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  1. its error on open ticket 




    i need help im getting error 55 on my account JoseR0a     (52979637)

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    2. Lemona


      Clear your browser cookies and open a ticket under the email associated to the xat account.

    3. jose1


      And hise and that did not work

    4. Lemona


      Once you have cleared your browser cookies (if done correctly) you should no longer be logged into a xat account. When you go to http://Xat.com/ticket select Open new ticket. You should be lead to a page that looks like this:



      After this, simply enter the email associated to your xat account and continue creating the ticket. You shouldn't have to login to the ticket system this way. You will be emailed when you get a response. If there is a major concern where you are sure you have cleared your cookies correctly, kindly private message someone like Muffins or Nick and nicely ask them if they could open a ticket for you as you are having difficulty. 


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