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  1. Cyan

    I'm Sorry

    I am going to use my own discretion and close this. Ideally we want constructive and appropriate criticism on this forum base, something most of the replies have not been. And I am sure the OP wanted that rather than some of the harassment he has received both on the forum base and off. I want this to be fair for everyone regardless of the circumstances. Sadly some people may not be able to see that. With that said though, its disappointing the majority of replies here have been removed by our moderation team (vols included) even though they all have been correctly r
  2. This appears to be an opportunity for people with concerns about that chat to vent their frustrations to the main owner. Regardless whether people believe the main owner is suitable for the job or not - the discussion is open and it should be made use of.
  3. The key thing here is though, nearly every other provider uses SMS as a backup, we do not. Noticing the subject, I do not agree with a replace of authenticator, just have sms as a backup
  4. SMS backup is standard, and is something that although in our case would weaken security, its still more than good enough for this type of usage. And I have no concerns about it. Only real concern would be cost, and some international users or messing up country codes, or spamming the system. For what it is, should not be too expensive, but until research is done and proper cost analysis for is it worth it is complete this type of feature. We used to use a PHONE verification system for paid users to remove reserve. It was quite a pain though understanding w
  5. Cyan


    Seems too useful - but you would still need to upload it so not much point.
  6. Cyan

    Over 10 years on forums! Congrats!

    1. Crow


      Happy anniversary!


      Do you remember the day you registered? It probably only seems like 2 minutes ago...

    2. James




      I do actually, it was when subscriptions came out (And I think that was when register also came out, but not sure for certain)


      Instead of stars we all had globes, and I was jealous that this person called Chris (not admin chris) from some emo type chatroom had a globe, so I demanded how to get one.(toj) 

      Eventually the globes were replaced with the Stars we see today, a blue globe was subscriber status and a black globe was registered. 

  7. OK, message received. stay tuned.
  8. The rule is, Volunteers may buy/sell xats for any currency so longs they do not use their volunteer status at an unfair advantage. (i.e) they have permission There was an internal debate about being listed on re sellers page, I cant remember what was decided. Case closed
  9. you can change the colour of the scroll for free...
  10. Cyan

    Famous Names

    paid off; congrats
  11. Greetings friends, just here procrastinating.
  12. Cyan

    Famous Names

    Okay congratulations. Hope you all had some funs.
  13. Cyan

    Famous Names

    Conveniently the last post was done by lemona when this thread was due to close. Everyone agree with the results?
  14. Agree with the concept, but a lower random number of xats with a new value generated randomly every day. Stops bots working out the limit and then just assigning the amount of xats to the account. Also with the ability of increasing and decreasing until raids stop.... unfortunately people will be effected though with captcha measures.
  15. Cyan

    Famous Names

    Can I have the scores again, with details of the accounts that have been disqualified.
  16. Cyan

    Famous Names

    can someone PM me a run down of the scores please. Need to know who is winning as points mean prizes!
  17. Ill give an email to admins about it. With mobile people may be expecting them anyhow.
  18. we should add this: http://emojione.com/ only thing is, has to be free by the licences with attribution somewhere, this can be done on the wiki though.
  19. Yeah, I'm going to disagree. Im not for adding rules for the sake of adding rules, some people will post good luck just being polite and then have there post deleted or even warned about posting again, and then they will have a negative experience of our forum. Instead we want to be welcoming.
  20. Cyan

    Almost 8 years. 

  21. Hello friends, Would it be cheating if I replied and then closed the thread? Many Thanks Cyan
  22. Cyan

    Famous Names

    First reply: Demi Lovato (1 point for me)
  23. Cyan

    Famous Names

    Starting again, as no one counted there posts, and also, cameron diaz was mentioned 4 times, some other guy three times.... rules are: Okay, I really hate forum games, however we should really kick start this forum with something, and as you guys have demanded this ridiculousness for years, lets start with a game that has really annoyed me on other forums in the past. The idea of the game is to name a celebrity, or famous person starting with the first letter of the second name. For example Post1: Isaac Newton Post2: Nelly Furtado Post3: Frank Tur
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