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  1. how will they know this chat fulfills the function of having different types of sales,unfortunately the chat is not being used by users,That is why it occurred to us to open this topic so that they can participate in it with ideas,and we invite you to be part of the staff,among all we can make the chat shop one of the best. come in, have fun and have fun with us There will be draws by powers, xats and days and surprises! Atte: Staff Of Shop
  2. Hi @Admin you can add please in the list of "Superheart" the power of "Heartbreak" since it contains 6 pawns,thank you.
  3. Hi @Admin. I would like to know why it only included 4, 5 and 6 digit IDs, the most ... knowing that there were many suggestions for 7, 8 and 9 digit IDs as well. The Auction is fine, but on the other hand it is not fair for those who want to buy IDs of 7, 8 or 9 digits, and the IDs that are now in the auction are very difficult to obtain for us, this is because we do not have that amount so large xats to bid for any of those. Also, I have many friends who were eager to buy 7, 8 and 9 digit IDs and use it in the new year. I want to suggest to the Administrators, if there is an opportunity to do a second phase of the Auction where the 7, 8 and 9 digit IDs are included, so that others and me have the chance to buy one. @Admin Please! Thanks! Happy new year 2019.
  4. Hi @Admin My Ids For The Auction Are: • 4 digits (1971) • 5 digits (51525) • 6 digits (323232) • 7 digits (1201212) • 8 digits (27272727) • 9 digits (939393939) • would appreciate a lot if you could put one of those @Admin, thank you!
  5. @Admin Will you never consider these ideas?
  6. @lcky Excellent We all have to have the same opportunities in having a good identification through an auction.
  7. @Admin the auctions are made with the purpose of giving the opportunity all users who do not have id so great It's been a long time since auctions have been made, let's support an initiative that does not throw a bad wave when everyone wants to have a valuable id long time since that last auction have been made..

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