happy to have pure stickers a power based on copying over others I hope that next time they use the imagination better good luck!
  10. DaniDeVirreyes (359191878)
  11. that's a great idea it is an innovative style something that can not be done with namewave or namegrad you could do a supername where would go the powers of nameglow, nameflag, namecolor, namewave and within that set of power to be able to use the characteristics of power namefur
  12. DaniDeVirreyes (359191878)
  13. Hi @Mihay The smilies (heatsunbk) ← it does not work Can you fix it please? if not this power does not make sense like the others
  14. @Admin it is unfortunate the powers that withdraw every week and a shame for the administration itself that do not take the ideas of our users for the new powers if you really do not care what the users propose,Why do not they remove the suggestion section and do what they want as they have done so far? do you really think that with html5 you will have a future?
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