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  1. Wow, sorry! I come back after a few days to see Arthur had hacked Chat. It's all under control now. Chat has been reset.
  2. So much colour. I'm glad the forum supports LGBT+ Congratulations, Steven.
  3. When you get mentioned by two different names!
  4. "It's important to just accept the result and move on, possibly to another country." #ripUK

  5. Verite

    Outer Glow

    sick idea mate
  6. Aw, thank you. Great intro!
  7. Excuse me? You're just back on the volunteer scene.
  8. I have sold the ID (17933). I am back to using (9900000). The ID 17933 is no longer me.

  9. Thank you to everyone who entered. Congratulations to the winners. :~)
  10. We delete them once they have been sold. e.g. Choco's thread.
  11. Insects belong to the biggest phylum of the animal kingdom and are called arthropods...
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