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  1. XeR

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    Here is a bash script that puts the UTC date before your nick I have no idea how to run this on Windows. It might work on Mac, but I don't have one to confirm.
  2. XeR

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    People expect a program to work when they are done configuring it I'd like to be able to check the user's token as soon as they provide it during the configuration phase (instead of having to wait for a status change) This way, I can print an error message telling the user their uid/token couple is invalid as soon as possible
  3. XeR

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    Feel free to report bugs and improvements requests. https://github.com/XeR/vlc-np-xat/ If this doesn't work... you're holding it wrong! :-)
  4. XeR

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    After playing a bit with the API, here are a few features I'd like to see added: Checking the token's validity by sending a request with no room and no info (?u=12345&k=deadbeefcafebabe) Specifying multiple chats in a single request (?r=123&r=5 or ?r[]=123&r[]=5) Specifying no chats to affect every chats the user is currently connected at Using chat names instead of id (?r=Chat or ?r=xat5) See you in 2020
  5. XeR

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    First thing that comes to my mind : MSN-like ‘Now Playing’. The ‘What song are you listening to right now’ thread is the most-replied thread, and second most-viewed thread of the ‘General Discussion’ board. VLC Media Player allows you to add LUA plugins. It should not be too hard to build one that uses the API to update one's status. It should be especially easy given that there is already a similar plugin that writes current song's info to a file : https://addons.videolan.org/p/1172613/ In fact, take this post as a pledge that I will do it within a week if you release an API... as long as nobody beats me to it. :þ
  6. XeR

    494 BOTSTAT

    This looks like a great feature. :-) I haven't been excited by a power like this one for a while. Why ? I want to use this feature in my own RPG. I'd like to update players' name with their level. Why can't I use this feature ? What if I want to tell people what game I'm playing ? Running binaries from bot provider on my computer is a no-go. Are the changes temporary ? eg. do they roll back when I refresh ? Do they affect every chats I'm connected to, or only one chat ? Does this mean I need a xatbot, FEXbot and ARCbot accounts to ensure my power will work on most of the chats ?
  7. left column: count right column: id 9 2M 7 5M 5 24041993 5 1002 4 2200022 4 190301 4 121997 4 1111169 4 10301 4 1000070 3 900009 2 123456789 1 99224466 1 8080 1 80085 1 800815 1 80000008 1 78078 1 699999999 1 699999996 1 696969690 1 696900000 1 696000696 1 690690690 1 69000069 1 690000096 1 690000009 1 66778899 1 666999666 1 6666 1 6660666 1 666000999 1 666000666 1 66336633 1 66000000 1 600000069 1 600000009 1 50505050 1 5005005 1 44044044 1 440404044 1 440044 1 42M 1 40M 1 404044 1 4012005 1 400M 1 400404 1 40000 1 3737 1 3003003 1 3003 1 3000001 1 2B 1 24242424 1 24000024 1 23112017 1 231117 1 222222 1 22220000 1 2220222 1 221192 1 2075 1 2018 1 20032000 1 2002002 1 200000042 1 200000002 1 19992000 1 1999 1 1996 1 1995 1 1978 1 1910 1 190M 1 190342 1 19033091 1 189M 1 18121997 1 18101810 1 171M 1 1717 1 17017 1 16911691 1 169000169 1 16699 1 1661999 1 160699 1 157M 1 142005 1 13913 1 12222 1 12012 1 113113113 1 1111111111 1 110000 1 1100 1 10701 1 106901 1 10498 1 1042005 1 1041998 1 101997 1 101101 1 1011 1 101010101 1 100498 1 10041998 1 1001997 1 10013 1 10002020 1 1000113 1 10001113 1 1000085 1 10000084 1 1000000001
  8. There seems to be a bug with the (random) power. Using (random) as an avatar with a pcback does not display a random smiley. Instead, it displays (RANDOM) Source (xat wiki) Expected behaviour: avatar: (random) Current behaviour: avatar: (random)#
  9. I noticed this feature disappeared a few weeks ago. Any plans on getting it back ?
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong : nowhere in the rules it's stated that you have to give away the riddle you found. So congratulations everyone on spoiling your chats' riddles :-) (Or was it edited recently ?) Chatname: xat_test Answer to the riddle: https://xat.com/xat8 Username and ID: XeR (586552)
  11. @SlOom @Lamingtons You are right, this is doable by specifying a cn parameter. Cn probably stands for "connection". It's an integer that is used to comunicate between a chat and its sub-apps. The main problem is that if you open more than one chat with the same CN, it will not work. If you open two apps with the same CN, it will mess up too. I didn't manage to find a "user-friendly" way to deal with this. But to be honest, I barely use apps at all, so I didn't dig much. The best thing I manage to do is this, but it requires you to constantly have a console opened the random number written on it. :-( Generated by: lobby.bat @echo off SET flash=flashplayer_sa.exe SET url=https://www.xatech.com/web_gear/chat/chat2.swf SET chat=1 SET flags=14880 SET cn=%RANDOM% START %flash% "%url%?id=%chat%&xc=%flags%&cn=%cn%" echo "CN = %cn%" PAUSE trade.bat @echo off SET flash=flashplayer_sa.exe SET url=https://www.xatech.com/web_gear/flash/30008.swf SET /P cn="Enter CN number> " START %flash% "%url%?cn=%cn%" I'll edit first post once I -or someone- comes up with a decent solution.
  12. Hello everyone, I've been fed up with Flash Player for a while, and decided to remove it from my browser a few months ago: Flash is a technology that's bound to die. It was great a decade ago. Now it's only serving noisy ads and malware. However, there's a problem: Xat uses Flash. No Flash = No Xat. I had to find an alternative. Now that I'm confident it's working, I'll share it with you. That's what I've been using since 2016-05-15 (5 months) The trick is to use Flash's standalone player. This way it will ONLY run what YOU tell it to run. Here's what it looks like: Unfortunately, there are a few things that do not work, and this is therefore not suited for everyone's use (eg. traders) What works: Regular chatting Smileys Hugs Kisses Bumps Game bans Transfer What does not work: Are you a human (cannot join during raid protection) Apps: Trade Translate Smiley list Avatar list Games ... Rapid bulk connections may log you out. (eg, if you're using a loop to open multiple chats) It is possible to use side apps such as trade, but it is a pain to set up… I'll explain if you guys want it I'm looking for a more user-friendly way. How to install (Windows) This installation guide is for Windows-based operating systems: I do not own a Mac, and I doubt many people here use Linux. First, go to Adobe's FlashPlayer download page, right here: https://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/debug_downloads.html What you're looking for is the "Flash Player projector", no ActiveX, no NPAPI, no PPAPI, no debugger. People runing Windows 8.1 or higher may have to skip this. I don't have a single clue where Flash is installed. Put this file in a new folder. Open Windows's notepad, and paste the following code: @echo off SET flash=flashplayer_23_sa.exe SET url=https://www.xatech.com/web_gear/chat/chat2.swf SET chat=1 SET flags=12832 START %flash% "%url%?id=%chat%&xc=%flags%" File > Save as > change "Text file (*.txt)" to "Every files (*.*)", and name it as "lobby.bat" Move it in the folder you previously created, and double click it. If everything goes well, you will see a new window, and you'll be connected to Lobby. From there, you can /go to other chats (eg. /go xat5 or /go xat_test) Configuring the code @echo off will hide debug output. We don't need them. SET flash=... will set the "%flash%" variable to hold what's after the =. It must match Flash Player's executable name. SET url=... will tell what URL we want. chat2.swf will make every chat debug (blue ball) while chat1.swf will make every chat regular. SET chat=... will set the chat ID. Lobby is 1, chat is 123, xat5 is... 5. SET flags=... this one is hard to explain. It sets some configs. This value means "no radio, mute, disable auto login" Picking a chat ID You may want to use a different chat ID, because nobody wants to go to Lobby. This is simple : go to any xat, for example xat.com/XeR Click on the embed link, and look at the address bar. You'll see a number after "?id=...". This number is the chat ID. For XeR's chat, the chat ID is 171661491. I'm logged out ! How can I log in ? In a very similar maneer, you'll need to use this piece of code : @echo off SET flash=flashplayer_sa.exe SET url=https://www.xatech.com/web_gear/chat/chat2.swf SET user=<username> SET pass=$<number> %flash% "%url%?id=8&xc=%flags%&em=%user%&pw=%pass%" Log in as usual. When you're at the last step, when you can change your security settings, right click the page, and show its source code. Find "pw=$" (you can use ctrl-f to open a search box) DO NOT SHARE THIS NUMBER. WITH ANYONE. EVER. You should see a integer. Replace the $<number> with this integer in the previous script. Double click it, and you'll be logged in. :-) Feel free to tell me your impressions about this, and ask questions if you don't understand something.
  13. Every URL that contains "xat" is blocked. Try modifying the URL of your blog posts to replace xat with xt or x4t
  14. It seems like xat.com is the first Google result again
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