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  1. Bau

    Nice Photo (hippo)

  2. Wow, sorry! I come back after a few days to see Arthur had hacked Chat. It's all under control now. Chat has been reset.
  3. Hi i need some help!

  4. ridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. hello, I have my account blocked month and 9 days ago. and they tell me a ticket to send my account does not exist ... I need help please

  6. its error on open ticket 




    i need help im getting error 55 on my account JoseR0a     (52979637)

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    2. Lemona


      What do you mean it's not working??!??? The screenshot you showed seems to be fine... You are no longer getting the security check. Now just select 'Open ticket'. And then you must wait.

    3. Elie


      e.e Give me 8 hours if it's still not resolved; I'm working.

    4. jose1


      elie need to talk to you please when connecting respond

  7. So much colour. I'm glad the forum supports LGBT+ Congratulations, Steven.
  8. hey Rida, I need ur Help Please ! 

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    2. AhmedAtef


      patient for how long ? :(

      Ticket NO. 67708975

    3. Tamer


      We do not know, but just wait and you will be answered as soon as possible.

    4. AhmedAtef


      i hope that. :(

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