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  1. Post a word relating to the word posted before. You are only allowed to post one word and it has to associate with the word previously posted! For example I post Storm, next person posts Thunder, next person posts Lightening. *starts game* My word is Clouds
  2. What the title says! Just post a secret (doesn't have to be true) about the person above. e.g. Storm is really a Bunny. NOTE: Keep it PG13
  3. Personally, I don't like the idea of a special indication because of the current bothersome volunteers already receive. However, I will add that if this can help to reduce people being scammed by volunteer impersonations, then I am all in for it.
  4. Cookie dough.. like the one I had last week.
  5. It was a joke. I was referring to the hunger games. District meaning an area of a country or city, especially one characterized by a particular feature or activity. In this case, it's my volunteers group with the color purple.
  6. I dislike my assigned district color.
  7. Storms don't last forever.

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