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  1. Happy birthday!

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  6. Happy birthday, Cyan!

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  9. hi, i lost me auth u help-me ?

    1. Cyan


      Ticket man, i cant help :)



    2. Angelo


      Send me a private message, @botsanatory

    3. botsanatory


      Message sent !


  10. Cyan

    I'm Sorry

    I am going to use my own discretion and close this. Ideally we want constructive and appropriate criticism on this forum base, something most of the replies have not been. And I am sure the OP wanted that rather than some of the harassment he has received both on the forum base and off. I want this to be fair for everyone regardless of the circumstances. Sadly some people may not be able to see that. With that said though, its disappointing the majority of replies here have been removed by our moderation team (vols included) even though they all have been correctly removed. No one has done anything wrong here - and worked within the tools/rules they have been instructed to do so. The rules are not here to stifle conversations but to try and improve them, something that's not really worked in this case so we will have an internal discussion about moderation practices in the future, nothing may change though as we discuss it. Threads like this are difficult to get the right balance, and with that said I think the moderation team have done overall a good job. Any further questions, feel free to reach out to me.
  11. Cyan

    Social Chat

    This appears to be an opportunity for people with concerns about that chat to vent their frustrations to the main owner. Regardless whether people believe the main owner is suitable for the job or not - the discussion is open and it should be made use of.
  12. The key thing here is though, nearly every other provider uses SMS as a backup, we do not. Noticing the subject, I do not agree with a replace of authenticator, just have sms as a backup
  13. SMS backup is standard, and is something that although in our case would weaken security, its still more than good enough for this type of usage. And I have no concerns about it. Only real concern would be cost, and some international users or messing up country codes, or spamming the system. For what it is, should not be too expensive, but until research is done and proper cost analysis for is it worth it is complete this type of feature. We used to use a PHONE verification system for paid users to remove reserve. It was quite a pain though understanding what types of phones is acceptable or not. At least with this type of solution it would be all SMS.
  14. Cyan


    Seems too useful - but you would still need to upload it so not much point.
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