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  1. XeR

    Cannot complete CAPTCHA

    I think the CAPTCHA works. My setup probably has a score below xat's threshold. The problem is that, unlike the previous version of the captcha, there is nothing I can do to prove I am a human. See https://stackoverflow.com/questions/52546045/how-to-pass-recaptcha-v3 Mozilla Firefox (last version) with some privacy extensions. I do not use Google products (Search, Youtube, Gmail, etc.) and actively block trackers (Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Fonts) Here are all the requests my browser and the server exchange: GET to wss://wss.xatbox.com/v2 POST to https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/AreYouaHuman.php Response: POST to https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/reload?k=6LdBquAZAAAAADOcFT2FE6WuXn9IzWwtJ-nr8K9o At this point, the chat shows the "Failed to verify" pop-up. I can close the pop-up. The "Sign In" button reads "Connecting..." (despite the WS connection being closed by the server) I press the button again. GET to wss://wss.xatbox.com/v2 (same as before) POST to https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/AreYouaHuman.php (now with a g-recaptcha-response) Reponse: POST to https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/reload?k=6LdBquAZAAAAADOcFT2FE6WuXn9IzWwtJ-nr8K9o At this point, the pop-up briefly shows "Verification successful" with a green tick. The background becomes blank and something reloads (I'm not sure if the whole page refreshes or just the background) GET to wss://wss.xatbox.com/v2 (notice the j and k parameters) The sign-in button once again reads "Connecting...". Clicking it brings me back to the second websocket GET. I gave up after approximately 10 attempts.
  2. XeR

    Cannot complete CAPTCHA

    I can answer this challenge. It redirects me to a page that reads: It still won't let me connect to chats. I tried on Chat, HTML5 and Rubyyy. My browser makes a request to https://xat.com/web_gear/chat/AreYouaHuman.php with the following content: The server responds: Then my browser makes a request to https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/reload?k=... but I cannot make sense of what's being exchanged here
  3. The new version of ReCAPTCHA does not let users answer a challenge to prove they are human. The following error message is displayed. Refreshing the chat does not help. If a machine decides you are not a human enough, you cannot connect to any chat.
  4. I initially considered voting when I first saw this thread last week. When I saw the results of the vote and read the following quote, I dismissed the idea. I do not like the events power because it keeps a lot of information. This information is available to anyone who has the power or knows someone willing to use the power for them. I retrieved every events of the last 14 days from Chat. From these data I plotted the number of actions of each member of the staff over 24 hours. We can see on this image that Meow's activity drops sharply between 08 and 15 (UTC) We can thus assume that Meow: - is unemployed or is in holidays - lives in an American time zone (UTC-6 if we assume a sleep schedule of 02:00 to 09:00) I wanted to attach my spreadsheet, but the forum only accepts images. Sorry about that! By using the eventstats power, I can also look at the same data, grouped by days. Note that I still looked at the raw data I scraped with the events power for this. We can see on this image that Hessy made the 2020-11-14 (I checked the raw data to make sure it's not the 15th). That day was a Saturday. They made no action from Friday, 20:10:57 to Sunday, 19:06:36. We can assume that Hessy spent the week-end away from xat. We can also take a chat where a bot is configured to make every new user member. By filtering the events, we can know who went to a specific chat for the first time, and at what time. For example, I know that Enge went to Kulitz09 for the first time the 2020-11-20T11:53:03Z. I own a chat. I use it to idle and talk with my friends. It is unlisted and does not store messages. Outsiders are warmly welcomed with a free trip to the ban pool. By using the events power on my chat, you will see that Paraplum kicked somebody the 2020-11-19. You can assume that Paraplum is my friend. I am uncomfortable knowing that people I've never met could gather this kind of information about me. Former director of CIA and NSA General Michael Hayden said: “we kill people based on metadata”. By the way, I think these features are illegal in Europe under the GDPR: when did we give consent? How do we revoke this consent? I'm not a lawyer, so take that with a grain of salt. ;-) Correct me if I am wrong, but I think you cannot ban someone who has been offline on a chat for too long. As for the demotion: why not just ask? I (wrongly?) assume that people voted yes because : ... and not because they actually need the extra 14 days. Honest questions to chat managers who use events (I don't): - Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to look at more than 14 days of events? - How often does it happen?
  5. It used to be possible to log in anonymously to the forum. This feature would hide your name in the "Who's online" list. It would also hide your "last visited" date on your profile. This feature was present in the form of a checkbox on the login form ("Sign in anonymously"). This checkbox is no longer present (since the forum update ?) Edit : the option is still present, but it's hidden in the “Security and Privacy” settings https://forum.xat.com/settings/account-security/
  6. XeR

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    Here is a bash script that puts the UTC date before your nick I have no idea how to run this on Windows. It might work on Mac, but I don't have one to confirm.
  7. XeR

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    People expect a program to work when they are done configuring it I'd like to be able to check the user's token as soon as they provide it during the configuration phase (instead of having to wait for a status change) This way, I can print an error message telling the user their uid/token couple is invalid as soon as possible
  8. XeR

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    Feel free to report bugs and improvements requests. https://github.com/XeR/vlc-np-xat/ If this doesn't work... you're holding it wrong! :-)
  9. XeR

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    After playing a bit with the API, here are a few features I'd like to see added: Checking the token's validity by sending a request with no room and no info (?u=12345&k=deadbeefcafebabe) Specifying multiple chats in a single request (?r=123&r=5 or ?r[]=123&r[]=5) Specifying no chats to affect every chats the user is currently connected at Using chat names instead of id (?r=Chat or ?r=xat5) See you in 2020
  10. XeR

    BOTSTAT API & stuff

    First thing that comes to my mind : MSN-like ‘Now Playing’. The ‘What song are you listening to right now’ thread is the most-replied thread, and second most-viewed thread of the ‘General Discussion’ board. VLC Media Player allows you to add LUA plugins. It should not be too hard to build one that uses the API to update one's status. It should be especially easy given that there is already a similar plugin that writes current song's info to a file : https://addons.videolan.org/p/1172613/ In fact, take this post as a pledge that I will do it within a week if you release an API... as long as nobody beats me to it. :þ
  11. XeR

    494 BOTSTAT

    This looks like a great feature. :-) I haven't been excited by a power like this one for a while. Why ? I want to use this feature in my own RPG. I'd like to update players' name with their level. Why can't I use this feature ? What if I want to tell people what game I'm playing ? Running binaries from bot provider on my computer is a no-go. Are the changes temporary ? eg. do they roll back when I refresh ? Do they affect every chats I'm connected to, or only one chat ? Does this mean I need a xatbot, FEXbot and ARCbot accounts to ensure my power will work on most of the chats ?
  12. left column: count right column: id 9 2M 7 5M 5 24041993 5 1002 4 2200022 4 190301 4 121997 4 1111169 4 10301 4 1000070 3 900009 2 123456789 1 99224466 1 8080 1 80085 1 800815 1 80000008 1 78078 1 699999999 1 699999996 1 696969690 1 696900000 1 696000696 1 690690690 1 69000069 1 690000096 1 690000009 1 66778899 1 666999666 1 6666 1 6660666 1 666000999 1 666000666 1 66336633 1 66000000 1 600000069 1 600000009 1 50505050 1 5005005 1 44044044 1 440404044 1 440044 1 42M 1 40M 1 404044 1 4012005 1 400M 1 400404 1 40000 1 3737 1 3003003 1 3003 1 3000001 1 2B 1 24242424 1 24000024 1 23112017 1 231117 1 222222 1 22220000 1 2220222 1 221192 1 2075 1 2018 1 20032000 1 2002002 1 200000042 1 200000002 1 19992000 1 1999 1 1996 1 1995 1 1978 1 1910 1 190M 1 190342 1 19033091 1 189M 1 18121997 1 18101810 1 171M 1 1717 1 17017 1 16911691 1 169000169 1 16699 1 1661999 1 160699 1 157M 1 142005 1 13913 1 12222 1 12012 1 113113113 1 1111111111 1 110000 1 1100 1 10701 1 106901 1 10498 1 1042005 1 1041998 1 101997 1 101101 1 1011 1 101010101 1 100498 1 10041998 1 1001997 1 10013 1 10002020 1 1000113 1 10001113 1 1000085 1 10000084 1 1000000001
  13. There seems to be a bug with the (random) power. Using (random) as an avatar with a pcback does not display a random smiley. Instead, it displays (RANDOM) Source (xat wiki) Expected behaviour: avatar: (random) Current behaviour: avatar: (random)#
  14. I noticed this feature disappeared a few weeks ago. Any plans on getting it back ?
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