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  1. Hi @LaFleur @SLOom when I want to put a message in the state tells me that I do not have that power and clearly I have up to everypower until Saturday this problem did not exist https://prnt.sc/10fuk3z every week a new problem with you @Admin Although this message does not reach you, this company is getting worse every day take care of solving the problems otherwise chat has little time left on the internet
  2. When I start the chat section I get that message, is it normal? https://prnt.sc/zxkbok also when I want to see a xatspace he doesn't let me either http://prntscr.com/102nkrj I get the message of "adobe flash player is no longer available"
  3. Hi @SLOom I understand that there are currently other priorities but every week there is a new problem and they do not solve it I still have the problem that I can't see my bff's date http://prntscr.com/xyuyji do I have to wait a year to see a simple date? I appreciate that you find me a solution please, thank you.
  4. First problem I'm hoping they fix the comma problem I reported this problem more than 1 month and a half ago second problem http://prntscr.com/xlf0s9 the date of when I put the bff does not come and before the update it came out without any problem @LaFleur @SLOom there is not a week I can use xat correctly @Admin Why do you add updates? if there are more and more problems every day this company gives more shame We report thousands of problems and more and more appear and they do not solve anything only complaints and complaints from all users receive Please I ask you can you do something right?
  5. thanks @LaFleur problem solved!
  6. Hi @LaFleur thanks for taking the time to find a solution. but this is getting worse and worse now I directly have to wait longer to enter and it's not a problem with my internet because it works correctly and is fast
  7. when you try to enter a chat you get the section start error and you have to press the sign in button several times to enter is full of html5 errors is not time to do something really? Report the error of the characters in the status and it spent more than a month and a half and they did not solve it
  8. When I add a state in html5 it is not added correctly for example in the next photo I put in flash → https://prnt.sc/vvhh1n the status is correctly seen with its character What is it "," but when the same message I add it in html5 → https://prnt.sc/vvhhbf the state does not look good and the character that is "," https://prnt.sc/vvhhjo disappears makes the whole phrase come together automatically
  9. Hi @SLOom the power already works correctly, thank you very much.
  10. The power redirect does not work in both html5 and flash try testing in various ways 1. adding the chat name → Capture: https://prnt.sc/vn886f 2. adding the chat link → Capture: https://prnt.sc/vn8ifx 3. adding the chat number → Capture: https://prnt.sc/vn9ttr It in no way works and this power needs to be solved since it is a group thank you!
  11. Hi @Mihay in the dadino smiles can it be modified to say several percentages? for exampe: 10% 15% 20% and not that it is only 80% and also in the smilies (dasale) to add other words thanks!
  12. Hola, mis identificaciones para la subasta son: • (19931993) • (93939393) • (21202120) • (27272727) • (35913591) • (69369369) • (10000093) • (10001993) • (63936393) • (20032003)
  13. Hi @Mihay the pawn of power haunt (hat#hh) it does not work correctly with everypower the pawn looks this way http://prntscr.com/v4cavs it doesn't work so much in flash as in html5 you can't see the pumpkin's face and in other powers with gold, ruby, purple if it works
  14. we are almost reaching the third year that this power came out and still couldn't fix it? It is a shame that they do not dedicate themselves to being able to solve something so easy
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